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How did you 1st hear about the casting for the Bachelor?
My twin sister Rebecca Norris DiNapoli of Nashville and I were visiting with our other sister Teresa Norris Phillips of West Chester, PA. Teresa watched the show a lot. Rebecca and I have never seen an episode. Teresa sat us down to make us watch the final rose last season with her. My identical twin sister Rebecca got this idea to go on line after the show to put my name in for the next season. I met Rebecca's soul mate Christy DiNapoli out one night and asked him if he would be interested in dating my sister. He asked me, "Well, what does she look like?" And I said "Me, we are twins." He said, "Sure, I'm in!" They have been together for 6 years now !! Putting my name in on line was Rebecca's attempt to repay the favor. Thank you for trying Rebecca. Don't stop here :O)

What were the interviews like?
Long, grueling, humbling. In a round about way, you felt as if you were back in high school filling out the SAT's. Then the test for your honesty made you feel like a real loser when all the answers were YES!

How long did you know that you had gotten on the Bachelor before you had to leave for California?
A month out I knew they were looking at me. Three weeks out they told me I was one of the 50 finalist. Two weeks out they congratulated me on being chosen to be one of the 25 selected for episode 6 of "The Bachelor." To damn soon to lose 10 pounds!

Were there any of the other women that you were close with?
I became very close to Natalie. She reminds me a lot of Julia Roberts. She is one of the most genuine girls on there. The way I described her to my sister was "She is one of us" The other girls I was close to are Cheresse, Amy, Ashley, and Andrea. I liked a lot of the girls. But didn't get much time with them as you very well know. I loved Amy's honesty. She was sooo much fun. I cannot believe she got axed so soon. They say all the nice girls finish last. But.... not really!

Was there anyone that you didn't get along with?
I'm a lover not a fighter. That is why they pulled the shoot on me so quick. :O) I got along with every one of the gal's. I of course didn't like the way Krysta was a camera hog and talked about her goal on landing her next catch all the time. It was all about someone that could afford her. It broke my heart that she didn't care or know about true love. Gucci bags are not the memories she will talk about on her death bed. And the other girls that would die for the brand as well will not be there by her side.

Have you kept in touch with any of the other women from the show?
We all have to keep a low profile right now because of the rules of the show and it's outcome. We are trying to abide by those rules the best that we can. However, it is difficult not to want to hold up those relations with the girls you liked so well. You do have some fear that you may lose the momentum of those bonds that were developed at the time of taping. So, the girls I mentioned are some of the girls that have my information. We absolutely CANNOT WAIT to see each other and some of the other cast and crew members for the taping of the "Tell All" episode before the final rose, which will film in November. Don't blink again on the 10th when it airs. You might miss me AGAIN!

What was your reaction when you realized that there were 2 Bachelors?
I thought it was a joke. I thought they were playing tricks on us. In a reality show you never know what is really reality. I thought they brought Jay out as a joke. Some of the girls were disappointed. I was thrilled not only were they both older than me, but thrilled that 10 of us were not leaving so soon. We could relax and let them feel the heat.

Did you like Jay?
Yes, I did. We all did not have any chance to get to know the guys AT ALL to make an honest assessment on whom we wanted to stay as The Bachelor. In the short conversation I had with him I found out, like myself, that he was a twin. Then had twin siblings too. I just thought to myself.... My! My!...... Being a twin all my life was like being a monkey in a zoo. Being with him would be kind of like expanding to the zoo. Yikes! He also seemed to just want someone to accommodate his life instead of sharing it. But, that might have been a bad first impression.

Who did you pick to become the Bachelor?
I picked Byron. It may have been my first mistake. lol

How much time did you get to spend with him?
59 seconds to be exact. Not enough time for him to really know that I was his biggest mistake.

What kind of things did you talk about?
We talked about Table Rock Lake I boated on in Branson Missouri when I was an entertainer there for 7 years. (singer, not a stripper) He had fished it several times just like I had. (the lake) He asked about my ex boy friend. I was very hesitant since I did not want to hurt or disrespect the privacy of him and his children. That might have made Byron feel as if I still was in love with my ex. You can never turn off love once you have loved. And if you are friends, it means you are mature and hold respect for one another. I am not in love with my ex and stayed in it not for me but way to long for the wrong reasons. I'm glad that we are still friends.

Did you feel a connection with him?
Yes, I used to go with my first ex when he went hunting. I also used to own a boat, fish and ski a lot. When I had to make a decision quickly between Byron and Jay with only two words with both of them, I had to go with Byron because I thought we had so much more in common. I'm a county girl. I am very active and I love the outdoors. My dream man is a little less clean cut that doesn't mind getting his finger nails dirty. However, when he kept Krysta and some of the "other" girls on longer than me, I realize that his finger nails are not the only thing he didn't mind getting dirty! NOT my cup of tea. It was meant to be.

How did you feel when Byron didn't call your name to get a rose?
I was quite shocked! Very hurt for my sisters and brothers that had hope for me. Byron and I had a conversation that was not aired that clearly showed a connection and how much we had in common. What I thought was a chemistry between us, was all a facade for me to vote for him. He wasn't going to pick the OLDEST chick come on. Little does he know I could have showed him a lot of what he needs to know. I think it's clear HE wanted to be the teacher.

What was your favorite part about doing the show?
Meeting such wonderful lifetime friends in the cast and crew. The cast were a group of girls that all Sat in the same boat, so to speak. We all almost all were single mature career women that never have just settled. And didn't deserve too.

What was your least favorite part about doing the show?
Wearing a battery pack and a microphone to the bathroom. As soon as I started getting use to relaxing about every little sound ... even a heart beat being recorded.... I got booted. :O(

Do you think that you would do this again?
In a heartbeat. I had a BLAST!! You know, I have had a lot of wonderful people compliment the poise, class and dignity I displayed. I am very proud of who I am. If I had to go home early and alone, that's all right! At least I can go home with me. A lot of comments about Byron not being good enough for me and that he has fried his brain by being in the sun too long, makes me bend over with laugher! Laughing is healthy. So many great people that I didn't know existed have come crawling out of the wood work. Yea! Yea! for the Power of Television. It's not so bad being a Bachelor Reject!! Trust me!

How many different gowns did you bring (for the rose ceremonies?
Since I was threaten by my twin if I did not go, my sister packed for me. She packed 8 gowns! I didn't even get to wear my most favorite sexy dress. Needless to say, I thought I would have lasted a lot longer than some of those..... uh.... women did.

What kind of things have you been up to since you came back?
The ABC station Channel 2 in Nashville has interviewed me MORE AFTER i was booted off of "The Bachelor" than before the show :O) They have stated that they have had more phone calls from people trying to find more information on lonely Nashville Photographer Melinda That does my heart good. I also have been asked to do a "Bachelorette Show" on one of the local radio stations 102.9 "The Buzz" for an attempt to be a part of a successful "love connection" for Melinda... ABC's "The Bachelor" Reject! I am also very honored to be featured in one of Nashville most popular Magazines "Nashville Lifestyles" Oct issue. I made one of Nashville's Most Beautiful People of 2004. (the beauty within) I am getting ready to go to Maui and Kawii to do a shoot for a model in waterfalls. CANT WAIT! I have written several great songs about the show. My twin sister Rebecca and I are recording them right now. I'm also putting together a book of quotes that I wrote. Some of the contents include:

I'm one of the normal people that your'll never know.
I don't have a thorn in my Rose cuz I aint got one.
Take out the trash or you'll find yourself standing in it the rest of your life.
All the good ones are gay or gone fishen'.
Your never to old to die young.
Hold out for true love or love will not be true.
If my boat is rocking, Byron don't come knocking.
You gotta learn how to hold your pole around a lot of fish so you can land the trophy.
Your heart is only completely full when the right one fills it up.
Don't settle for less or the less might settle for you.
I'm wild fun and crazy, but within the walls that don't talk.
He's gonna miss me and never get to kiss me. Go fish!
The best fishen' holes are the very first ones you pass up.

* I have been drowning in work since the show. I cannot complain about anything right now!! I have been on several dates since, but nothing to write home about. I am very picky and feel like i deserve to be. In the end, if you want the person that doesn't want you, your in for an unhappy journey. If you don't want the person you have, don't wait one more day to move on. Neither of you deserve that time in your life wasted.
Happy Trails everyone! I hope the fish are biting! :O)

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