Jokers: What was your biggest misconception about the survivor experience?
Deena: PS...I knew about playboy
Deena: The food I thought I would not get as hungry as I did
Jokers: Great job on Survivor, Deena. Did you apply to be on any of the other Survivor shows? Or was this your first time? Did you ever apply to be on any other reality show? If yes, which one. Thanks!
Deena: I was deprived and it was really really really hard. First reality app and show was this one.
Jokers: (you did really, really well.)
Deena: thanks

Jokers: didn't ever want to do another?
Deena: no I want my husband to do fear factor. I want to do amazing race with rob c. They won't let us.

Jokers: Would you do Big Brother? Thanks
Deena: No BB because too pretty and I can't tolerate people without sunshine and air. BB people are tooo pretty for me.

Jokers: has survivor opened any new doors, or are you just back to life as before?
Deena: I am back to life as b4 but I do a lot of charity work with kids and abused moms

Jokers: Will you be purchasing an August 2003 deluxe issue of Playboy? If you were offered $1 million dollars to pose nude in Playboy and your employer allowed you to pose, would you pose for Playboy? Thanks!

Jokers: Going to survivorfest?
Deena: no survivorfest --- I have a murder trial starting
Jokers: next year survivorfest
Deena: yes next year

steffy67: any funny/cute/weird fan encounters?
Deena: bathroom requests for autographs. At the EGPAF fundraiser this weekend a little girl wanted my picture and her and wanted Jenna and Dave out of it

Jokers: Deena: you mentioned your chat with Christy re: Deaf culture and living in a city with a large Deaf population. Have you ever thought about...say...doing anything for them since your encounter with Christy?

Jokers: you were great fun to watch. How did you get interested in doing Survivor?

Deena: I watched survivor from the first episode and yelled and screamed at the TV with he best of them
Jokers: and couldn't resist starving?
Deena: needed to loose weight

Jokers: What were your first impressions of fellow Survivors, and did they turn out right?

Jokers: we heard those voted out early got to take a cool vacation. can you give us any details?
Deena: yes they got to take a vacation. I did not see them and I do not know where it was
Deena: I had no contact with them

steffy67: did you get to see any of the area yourself?
Deena: there is still some who a not taking this experience so well
Jokers: I understand where they went is a rather large secret.. must have been a brothel!
Jokers: how so?
Jokers: sick?
steffy67: bitter?
Deena: I saw a little bit of the area
Deena: bitter, resentment
steffy67: where did you go after being voted out?

Deena: went to Looser Lodge

Jokers: ROFL
steffy67: where was it? nice place?
Deena: can't say more than that
Deena: I drank mostly wit Dave

Jokers: Deena, why won't they let y'all say where your 'vacation' was! LOL

Deena: because of those people who want to spoil it the next time

Deena: so if I say hotel...they look for hotels etc
Jokers: Were there any major surprises, once you were voted out?
Deena: yes I was surprised at the Christy vote

Deena: I was happy at the Alex voted...laughed to out loud I think

Jokers: were you amazed that matt lost? or expected it?

Deena: but Alex took it well and I had a new found respect for him at that point

Deena: everyone probably would have picked Matt to be in the number 2 position

Deena: I do not know who would have lost to Matt
Jokers: I understand y'all didn't really think Matt crazy, as he was portrayed?
steffy67: did you stay friends with any of your cast mates?
Deena: yes we all thought he was loosing it...I did because I say his collapse
Deena: yes friends with Rob, Jenna, Heidi, Butch, Christy, Matt, Shawna, Dave
steffy67: please tell us Heidi and Jenna are not as bad as they came off.
willchillman: How come Shawna isn't in Playboy? Is she interested? Thanks!
Deena: Roger
Deena: no not as bad...I will be lifelong friends with Jenna
Deena: Heidi has some really good personable points
Jokers: If you were asked to do celeb survivor, would you be up for it?
Deena: I was surprised that Shawna was not asked

Deena: Yes I want to do ASS -- my husband is not so sure

willchillman: Would Shawna have done it? Thanks!
Deena: Shawna was not asked that I know, and I think I know
Deena: I think Shawna would have because we talked about it at the time
Jokers: how did he take you being on survivor, your Hubby?
willchillman: Were you asked Deena? Thx

Deena: My husband was very supportive but it was hard on him and he missed me and the boys missed me

steffy67: how old are your boys?
Deena: they did not get 1 mill as reported
Deena: 5 and 2
steffy67: really?
Jokers: but the boys proud of mama?
steffy67: aww.
wendywingsnz: your littlest one is two now ??
Deena: yes my 5 year old screams it out in the store
willchillman: Do you boys understand what Survivor is about? Thanks!
wendywingsnz: lol
Deena: Caleb was 14 months when I left hardly knew me when I came back
steffy67: do you get recognized everywhere? is it still fun or annoying now?
Deena: Yes, Zach said I should have eaten the worm, he said you tell e to try and you did not even try
Deena: tell me to try

Deena: yes I get recognized --incognito to me is a hat and ponytail so no hiding for me

Deena: I am here for people if they want to know stuff I will tell them it was good for me to do survivor because I was beginning to think everybody was a child molester
Jokers: What was the worst of it, for you?
Deena: hunger
Jokers: beginning to think... everyone was molester??
Deena: that and I bled for 21 days straight -- iron problems
steffy67: ok. I'll ask about the granola bar. c'mon it's just us. you can tell us.
Deena: Janet Janet Janet
steffy67: oy.
Jokers: holy [Joker]. didn't know about the bleeding.
Jokers: don't they have any form of medical help?
willchillman: It wasn't Christy? thx
steffy67: really, really , really!
Deena: Shawna bled for 15 I think
Jokers: you poor devils.
willchillman: Sorry to hear that.
Deena: there are doctors available --- very cute se Dr. Adrian Cohen bio on the web
Deena: see
Jokers: is anyone other than, Dan was it, still ill?

Deena: Dan at fundraiser he seems good

Deena: I think Heidi had parasites
Deena: Christy's leg had a huge infection

hot4deena: Did the girls ever pee in front of each other like you predicted?
Deena: Alex, Heidi and Christy all had them -- I think from the mud challenge -- I got to take a bath with Dave so no bites for me
steffy67: did you see any scary wildlife?
Deena: yes lots of scary stuff -- alligators, snakes

Deena: red glowing eyes at night

Jokers: eeeek.. at least it wasn't Africa
steffy67: best moment of the whole deal?
Jokers: with the lions coughing
Deena: yes they moved and grooved with you moving and grooving
Deena: winning immunity
Jokers: eeeeek LMAO
willchillman: did you see an anaconda?
Jokers: Did they all suck up radically, when you had immunity? more than we saw?
Deena: one time in the water at Jacare -- small one across the water
willchillman: cool
Deena: funny thing after awhile you just get used to it all and you ignore it
Jokers: Does Probst always keep his cool? Or does he lose it every now and then?
Deena: suck up how
willchillman: how about those bugs that fly over your head
jcastleberry35054: Has this changed your life and if so how?
Deena: worms everywhere
Jokers: suck up as in being all too nice, when before, they weren't?
Deena: when we woke up especially -- on or body and in our hair and crawling on our skin
Jokers: ah god
Deena: I appreciate my family that much more
Jokers: don't crawl on ya at night, anyway!
hot4deena: Are there any mementos that you kept from the experience?
Deena: no sucking up because we all knew roger was going except Dave butch and roger
Deena: yes crawl at night I just did not know it
Deena: small red inch worms were the worst
Deena: the bees and wasps were horrible as well
Jokers: roger was a hoot when he went. LOL
Deena: got stung really bad twice on the leg
Yahoo! Messenger: wendywingsnz has joined the conference.
Jokers: oh god.. did the doctor help ya then?
steffy67: yes, that was priceless when you got roger!
Jokers: His face!!
Deena: know -- not serious then no help
Deena: doctor was available only after filming
Jokers: I wonder how they drew the line
Deena: and then only if life threatening
Jokers: oh crikey
wendywingsnz: I thought filming was 24/7 ?
willchillman: that sucks
Deena: I felt horrible for being mean to roger when he got booted I was sitting next to him and I though he was going to cry
Jokers: oh noooooo.
willchillman: poor roger
Jokers: he was edited to look extremely pissed.
wendywingsnz: ACH I have not seen that episode yet
Deena: yes filming 24/7
wendywingsnz: poor guy
willchillman: How long was training? Thanks
Deena: he laid out his socks to get dry before the fire and had to gather them all up when he was called
Jokers: aww.
Deena: can't talk about that
court_jester2: Bummer
wendywingsnz: I would have been crying myself
Jokers: did the crew tape their watches so you couldn't see? LOL
Deena: no pre-filming info for you unless you have 6 mil;
Jokers: yoike! hehehehe
wendywingsnz: LOL
willchillman: let me check. hahahaha
Jokers: 6 mil is it... sheeeesh
Deena: I did not know what time it was or what day it was ever -- we called it super secret ninja time
Jokers: that must have been like... forever jetlag?
wendywingsnz: I never know what day it is
wendywingsnz: LOL
Deena: no I got pretty good at night by the movement of the stars -- but the nights at fire watch were the worst
Jokers: I'm amazed at the weight you all lose
steffy67: yeah, you think it's Friday! hee
Deena: I fell a couple of times from dizziness and orientation
Jokers: christ.
wendywingsnz: It is Friday ROTFL
Jokers: yet you'd do it again! hehehehe
willchillman: sorry to hear that
Deena: you talk about food all the time and I do mean all the time
steffy67: what was the first thing you ate at loser lodge?
Deena: their sex talk was intermingled with food eating and cooking
wendywingsnz: that is one reason I would never get on I am already skinny
Deena: mashed potatoes
hot4deena: After you sized up the other competitors based on looks, were there any people that surprised you when you got to know them?
Deena: worse than Heidi?????
Jokers: Jeff Probts was hilarious about sex
wendywingsnz: I am 114 pounds so probably YES
willchillman: Heidi forgot to add some lbs before starting. honest mistake
Deena: Heidi came in at less than 110
Jokers: ack
Deena: 10 per breast????
willchillman: then she lost weight. hahaha
Jokers: rofl
steffy67: lmao!
court_jester2: LOL!!!!
Deena: still 10 per breast
wendywingsnz: ROTFL
Jokers: we can assume you're not up for playboy?
Yahoo! Messenger: m3gabyt3 has joined the conference.
Deena: not for a million
Jokers: m3!!
willchillman: trillion?
Jokers: how about 5? LOL
Deena: nope
hot4deena: I'll have to cancel my subscription now
Jokers: don't blame ya, go over badly in court. hehehe
Deena: I need a good doctor first -- I will stick to the ones in LA though
wendywingsnz: some things are not worth any amount
willchillman: if you were in Jenna/Heidi's position, would you have done it? Thanks
steffy67: like er, pride.
Jokers: what did everyone think of Heidi & Jenna for doing playboy, or rather, speaking of it?
Deena: not for a million
Deena: young group an Amazon -- they all encouraged it
Jokers: we do know Roger tried to discourage them
Deena: I think Heidi is taking huge amount of heat about it now and it is not even out yet
Deena: he did not
Deena: I was there
court_jester2:'s their choice. Course...whether or not it's going to sell, now THAT'S another story!!
Jokers: he DIDN't???
Deena: roger is short on memory
Jokers: that lying devil! rofl
willchillman: I am going to buy it. haahah
Jokers: we had him in chat Monday. roflol
Jokers: wouldn't say what he said to Heidi..
Jokers: but he said he laid into her
Deena: he said that he would not want his daughter to do it but that he would not say anything about them good bad or indifferent if they did
Jokers: well Jesus
Deena: he did not lay into her
Jokers: time changes a viewpoint, eh? wow
steffy67: perhaps it was after the show
Deena: that was the beef I had with roger --- and I like him-- I would not allow him to attack the girls when I was there
Jokers: crap.. should cut that from tranny! LOL
wendywingsnz: maybe he was dehydrated and hallucinating
Jokers: good on you.. but why was he attacking? for not helping?
Deena: no not after the show either -- no contact with non-jury and no contact until the reunion
Jokers: lol Wendy
steffy67: that's what I mean after the reunion
wendywingsnz: do you think he wanted to take a fatherly role ?
Deena: He would start to go lecture on them and they would get the deer and headlights look so I came to their defense
Jokers: hmmmmm
Deena: no the photos were a secret he did not know about it
Jokers: a little anti female, is he?
jcastleberry35054: Was there real sex?
Deena: no not anti -female just fatherly stern
Deena: real sex???/where??/ when you smelled like a pig and looked like one as well?
Deena: not on the island
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Yahoo! Messenger: stupidspammers has joined the conference.
willchillman: How about Jenna and Dave on their date? They won't talk about it. Thanks
jcastleberry35054: Would you do this again? if so what would u do different
hot4deena: Sounds like my high school prom.
Deena: high school prom??/ Know that was the reunion
Deena: The date was uneventful
Jokers: who was funny earlier Jeff? he said Sex? as dirty as we were? I used my bandana for toilet paper. LMAO
willchillman: Guess they are just playing with us. hahaha
steffy67: did CBS treat you guys well in NYC?
Deena: No not know -- sorry trying to type fast and think
court_jester2: Oy. Don't talk about reunion yet. (My high school reunion is this weekend.)
Jokers: oh yeah! the reunion! did you get to meet survivors from other episodes?
Deena: Yes I would do this -- no I would go after Alex but I would not rely on Rob and I would have gone after Matt and Butch's vote
steffy67: who is your fave former survivor?
Deena: hunter
steffy67: he was a hottie!
Deena: no buff for TP we had to where it everywhere --- ucky
Jokers: rofl
steffy67: ewww.
Jokers: Jeff VARNER
Jokers: that was it!
Deena: yes I got to meet former people -- hunter is really a nice guy -- come to think about it I like Les as well
Jokers: Lex was totally hilarious
Jokers: Are there any other get together's, other than survivor fest, for you?
Deena: CBS and NY was the bomb -- CBS treated us real well at all times
jcastleberry35054: Was Jeff Probst around more often?
Deena: well most of us live in SO CAL
willchillman: Have you met famous celebrities (not from reality TV) Thanks
Deena: I saw Probst at TC and challenges that is all
Jokers: he doesn't ever just hang out, Probst?
Deena: yes at EGPAF on Sunday I met a whole slew of celebs
Deena: no intermingling with production!!!! Just us
willchillman: Buffy Vampire cast
Jokers: have you been offered commercials, or the like?
Deena: scrubs cast
Jokers: Buffy! Spike
jcastleberry35054: Is he nice when he is around
Jokers: ::rool
Deena: Disney things
Deena: I like Jeff
Deena: some are intimidated by him I am not
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Jokers: Did Survivor... have any lasting effect on you? change your mind about anything?
steffy67: intimidated!
Deena: but few intimidate me
Jokers: (I don't see you as..)
Jokers: yep
Jokers: lol
Jokers: dunno.. if Mat had been waving that knife.. I mighta been intimidated
Deena: I appreciate those who do not have and those who cannot be with their loved ones because they are serving other than that it did not change my life
court_jester2: Poor Wendy
Deena: Matt scared me but did not intimidate me
Jokers: so you were truly scared?
Deena: only when I though he was going into convulsions
steffy67: ??
willchillman: Why doesn't Matt do chats or message boards? Thanks
Jokers: woah... he went into convulsions?
Jokers: (because I haven't tracked him down. LOL)
Deena: I asked Matt but he has not answered me back
Yahoo! Messenger: wendywingsnz has joined the conference.
Deena: Alex will not and Shawna will not and Butch will not
Jokers: Poor guy. I hope he wasn't hurt by what he's read (Matt)
wendywingsnz: sorry but my yahoo is messed up
willchillman: Matt has a lot of fans. Kind of surprises me that he doesn't want to chat with them
Jokers: Was the Internet a shock for you? when you finally read it?
Deena: no matt is not hurt he is riding a huuuuge popularity thing right now
Jokers: goooood.
wendywingsnz: If I was Matt I would be scared of the overly obsessive fans
Deena: I have been lurking since season 3 -- I know they all love to hate
Jokers: indeed
willchillman: Matt must be on some new adventure.
Jokers: but so help me.. you were huge favorite
Deena: no
steffy67: is it difficult to read mean things about yourself?
Jokers: Did you ever hear of Matt knowing Julie Chen, by chance?
Deena: yes sometimes --- like when KOM says I should have been aborted at birth
steffy67: or do you just ignore it all?
willchillman: Matt must be studying Swedish
Jokers: WHAT??
steffy67: wha?
Jokers: WTF is KOM!
court_jester2: I talked with one of Christy's friends and Christy's manager recently. Matt's still in Washington.
wendywingsnz: oh my !
Deena: King of Masks -- ask WillChill
willchillman: KOM is a poster at Sucks
steffy67: eek.
willchillman: Sucks is a message board if you never heard of it. Thanks
wendywingsnz: that kind of thing at Sucks is just beyond the pale
Jokers: cough hit cough
Jokers: Jesus jumping Christ, that is scary.
Deena: no it is all good clean poking at celeb wannabees
steffy67: we never picked on you. too busy with Jenna and Heidi.
wendywingsnz: I still think there are lines that get crossed
Jokers: LOL true
Deena: most people were
wendywingsnz: no matter WHO you are talking to or about
Jokers: possibly because of editing.
Deena: Jenna and Heidi took it hard
willchillman: People there are super harsh on Alex too
Deena: but Jenna fought back in sucks and feels better about it -- I say do it because it is kind of cathartic
Jokers: Have you been in touch w/Jenna Heidi? are they ok now?
wendywingsnz: then they call him chicken for not posting
steffy67: people teased matt, but not in a really mean way.
Deena: now on Alex -- but they loved his right nipple
wendywingsnz: honestly would YOU post if you read all that stuff about yourself
Jokers: roflol
court_jester2: LOL!!!!
willchillman: hahaaha
Deena: I wanted to immediately and asked to post but CBS said no -- wanted to tell them all to f themselves
steffy67: do people believe it's you when you do post? or do you bother identifying yourself.
court_jester2: Well....just one person likes his right nipple.
wendywingsnz: I felt bad enough laughing on Wed night when you got hit in the head with the meat
wendywingsnz: lol
Deena: that was funny -- came into work with aspirin on my chair
wendywingsnz: ROTFL
Jokers: I must have missed the part where there's something special about his right nipple!
Deena: coke on my chair
Deena: granola bars on my chair
Deena: erect right nipple
Yahoo! Messenger: Jokers has left the conference.
steffy67: lol!
wendywingsnz: LOL your workmates have you pegged
steffy67: did your friends give you a hard time?
Deena: yup they love me and love to love me
Yahoo! Messenger: Jokers has joined the conference.
Deena: only in a good way -- we had huge parties every week
willchillman: do you know who ChillOne is?
steffy67: we would lose our mind around here if one of us got onto one of the shows.
steffy67: esp survivor or BB
wendywingsnz: She does now because I told her lol
wendywingsnz: <--- has info on Chillone
willchillman: Can you spill the beans wendy? Thanks
Deena: I do not really know
steffy67: yes, spill.
Jokers: stff.. I'd love it if YOU got onto survivor! I'd sell tickets
wendywingsnz: not much to spill he is who he said he is
willchillman: People think that I am him b/c of the name.
wendywingsnz: a 35 year old male ( whose name is Bill)
Deena: I think he wrecked a perfectly bad ass season
willchillman: amazing how he got the info
wendywingsnz: yes he did
hot4deena: This is true.
willchillman: Won't happen again right?
Deena: but only for those on the boards
wendywingsnz: but he didn't realize what he was doing
wendywingsnz: he was NOT a survivor fan
wendywingsnz: but still darn stupid
wendywingsnz: lol
Deena: he is now
wendywingsnz: yup he is now lol
willchillman: If he wasn't a fan, what made him do it?
Deena: So those who care --- I think Jenna is set in the industry for life
court_jester2: Well.....he did not entirely spoil this season....much to the chagrin of those that heard his F4.
willchillman: I care. hahaha
willchillman: Do you mean modeling? entertainment?
Deena: all of it
wendywingsnz: Animal Planet ?
Deena: she is in la right now
willchillman: What is she going to do?
Jokers: Does Jenna have anything going other than playboy?
hot4deena: I think she can be just as successful as all the other famous former Survivors.
Deena: I was to meet up with her and Dave and Alex but I am here with you all and am about to leave to go home
Jokers: We thank you for the chat, Deena
steffy67: thank you so much for taking the time. this has been the best chat@
wendywingsnz: thanks for giving up your time
Deena: yes she has lots of stuff but I will not reveal -- mil on Survivor will pale in comparison
willchillman: Again, it has been awesome. Thanks Deena.
Jokers: We'll try again for a weekend in the future, if you don't mind.. many missed out
Jokers: and they're moaning
court_jester2: OK. I'll send this chat to anyone that needs it for JokersUpdate.
willchillman: Well, something to look forward to with Jenna.
Deena: yes a weekend at home
Deena: you guys want Jenna
Jokers: please jester
Deena: to chat
Jokers: please, Deena!
hot4deena: Deena...Thanks for the chat! Please rethink your stance on doing Playboy. Thanks.
Jokers: we'd love the two of you.