Inside the Furball Chapter 3

By Maya Catgelou

Man I gotta lay off the catnip! That stuff is making me hallucinate. Been watching these BB live feeds for a few days now and I can’t believe this stuff! First let me tell you how I feel about these people in just a few word (unlike Audrey).

Meg:  Somewhere there’s a gerbil looking for its wheel – never trust anyone who can’t stop smiling – means they’re hiding something (usually in my world it’s a mouse in their mouth).

Clay: I see guns pointing at me in my sleep when I see this dude. Or I see his mom shoving something up my butt to take my temperature.

Jace: Doubt he’d sit still long enough to let me near him and he’s a goner anyway.

Austin/Judas: This guy scares me. He has almost as much hair as Sakkie – and he keeps his princess in a castle. Sounds very like a Disney movie or an episode of CSI.

Shelli: This chick strokes soft furry things in her sleep. She’s stroking one right now I bet!

DaVonne: Can’t wait til she gets ‘all up in the face’ of anyone who pisses her off.

Audrey: Hm..looks a lot like my on a hot tin roof..jumping around.

Jeff – A flirt and loves to touch the girls...probably means he’s a cat lover – always petting someone.

Jackie – TAR chick who likes to wrap her leg around her neck..hey I do that all the time just to clean my butt.

Steve – he’s as nervous there as I would be..but he’s a better musician..all I can do is caterwaul.

John – wow..very different than his interviews. Where’s the funky Johnny Mac?

Becky – Jennifer Garner 2.0 who got hit by a train (really).

Vanessa- looks like a ballbuster but she bawled so much at first thought she’s self evict.

Liz/Julie – so far no one suspects this duo. Probably because she’s boring.

Jason – makes me want to take a Valium.

James – sticks to his guns and wanders around at night. Loves the ladies, esp. Meg.

 All in all I like the feeds..but there are too many people here..I’d feel like I’m in a room of rocking chairs! Can’t keep them straight most of the time. They get up to eat then take a nap…hey! That’s MY gig!!!

Til the next time..gotta go lick Austins chest, I’m running out of hair for my furball.