BB Evers: Well then going back to one of my very 1st questions about racism & misogyny, there is a very famous quote that says; “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” & although I see the ‘lost little boy’ in Jeremy, his outer shell is an incredible misogynistic, racist boy. So, would you be willing to confront him about those things or show him a different way to think or be?

Nick: Absolutely, 100%! You know, in the Big Brother house your playing a game, it is not real life  Well, it is real life to some extent because you can’t change who you are to play the game. Outside of the [BB] house, yeah, I grew up in a very progressive household & this bigotry is a red flag & a super no-no in my house. I mean my parents were teachers at public schools & ya know absolutely he is young. He’s 23, I’m 28 & I have a lot of hand-me-down knowledge that he could absolutely use.

BB Evers: Good, I do hope someone takes him aside before the world just pulverizes him for it [his bigotry especially regarding his bizarre remarks about the Cherokee Nation]. Some of the things he said were shocking but we don’t have time to go into it.

Has anyone told you that GinaMarie actually sobbed off & on for approximately seven hours & walked around with your coffee mug, your hat & your Chapstick, all while blowing her nose in your gym shorts & she talked to you about her bulimia one night, do you know anything about that?

Nick: I was pre-med & so I know about eating disorders but the thing about that is people have a very different self-image than their public image & I think that GinaMarie, I think in her heart, her public image is not up to par with her heart.

She’s a very kind person & she doesn't understand that people like her for herself & not necessarily for the piercings or the clothes she wears & I think the house has been reaffirming that; Hey you can take your tongue ring out & that’s okay, you don’t have to wear your contacts & we don’t really care about your clothes, we like you, you’re extroverted & those are the things people liked about GinaMarie & so did I.

I can’t speak about her behavior in the last couple of hours but we’re talking about the good things about GinaMarie, there’s a lot!

BB Evers: I know our time is almost through, I have one last question for you; a lot of the houseguests have talked about being on Adderall or Xanax, are you on any meds & how do you think that impacted this year’s Big Brother game?

Nick: No, I am currently not prescribed to any, ya know if people have a condition & they need medication then that’s what they need. If they need that to function in a normal way then it’s not for me to say that this is effecting the game in anyway. I am not going to point a finger if anyone has a medical condition that they’ve been prescribed for, I am not a doctor! If a doctor prescribed it to them, then they need it!

BB Evers: That was a very diplomatic answer, I appreciate it!


And that was the end of our interview. I am still confused & quoting Jeremy, “flabbergasted” at how wrong I was about Nick having a connection to Dan Gheesling. I almost wish I could go back to the first day of live feeds & rewatch his gameplay without my ridiculous & erroneous bias.

Maybe Nick was a real superfan that loved the Big Brother game & just got got. But, whether it is the metrosexually immaculate grooming or the seemingly prepared, polite answers, I still feel like none of us has seen the real Nick Uhas. Maybe one day he’ll let someone muss up his pretty facade & see who he really is. His time in the Big Brother house may have run out but he still has lots of time on planet Earth & I wish him well!


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