This was a Voice finale like no other. Such disparate singers! Each of them performed at least one winning song this season. It’s always interesting to see who’s going to step up at the finale - and who’s gonna choke.

 Aliyah is great! Or was, that so emotional song she did several weeks back. When she puts her soul into a song, that child got PIPES. Notice, though: “WHEN”. Did she put her soul into “Lonely”? Or did Blake leap a certain shark? Yeah... A good radio song, but in my un-humble opinion - that song will make her lonely because she aint gonna win wid DAT! (Now that I’ve said she ain’t gonna win? She’ll win the bitch. You watch.)

 Onto Jessie and Adam. What talent! He shreds like nobody’s business, has a kickass voice. In the end it comes down to song-choice, doesn’t it! And the Doobs? A good choice. Great choice? Not so sure about that - he sang the shit out of it, but I’m not so sure that’s the best song for the job. HE didn’t really put his entire soul into this song either. Two more to go...

 Blue and Alicia! What can I say? Goosebumps. Super job! Little shaky at the start - but hell. YOU get up on stage and sing a duet with Alicia Keys. My ass would hit the deck after the 2nd note!

 Lauren. Mz. Country singer. Now I’m from Nashville: lived here on and off forever. Been subjected to more country muzak than your average bear. And I hate the crap. Her song was very, very pretty - she’s gorgeous, that doesn’t hurt either. But was that a ball-busting, throw your heart and soul into it winning the Voice song? Not for moi.

 Blake and Aliya duet? Oh this should be good! And it was - OK.

Now Blue’s song? BLUE’s song? My money’s on HIM. He threw down, period. Every ounce of him left on the stage - wonderful! (Have you noticed that super-talented singers who got real moves usually win?)

 That said, ole Nashville here votes for Jessie & Adam. I haven’t howled that loudly in a long time! Those devils blew the house down - and could have cared less, as they were deeeeeeeep in it. They flat win the “overall talent and having a blast” award. Well -- on editing this, we might have to re-assign part of this award. The “Blast” part.

 OH lord - Blake and Lauren. There’s a tear in my damn beer too - forcing me to listen to this shit! LOL Lord I hate Kuntry. And this song is just about the worst - second only to “Achy Breaky Heart” (Also known as “Flukey Puky Hit.) Next time, try a barn-burner - for those of us who barely tolerate this crap, a barn-burner done correctly will bring a corpse back to life.

 Aliya did sing crap out of that cute song - but SHE was so amazingly cute, all that energy, that beaming smile. That kid is adorable, but she’s not MY Voice.

 Uh. Lauren’s new song - this will be a kuntry hit fo’ sho. This I know. I also know the lyrics cannot be what yours truly is hearing!

“The love we made, the farts we had... slamming doors and broken glass...”

Now I know country songs tell a nicely-detailed story but DANG. TMI, Lauren - thankfully you did omit that GasX OD-related trip to the ER after blowing out the windows.

 So who’s my Voice? Shocker, but no country need apply - blown-out windows or no. Cute kids either. That leaves two colossal talents: Blue and Jessie. Blue has a major edge over Jessie, IMHO... it’s the AK factor, and it trumps just about everything else.

 What is...? Oh yeah, sorry. Alicia Keyes factor. I’ll always see that duet when I think of Blue. And for that not-so-tiny edge, Blue is my Voice.

 Who is yours?