BB Evers: Well I hope you will be tickled to know that I just lost 4 bets about this!

Nick: Oh NO~! Well I am from Ohio & he is  & I would love to have dinner with Dan & I don’t know how I could set that up but he is the player, that going into the house, I did not want to emulate but my personality & my style of playing this game actually followed his style immaculately well.

BB Evers: Yes, it did. I thought you were trying to [use Dan’s special power] “mist” people in the house with the way you spoke to them & I was convinced you were at least a cousin~! MY BAD!

Nick: That’s AWESOME! I take that as a HUGE compliment cuz he is one of Big Brother’s best gameplayer’s ever!

BB Evers: Well good.

Nick started talking about his relationship with GinaMarie & admitted that it started as a “fauxmance” & he was open to just hanging out with her to get information but as time progressed it turned into a real showmance which he was not expecting. He knew showmances would be his Achilles heel so he put the brakes on all of that & tried to stay low key. He did not want to fall victim to being a sucker in a showmance or having to feel all of that while competing for half a million dollars.

Nick called his time with GinaMarie a relationship & realized about 75% of the way in he realized that her feelings were real & his were mutual. Right up until the end, even on the last day he was remarking on how much she cared about him.

Nick: I wanted to protect her from her own emotions & I did not want to dive in too deep because I knew the MC would have to let her go. I wanted to protect her from herself because I really did care about her.

He didn't know if his feelings were romantic but said they were more than “friends.” He is going to pursue the relationship outside of the house & their 1st date will be a Monster Rally Race. He & GinaMarie have planned 4 dates & that is one of them.

Nick said he absolutely does not condone any racist comments but he cannot answer for GinaMarie.

BB Evers: As long as I am putting all of my misconceptions out there, sometimes on the feeds it seemed that you were flirting with Andy & I perceived it as the straight guy going into the gay bar for free drinks [Nick laughs] but I do want to know if you were purposely flirting with Andy & are you gay or bisexual?

Nick: I am straight. I can tell you that truth up & down. Um, no, Andy uh, I grew up in a very progressive environment, both of my parents were teachers & I grew up in Columbus, Ohio.

I grew up in a big city & anything that has to do with being gay or straight, those are such an open thing with me that it is a non-issue. I would never judge anybody based on that & I like Andy! I genuinely liked Andy so maybe it came across that way but I would hang out with Andy on a normal day, any day.

BB Evers: Right, ok, but were you flirting to secure his vote, either eviction or jury?

Nick: No, absolutely not.

Nick said his best move in the house was creating the Moving Company & his worst move in the house was creating the Moving Company! His next move in the game would have been to eliminate Amanda. He said that was priority number one for the MC. He still believes that if the eviction had been on Wednesday instead of Thursday, he would still be in the house & Elissa would be evicted. He said the MC got super-spooked by Amanda figuring them out.  She was public enemy number one!

Nick thinks Helen & McCrae have the best chance of winning the game. Helen if she doesn’t game too intensely & McCrae because he is a lowlier & is kind & personable. I took this opportunity to ask him about a player he had not mentioned even once.

BB Evers:  Judd has proven himself to be a superfan & good BB strategist & very popular with the live feeders, why did you ignore him as a potential member of the MC?

Nick: The reason Judd was ignored so much was because we were looking for a combination of physical & nonphysical & I honestly could not understand the words coming out of Judd’s mouth. So, because of that I thought other people might not be able to understand him & he might not be a good gamer. Now, that was a misconception. He is a good game & I understand he is doing really well & towards the end there just wasn’t enough time.

[Kids, what lesson have we learned today? Yes, that’s right, a thick southeastern accent is not an indication of stupidity. I used to have a hardcore New York accent but now I say ya’ll & people talk to me very sloooowly. It is a misperception that southerners are stupid or ignorant, but ya’ll knew that right?]

BB Evers: In the first 6 days in the house & in your interview with BB alum Jeff Schroeder, you said that you were going to be checking out all the “really cute little fly-honey’s” a direct quote, so were you interested in any of the houseguests for a showmance because it seemed like you ended up with GinaMarie by default.

Nick: Um yeah, that’s a pretty good way of putting it. I was not genuinely interested in any of the females in the house. That is solid information. Over time, I did develop a relationship with GinaMarie & you could say by default because that was the gameplan and the gameplan turned into this relationship, that's just kinda how it panned out.. But you know that is real life too, you know I met my wife & I knew as soon as I met her & that rarely happens. It’s more like your co-worker or whatever & you're just hanging out & the next thing you know your dating & the next thing you know you're married.

BB Evers: Jww047 asked if your eviction was a complete blindside or if you felt it coming?

Nick: My eviction, although I tried to suppress my paranoia for the sake of the moving company, I definitely had those ideas running through my head, so it wasn’t a complete blindside but I was definitely disappointed in the loyalty of the moving company. Absolutely. I would have defended everyone in the moving company until the F5. That was my gameplan & I stuck to it.

BB Evers: What are your plans for the future, moving forward?

Nick: Moving forward? I had this dream while I was inside the house where I was at Ohio State, Fisher College of Business & I was telling my soon to be class that I was getting my MBA & I don’t know how that transpired but I seriously thought about getting my MBA a lot, since I’ve been out of school & I actually might pursue my MBA in Entrepreneurship & they have a new business school that just opened up & I think I’m gonna do it!

Nick went on to say that he has genuine feelings for GinaMarie & also said he would be watching the feeds & tweeting about his observations.

Nick said he is rooting for GinaMarie to win but waxed poetic about his friendship with Jeremy. He said that Jeremy never broke his trust & is a really really good guy. Nick said because of his time as a WRESTLER & a rollerblader he appreciated the personality Jeremy has. He thinks Jeremy was just trying to prop up his public image. [Yeah, good luck with that!] He said he would go boating or sailing or any number of things with Jeremy & they would kick it~[be good buddies].