Jace: Hello live feeders and welcome to the very first night of the Big Brother 17 live feeds!

9:04PM: They're all giving shout-outs to their families, now that they somehow know the feeds are live. And in case you didn't know, Jeff gives a shoutout to his twin brother!

9:17PM: Steve and Jackie have been nominated. Clay and Audrey had a little game talk: somone being close to Becky, Austin and Jace seem to be getting close. Alliance? And Da'Vonne is comforting Vanessa who is weeping already about missing her girlfriend. Steve gets in on the act by asking permission to hug Vanessa: she agrees. He gives her a little pep talk while he's at it. He also tells her he was mean about something: she says "That wasn't mean. That's cool. It's the point!" Now I'm seeing alliance, here.

9:29PM: Austin and Jace talking about "Shell Town" - another possible alliance. Three in a half hour - that a record?

9:31 PM Steve is HoH: Vanessa gave Austin some sort of safety. Meanwhile, Audrey tells Meg she wants to push Jace and Liz into a showmance! Meg agrees - thinks Liz likes him.

9:36PM: Jace and Austin want Liz in F3. Now back to talking about wanting to get Jeff out with POV. Jace calls Jeff shady and that he's always lurking around. Austin talks about bringing James and Audrey in with their group and wanting to make a final 3 deal with Clay. Jace worrying about when they will have to put Clay up....mentions having so many final 3 deals. Talking about having Liz as their actual final 3...says she is their Janelle....only one who gets their humor. So alliance Jace, Austin, Liz? mention that Shelli has to go, then the talk breaks up as Jace leaves for the washroom and Austin heads into the kitchen where HGs are gathered chatting.

9:44PM: Laughing. Calling Clay, "Claybucks" because he always gets them coffee. Austin joins. Now telling Austin to show America his back. He's got a bad sunburn. Meg says she's burned too. Clay leaves to get coffee. Audrey jokes that she's afraid she is going to be seen a s princess because she asks people to get stuff or cook for her. Jace joins. He's quiet and they ask why he's so deflated. He says he's not...is in a great mood, just needs to work out. Jason joins and they ask him to explain how live feeds work. he explains how the cams work. Joking about Jason being sweaty. he says he was going off in the DR. Steve joins the group and they're all talking about everyone going in the DR and wondering if they will get wine tonight.

9:48PM: Austin and Jace in living room. Trash talking Jeff...saying he has a dad bod and acne from using steroids. Austin is exercising as Jace lies on the couch, talking about letting James know he's safe with them for now. Steve joins them and they sings a quick "Johnny Mac" song. Then talk about when POV will happen. James joins and gets on the floor, doing push-ups.  Jeff joins. Austin is organizing a workout for them.

9:58 PM: Jackie seems to think there's a plan in place for the POV to be used on her: everyone playing POV will definitely use it! She's talking to Shelli and James, and they agree that the house wants Jace backdoored. Jackie doesn't want Steve to win it, use it and have her against Jace! James tells her he'll pull Austin aside after nominating Jace. Hmmm... Austin not in the loop then, eh?