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Topic #2449972
ferretkiss - Mag: im Mortified to see what is going to happen. Dave is going to be like... 0 Replies #2449972 10:56PM 10/09/2005
...dont watch the DVDs.

apr: you have to understand, like the DR told us, there is a reason America keeps picking janelle. there is a reason (Repeats). repeats again. there is a reason you hvae been with someone 7 years and did not get a phone call.

mag: i truly cannot think how ive portrayed myself bad.
apr: guilty by association.

apr: i cant wait to talk to jennifer about what she did, i guarantee you she will have a whole new light on it in sequester.

mag: really?

apr: rachel told me, i cant believe yall did waht yall did. we had yall going to the end. thats why ivette wanted kayser out so bad.

[apr hammering all of this in by way of repetition, seems like maggie getting some of the point.]

they talk about taking beau out instead of ivette. both regretting it right now.

CONV continues......

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Topic #2450033
memyselfandi - April CAN'T WAIT to talk to Jennifer about the whole Ivette manipulation thing 0 Replies #2450033 11:00PM 10/09/2005
April says Rachel even told her that Jennifer and April were on track to get the money had they not broken the deal with Kaysar.

Maggie: That really bothers me.

April says she thinks Beau and Ivette were working together WAY MORE than they let on.

April: I'm going to tell Beau that I wanted him to stay and I'm going to be honest with him.

Maggie says she thought she was doing the respectable thing (because he was the partner not the original cast member)

April: I don't think you did it for this reason but... I think you have a good heart... It would make sense that you want to keep Ivette because she has a link to Eric and you know that Ivette would take you to the end. I don't think you were doing it out of vengeance or to be selfish but it had to come through your mind.

Maggie just kind of sighs.

Maggie says it had nothing to do with Eric.

April: But you had to know that you pretty much had a guarantee that Ivette would bring you to the end and Beau would have been a crapshoot with you and I.

Maggie says she didn't know that. She says Beau was seen more as the frien
If I had thought of it personally it would have broken me down to

April asks about a promise that Maggie had made to Ivette. Maggie says she didn't have a promise to Ivette. April asks again, like it was keeping Ivette over Beau. Maggie thinks hard.

Maggie: It probably was to keep her over Beau but I don't remember what it was.

April: I just cannot wait to talk about this game with Jennifer. It's going to be interesting.

April is VERY INTERESTED in the information about how Kaysar had wanted to put up Beau-Ivette his HOH week instead of sending home Eric and keeps bringing it up.
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Topic #2450088
Timbo36 - April to Maggie: America doesn't want any of us to win the money. NT 1 Replies #2450088 11:05PM 10/09/2005
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scoobydoo - April says America does not like what we have done in the game and then #2450112 11:06PM 10/09/2005
maggie says something about that's sad (for America).
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Topic #2450146
memyselfandi - April blames Ivette for Jennifer being sent home before her and mad that Ivette is the one sending her home too 0 Replies #2450146 11:08PM 10/09/2005
Maggie is saying she feels like she should feel sh!tty for how she is playing. That her accepting Ivette into her heart has caused April so much trouble.

April: It's my fault. I'm biting on the bit everytime it gets thrown at me. It's totally my frickin fault.

Maggie: I do not want to get out of here and think that I've done something wrong. I don't want to be thinking I'm doing the right thing and realize I'm a f'ing @sshole for thinking I'm doing the right thing.

April says America does not want the friendship to win the money. They want Janelle to win the money.

Maggie: That makes me really sad because that means my parents are ashamed.

April says she is not jealous she is more upset...

Maggie says Ivette hasn't mentioned jealousy it's more Ivette is mad that April would rather spend time with Janelle.

April says she just wants to enjoy her time there.

April: She makes me feel like a sh!tty person.

Maggie: You're not a sh!tty person.

April: She makes me feel like that. That's why I don't want to hang around her. I'm happier when I'm not around her. That's what's going to make me happy - when I leave.

April says she doesn't want to hear Ivette saying she's sorry she sent April home, Ivette manipulated her. "I deserve to be sent home."
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Topic #2450162
scoobydoo - April says she totally deserves to leave this week NT 0 Replies #2450162 11:08PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2450253
kristinek - Why do we get fish when J/A & M talk about Marcellas & Amy? NT 0 Replies #2450253 11:14PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2450254
scoobydoo - Janie comes out and convo switches topics 0 Replies #2450254 11:14PM 10/09/2005
Janie talking about Marcellas and how she loves him. So does April. Then Maggie saying something about how Marcellas said he was mean to Amy and then we get FISH
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Topic #2450274
scoobydoo - Janie thinks it's funny that Maggie & April slept in the same bed the night before NT 0 Replies #2450274 11:15PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2450489
scoobydoo - Ivette sleeping in barracks/April & Janelle (I think) in Living room talking NT 0 Replies #2450489 11:29PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2450506
scoobydoo - Janie misses Howie NT 0 Replies #2450506 11:30PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2450511
CappyH8ter - Maggie heads into the Diary Room, leaves April and Janelle in LR NT 0 Replies #2450511 11:30PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2450523
Taffy - April is telling Maggie that she'll rally for her... 0 Replies #2450523 11:31PM 10/09/2005
April is still bashing Ivette and blaming her for everything she (April) has done wrong in the game...She continues to twist portions of her convo with Jan to make Ivette the bad guy to Maggie, just as she did with Jan when she was having a convo with her, earlier today.
She repeatedly says Ivette has a big heart, but...(bash)...
Maggie is agreeing with her...
Now April is telling Maggie that Ivette told her she (Maggie) was shady before...
April says she loves Ivette to death but she has aprox Five days to make it up for what she's done wrong in this game (Ed. note: nice start April!)
She says she wants to stay away from Ivette cuz she doesn't want to bad mouth Janelle anyome and Ivette always starts it...
(ed. note: ummmm, wasn't it Ivette the one who told them(M/A)a few days ago that Jan seemed real and they BOTH jumped on her with the "Janelle is evil" chant?...same thing last night).

They both (M/A) feel used and abused by Ivette now (?)...Maggie says that's why her and April hate this game so much, cuz they(M/A)don't play like that(dirty)
April says she knows Matt is gonna tell her Ivette is not the kind of person she would hang out with outside the house...
The only people she (A) can truly believe have played nice are her (A) and Maggie, so she's banking on Maggie to win, cuz she will be livid if it is Ivette and any other person (ed. note: mmmm...like...who?...oh, riiight she's not bad mouthing Jan anymore)at the end...
She tells Maggie If it comes down to I/J she's giving her vote to Janelle. April reminds Maggie that the people in the DR told them..."there's a reason that America keeps picking Janelle as their favorite, there's a reason"...
...M/A agree that they have done nothing wrong for America not to like them so they both say they must be guilty by association (ed. note: to Ivette, of course, who is, as of the end of the POV comp today, the root of all evil in the house)...
...More Ivette bashing (ed. note:I guess since April has decided not to bad mouth Janelle anymore,Ivette gets to be her target, since she won the veto and now April has to go...so nice of Maggie to join in, knowing that Ivette adores her and is choosing her over April to stay...nice friend)

...more rehashing of the past, more poor Jen was wronged...more I can't do sh!t right by her (Ivette)...All is Ivette's fault...April says Ivette makes her feel like a sh!tty person...Maggie agrees with everything(ed. note:This never ending lethany of April's is a repetition of what she's been doing all day to Jan, now to Maggie...April is really campaigning against Ivette cuz she's the one on the block now and she can't stand the thought of Ivette making it further than her)...
Jan joins in and the conversation shifts and ends...
...with April going inside to put her pajamas on, she's gonna sleep in the GR tonight (they all go in)Maggie wonders where Ivette is...
Maggie asks April if she can go to DR and just talk about things not related to the game, April says yes that she can go in and talk if she feels sh!tty...
April is fixing her bed in GR....female voice asks her if she wants to play coasters...she says yes...
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Topic #2450537
BHnoah - Janie to April (in LR- Maggie in DR) "I miss Howie", April"He's funny", "you want me to give him a message" 0 Replies #2450537 11:31PM 10/09/2005
then told Janelle to think about what she wants her to tell Howie and tell her later
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Topic #2450548
kristinek - April said she's fine about going to Sequester to Janie 0 Replies #2450548 11:32PM 10/09/2005
Janie is reading the cracker box she is eating out of...
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Topic #2450626
BHnoah - Janie to April" Iwish I could've brought you,it would've been fun" April"have they ever done that before, let someone pick someone to bring" 0 Replies #2450626 11:38PM 10/09/2005
then April said she is going into the DR too apologize to people for things she has said-- but not about James saying I just said "that son of a bi-ch"

then talking about liking Sarah, how she would of been different without James there
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Topic #2450639
BBFaininTX - April and Janie sitting on couches in LR. 0 Replies #2450639 11:39PM 10/09/2005
April saying she isn't sorry for the way she treated James at all. He was shady.

Janie agrees, but says he was damn funny.

They agree that Howie was funny.

Janie then rehashing a sex story Howie told her that is disgusting.
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Topic #2450714
kristinek - April: "I played a horrible game" Janie & April break out laughing! NT 0 Replies #2450714 11:46PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2450715
BBFaininTX - April: I played a Horrible Game 0 Replies #2450715 11:46PM 10/09/2005
I didn't even come to play, I just came to chill.

Janie laughs.
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Topic #2450761
imnotpunk - Maggie out of DR, tells April and Janie she's going to bed NT 0 Replies #2450761 11:51PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2450769
BHnoah - Maggie walks out of DR and says to April & Janelle "I'm going to bed"-- who just continue to chit chat on the couch NT 0 Replies #2450769 11:52PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2450786
BBFaininTX - April now says she tried to play as "honestly" as she could. 0 Replies #2450786 11:53PM 10/09/2005
She says "they" (BB in diary room) always are like, is that your strategy to be nice to people, and she says, "No that's just how I am."

Now she is rehashing fights with Howie
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Topic #2450841
imnotpunk - April: Janelle, did you really give a bum 400 fake dollars? 0 Replies #2450841 11:59PM 10/09/2005
Janie: Yeah!
April: Janelle! That's mean!
Janie: Don't you think it's funny though?
April: (while laughing) It's mean!
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Topic #2450848
kristinek - April: Janelle did you really give a bum $400 of fake money?... 0 Replies #2450848 11:59PM 10/09/2005
Janelle: Yes. April shakes her head, "That's so mean...I've talked about that." Janelle still laughing, "Don't you see the humor in that?" April, "no, that's mean".
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