BB Evers: Have you ever heard the Percy Sledge song, “Take Time To Know Her”?

David: Uh....No. [then both of us laughing pretty hard for a while]

BB Evers: You’ll have to look it up, it’s an R & B classic & you might get some insight from it. Dakota at Joker’s Updates asked; who do I think is playing the best game?

David: I think Nick & Amanda. Um, Amanda because she knows how to use her words & is a Real Estate person & knows how to talk to people & Nick because he is an entrepreneur & knows how to say the right things too, except he needs to play a different game where he doesn’t need to be so shady like. So, I definitely think Nick & Amanda.

David: [out of nowhere] ...You kinda threw me for a loop that Kaitlin liked me more than Aaryn!

BB Evers: Yes, they talked about it during the 1st week & now, after you left, Aaryn is making a huge play for Jeremy & all 3 are sleeping in the HOH bed together & the night before last, while Jeremy was spooning Kaitlin, he reached back with one hand & was massaging Aaryn’s leg.

David: No way, that kinda pisses me off!

BB Evers: Yeah it is kind of twisted.

FrouFrou at Joker’s Updates wanted to know what you thought of your exit messages, especially Nick’s?

David: Yeah, like when Nick said that, I uh, was like there was fire in my heart, like I thought what a freekin’ douchebag, like he was jealous of Aaryn & me from the get-go cuz I was more competitive than you [Nick] and I had a better workout routine than you & it is the most fire I have had in me for/in a while cuz I’m a pretty laid back guy & when he said that I was like, dang dude I have it out for you for sure. If I went back in the house, he would be my first victim out!!!

David said this is the first time he has ever been bitter in his life. He thinks Jeremy really betrayed him & he really wants a 2nd chance to best Nick. He thinks Jeremy was jealous of him as well, because they both surfed & Jeremy knew David was a much better surfer & if he had stayed in the house longer Jeremy & Nick both knew that the house was going to like him more.

[I would have to agree with him on all counts & from watching the live feeds, it did seem that Jeremy was happy about the plan to evict David so that he would have less competition for the fems in the house rather than as strategic gameplay. His alliance with the Moving Company conveniently covered ulterior motives, imo.]

BB Evers: FrouFrou also asked if you could deliver one message to anyone still in the house, what would it be?

David: I would say it to the whole house & say, be careful if David gets back in the house cuz he is out for the money & he is going to be his true beast self!

BB Evers: What do you think your Mom is going to say to you about the way you played?

David: Uh, my whole family has told me I played pretty well & played pretty mature & I went out in a good way. She feels pretty sad for me that I went out early & she knows I put a lot on the line to be on this show & I have been waiting to be on this show since I was 15!

Like I acted like I didn’t know anything about the show & I was playing the “dumb-card” a lot to be honest cuz I didn’t want people to know how smart I was or how much I knew the game. I beat everyone in chess. I was playing the dumb-card a lot cuz I know how to act but Aaryn had a big impact on how I talked to other people & that is what bugs me~ this 22 year old girl was telling me what to say & it threw my game off.

BB Evers: Yes, I feel for you. I started telling people that it was clear that you had forgotten to take your Pussywhip-Prevention Pills..

David: [Interrupting me & laughing] OH YEAH, she totally had me pussy whipped for sure & I knew that from the beginning but I was trying to be a nice guy~

BB Evers: Well, you were that~! I hope in some whacked way you do get to play again because I was shocked to hear that you are a Superfan & I think a lot of us watching the feeds completely bought that you were oblivious to how the game was played~

David: Oh, not at all I was just playing that card, the dumb card cuz I didn’t want them to know how I really am. I’m a pretty smart cat & I knew how to act the dingbat cuz I have long blonde hair & I’m a surfer so why not play the dumb card?

BB Evers: Yes but, you played it almost too well!

[This semi-confirms my suspicion that the BB houseguests no longer go in as themselves but are given a scripted “performance” to make them act a certain way. Howard has talked on the feeds about planning to be Jeremy’s outspoken loud persona but “they” said he should play the bible dude.]

David: Yeah, well if they call me back or if America calls me back instead of Elissa cuz there is a lot of talk about Elissa going back in if she gets voted out, but I feel like I could be that guy! I would bring back a lot of chaos & drama now that would make for great ratings!

BB Evers: With the energy you are showing this morning, I have no doubts! But you did speak to your Mother already?

[I was under the misguided assumption that David had been in sequester over the 4th of July holiday but he had already driven home to San Diego.]

David: Yeah, I’ve already talked to my Mom & she felt superbad for me & she had high hopes for me & I did too. I was crying the whole ride back outa there & thinking ‘man, I only had 12 days in there & I BLEW IT & IT SUCKS & I was the first HG ever nominated by the new MVP twist & I feel like I deserve another chance!

BB Evers: But you aren’t in sequester so there isn’t really a chance that you will get to go back is there?

David: I have no clue cuz I live in San Diego, so I am only two hours away & I might have [a chance] so we’ll see what happens!

BB Evers: Well it would be nice & stranger things have happened. Will you get a twitter account & watch the live feeds? I would personally love to see THIS David, play Big Brother!

David: Yeah, thanks cuz this is the real David. This is who I am. The show really had an impact on me & then Aaryn got a hold of me & I just [got lost]. I want to show America who I am! Like, what’s goin’ on, ya know?

BB Evers: Well, you did come off as charming & sweet if a little whipped & this cast is not coming off well at all, so I think you were lucky getting out of there first~I think it serves your purposes well to be out of there fast.

David: That’s what other people are telling me but I think if I was to go back in the house I could make it go a different way!