When your favorite forums are ghost towns and you'd rather avoid some responsibilities, where can one go to waste some time, maybe even a few brain cells? BoredButton.com is just such a place. This is a list of what I deem to be the best time-destroyers from the Bored Button. Some are useful, others educational, a couple just simple, mindless fun.

Higher Lower Game higherlowergame.com (also available on Google Play and iOS)


     Deceptively difficult, the Higher Lower Game pits Google searches against each other. For instance, the classic sci-fi movie "Metropolis" has 550,000 average monthly Google searches... does "Marie Curie" have a higher or lower number of searches? Did you get that one right? Ok then, how about "Marie Curie" vs. "sky diving"? And so on. I played this for over an hour and only achieved a whopping high score of 4... How many can you answer correctly? 

Chat Noir - www.gamedesign.jp/flash/chatnoir/chatnoir.html


     Trap the black cat! With each click the kitty moves away, try and stop him before he leaves the board completely. I must admit, it took me longer than I expected to get the hang of this one.



 Slither.io - slither.io


     Remember good old-fashioned Snake? This is Snake on steroids. Eat glowing orbs to grow longer, and don't run into other snakes, who are other players in real time. Throw in boosters and other power-ups for extra fun. This game has taken my household by storm, and I am proud to announce that my fiance made the leaderboard for a whole 30 seconds. I am a lucky girl indeed. 

Trump Donald - trumpdonald.org


     No matter your political leaning, I believe we can all get a good chuckle out of this entry. Blow a trumpet at the POTUS and watch hilarity ensue. I especially enjoy that the site keeps track of how many times The Donald has been Trumped, currently at over 389 million!


 Make Everything Ok - make-everything-ok.com


     Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Down? Here's a magic button to push to make everything ok. More soothing than it would seem.





FlightRadar24 - flightradar24.com


     This one doubles as being potentially very useful. Track domestic and international flights in real time, and get a taste of the world of an air traffic controller. Updated flight delay listings and lots of info on how this system works make this a functional time-stealer.


 NukeMap - nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap


     Did you enjoy the 80's classic "Wargames"? Take that a step further and play your own game of Global Thermonuclear War. This somewhat morbid good time allows you to see what would happen, if, say, you dropped a 20 kiloton bomb on NYC with radioactive fallout. Those are just your basic options. Created in 2012, the site boasts more than 98.5 million detonations to date.


Free Rice - freerice.com


     Cure boredom, flex your brain, and help feed the hungry all at the same time. With several subjects to choose from such as English Vocabulary (a personal favorite) and even SAT Prep, answer progressively more difficult questions. Each correct answer donates 10 grains of rice to the Worlds Food Programme. Good educational fun for a worthy cause.

 Do Nothing for 2 Minutes - donothingfor2minutes.com


     After all these fun and games, you may want to calm your mind and give it a moment of rest. Take a lesson in mindfulness at donothingfor2minutes.com, a simple ocean backdrop with the sound of gentle waves. Don't touch the keyboard or mouse for a full 2 minutes or be asked to try again. Be still for a short while and all will be well.