Lane: Up on the mountain there are those girls that give you necklaces like for Jack Daniels or Jagers or something like that. Like we were at the park one time and there were 6 of them up there, we took like 4 shots and we went in the park.

Enzo: I like to do that a lot and when you on vacation and when you're making love, I like yelling really loud so all the people hear and shit.(Enzo makes yelling sounds) Oh I just let go and she is (referring to Joella) like shut the fuck up. (Lane, Hayden & Britney all laugh) I love to do shit like that. Ya know what I mean?

Lane: Oh you're definitely getting your own room. Ya know what I mean?

Enzo: Oh definitely, yeah, me and my wife gotta get our own room, we got to do our own thing.

Lane: You gonna play the 8 second game with her?

Enzo: What's that mean? What's that?

Britney: Oh yeah that sounds like fun

Lane: We use to play that at Steamboat

Britney: Not if it happened to me

Lane: It's tradition

Enzo: What do you do?

Hayden: Didn't we explain this the other night? Lane explained it?

Enzo: You gotta drop . .oh the 8 second game when you um pull your pants down and

Lane: That's not cool(?)

Enzo: Oh that's not cool

Lane laughs

Enzo: Umm ya gotta um, I forgot, what is it?

Lane: It's when 4 of your buddies bring a girl back

Enzo: Ok

Lane: And get her on the bed and like all of us are waiting at the door then we bust in on ya and ya gotta hold the girl for 8 seconds

Enzo: Oh, no shit

Lane: Ya know cause the girl is trying to squirm and trying to get under the covers or something

Enzo: Oh sure, I'm definitely gonna do that

Lane: It's like 8 second bull riding

Enzo: I wanna do that. Yous just hold her down?

Lane: Yeah, like it's

Enzo: Isn't that rape? Like what is ya doing?

Lane and everyone else laughing

Enzo: What the fuck it that? Ya know, you guys from the south. I dunno, ya know?

Britney: Like we'll do it to you and Joella. We'll just bust in while we know you guys are doing it.

Lane: They won't even squirm, they'll just say comeon, comeon

Britney: And then you have to hold her down for 8 seconds while she is trying to get away so we can't see her.

Enzo: Oh, I hold her down

Britney: Mmm hmmmm

Lane: Like if you are doggie style, that's the best posi(tion)

Enzo: Yeah

Lane: And we bust in, you're like riding her, and you gotta hold her, for 8 seconds

Britney: You can't let her escape for 8 seconds

Lane: Cause she squirms around

Enzo: OHhh shit, yeah let's not do that to me, BUT, we'll go do that to someone else..yeah yeah

Lane: (Laughing)Let's not do that to me (repeating Enzo)

Britney: One of Lane's friends, we can always . . .

Enzo: That is like semi-rape though, you're in her and shit and she's trying to get away

Lane: You gotta do, you gotta do everything you can

Enzo: Ohhhh shit

Lane: Just bear hug her, ya just keep her (Holds up his arms bear hug style) You're not going to see her the next day though, like she's not gonna talk to you

Enzo: Naaah, I'd be divorced.

Lane: Yeah (Laughs)

Enzo: I can't do that

Lane: She has to ride back with you

Britney: If that happened to me I would kill myself

Lane: It's all fun and games

Flashback - 9/5/2010 11:59pm