Big Brother Update June 26, 2015


9:40 am All the houseguests were awake.

So……… James is HOH (who for some reason is sleeping in the HN room because he is lonely???)

                Jackie and Steve nominated

                James, Jackie, Steve, John, Becky and Jason all played in POV

Vanessa is very homesick

The feeds were down and the POV was played today for 2.5 hours. It was a spelling type competition. Steve won the POV and now the house are trying to get Jace or Audrey nominated.


Meg, James, John, Davonne, and Jason all want Jace gone.

4:35 pm – James comes out and tells a group of people that Jace is going up and home this week.

Audrey heard that she might get put up and is upset and questioned everyone. Jace started the rumor that Audrey can’t be trusted and needed to go. James suggested a house meeting (they are so helpful!!), but they decide to call people into the lounge room and interrogate them. Audrey really plays hard but even after two hours it adds up to a sh&^%$ow . No closer to finding the person who repeated or made up something Audrey supposedly said. However, they did manage to put paranoia in Jace.  This took place over like a 3 hour time span.

8:55 pm – The 5 alive alliance was formed with Jace, Austin, James Clay and Audrey0 James then told Austin he wanted to form this alliance so he would have support when he had to put a VETO replacement.

10:10 pm – Austin whispers to Liz  that getting out Jackie this week would be a waste and that he was suspicious of Audrey (who he just got an alliance with) and Shelli

An alliance was formed called the high roller alliance and: Jeff, Jackie, Meg, Audrey, James, Davonne and Jason

Another alliance was forming, cool kids trying to get out the nerds: they are Clay, Shelli, Liz, Austin and Jace.

11:39 pm – Steve and Audrey talk and as soon as DeVonne’s name is brought up she hears them and confronts Steve.

11:57 pm  – Steve looks at the camera and said Audrey is very good at this game and will win

12:05 am  –  the house guest got booze to loosen themselves up

12:10 am   –  Austin, Liz, Devonne all discuss Audrey playing all sides.

Audrey makes her way around the house with everyone, she cuts deals with them all. The other houseguests realize this but still trust her.

2:30 am – Audrey tells Shelli that her rust circle includes, Vanessa, Clay and herself. That she like everyone but only trusts those three.

3:45 am – Clay and Jeff solidify a F2 deal, no name was agreed upon

4:30 am – All were in bed.


What a whirl win type of day in the compound, he said, she said, I said no I did not say. These houseguests are playing hard, who knows what tomorrow may bring. Will Audrey be called out for playing all sides? Will James sleep in HOH room? Will Devonne’s paranoia catch up with her? How many more alliances will be formed? Who knows! Have to tune in tomorrow for another round of discussions!