BB Evers: What has been the biggest surprised you’ve learned about Big Brother, since you were evicted?

David: Probably about Nick. As I said, I’ve never really been bitter before & to tell you the truth, I’ve always been that guy that strived the most, I strived to get on this show & to be a beach lifeguard & I’ve never been the first to be evicted of anything, like I’ve always been the first to be chosen for a team & the most likable guy in the group.

And to have Nick & this Moving Company crew have me evicted first, I feel like I got screwed in many ways cuz I’ve always been the guy who gets the party started & Nick & those guys were taking it away from me because they were jealous, so...

BB Evers: Was your personality different for the six days you were in the house, before the live feeds came on?

David: Oh yeah, they figured out what kind of guy I was & figured out how nice I was & how much of a sweetheart I was & we gotta get rid of this guy cuz America will love him & they wanted to turn America against me & they did their job!

BB Evers: I know you think getting into a showmance with Aaryn changed your game but how would you deal with that now? I heard her tell you that you were going to be the new BB Power Couple, so how could you get her out of your head?

David: To tell you the truth, after what you told me about Kaitlin & stuff, I would uh, probably be just out for myself, I might align with them but get into people’s heads & just play for myself! I would try harder & be myself & not give up until I had a heart attack, I should have won that first HOH!

BB Evers: What did you think of Judd? In a very slow, quiet way, he has won over a lot of the live feed audience because he is so funny & he hasn’t engaged in the racist & sexist comments & it seemed like you two would get along really well, why didn’t you form an alliance with him?

David: I did & I didn’t & he seemed like a really big floater & he only talked to me when the girls were around so I never really got to know the guy. He was a pretty funny dude, he & I probably could have kicked it on the outside of the house but it was just always irritating cuz he always smoked around me & I’m not much of a smoker!

[Ok kids, what lesson have we learned today? Smoking not only cause all kinds of cancer but it can ruin a potentially solid alliance in the Big Brother house! And California kids? Don’t be so judgmental about smokers in the Southeast. I live here & we are still in the dark ages when it comes to 2nd hand smoke. We can’t all be California, so cut us some slack, mmmkay?]

BB Evers: Right. I get that. Smoking can be a deal breaker. I do think you guys would have made a great secret F2 alliance. What did you think about you being excluded from the Moving Company alliance?

David: I feel like I kinda got screwed cuz I was the last in the house & that alliance was made before I even got in there and it was weird that they didn’t make me a part of it but I think cuz I was the only west coast guy & they couldn’t really read me at first or know what I was about.

I am an only child & pretty independent & it was like, ‘why am I not in this’ & I was the only guy not included besides Andy! [And JUDD!]. It was awkward, it made no sense to me.

BB Evers: So you knew about it while you were still in the house?

David: No, well I suspected cuz everytime I walked in a room with Spencer talking he would shut up or like when Howard came up about things & he would ask if I was in an alliance. It was weird & as a group they knew how to maneuver themselves & talk to the others...

That was our last question and answer. David continued talking about life in the Big Brother house & his last comment was a hope that America would see him in beast mode & not as the dumb guy he played.

He was definitely rethinking his crush on Aaryn, that really crushed his game. He suspected his demise but he didn’t want to worry Aaryn & she didn’t understand why the other guys would want him out. He is filled with regrets about the way he played the game & says he put his heart on the line for Aaryn & he regrets it.

David thought his best move was probably just being a likable guy & showing how competitive he was & he really thinks his worst move was getting involved with Aaryn. “She really cost me my game”

The David I experienced during my interview was almost a 180 from what we saw on the feeds; pumped-up, animated & rather interesting. He repeatedly said he put all his cards in one basket to be on Big Brother & his true passion has always been to become a model. He mentioned Ralph Lauren as the pinnacle & wished he had gotten a lot more airtime.

David said he really has no clue what the future holds for him. Whatever it is, I hope it involves  some tasty waves, a cool buzz & instead of rescuing Brooke Shields, I hope he rescues a non racist blonde with blue eyes; who loves him just the way he is!

David can be found on Twitter @davidgirton2

BB Evers can be found on Twitter @BestBBEvers