Twas the night before BB, when all through the walls

No cams were whirring, no cells making calls,

BB18 bags were packed with great care

New HG’s hoping they’d remembered underwear.




Secret HG's sequestered snug in hotel beds

Visions of HOH danced in their heads,

Newbies on one side, retournees alike,

All hoping not to hear, please adjust your mic


When out in the BY there arose such a clatter,

Big Brother sprang from the DR to see what’s the matter,

Away to the mirrors I flew like a freak

Crew setting up comps let loose such a shriek!


One hell of a light shone over the walls,

On giant round globes, those OTEV’s balls?

Over large & small objects all shining bright –

Production preparing for opening night...


"Now Michelle! now, Glenn! now, Bronte and Victor!

On, Cody’s bro and Vanessa’s sister,

And then hundreds of keyboards are pounded,

“Feeds are on!” the word from Jokers sounded!