Thoughts on Episode 4

1. Who died and made Tom the BB house cop? If they took all the vodka, they're only sinking their own ship. Deal with it. Preferably with your mouth shut. I noticed they edited out the fact that he was called to the DR and given a warning for his language on the issue. Talk about lucking out with a good edit. GMAB.

2. Alec and Peter. I know a lot of people love these two. I don't see it. Between Peter's over-inflated ego about how smart he is and Alec's belief that he is the ultimate social genius, these two could not be farther from the mark! Add to that the stupid gesture they came up with and I'd say we're looking at two 5th graders who are pretending to be superheros. Give them capes and they'll be right at home in their little role playing.

3. Jillian. "DUH". Need I say more? Dumb as a rock. Right now, she might have one ally, but if she doesn't dish out soon, even Emmett will leave her.

4. Emmett. Face it, this KID is completely clueless. I have yet to see a single sign of intelligence. I find it rather hilarious that Tom believes he has an alliance with him.

5. Gary! You go, Girl! He destroyed that POV! It was a HUGE mistake nominating him because they'll all have to deal with him now.

6. Aneal. (This will be yet another unpopular opinion, I'm sure). This guy could well win Big Brother Canada. He understands this game more than any of them at this point. This week, I am sure, will only help his game. The fake tears? Dan would be proud of you, Aneal! Well done and keep it up!

7. I WANT ANDREW time! I really want to get to hear from this guy more. I want his DR sessions NOW!!

That is all. Stepping off my soap box.