Day started at 8:19 am BBT

Day ended at 5:04 am BBT 6/29 

Lines of the day:

(Regarding a confusing game Vanessa was playing) John to James: did you understand that? James: dude I spelled zones

Liz & Austin shoutout to Rachel : Don't invite these people to the wrap party - Joreason's 

Jason says Jace is #16 on Joker's Updates rankings. He is right.  - AuntieDee

Jason: This is Big Brother on Methamphetamines. Like no other season.  - AuntieDee

Major Events

Happy Birthday Johnnie Mac

POV Ceremony / Renom

 Quick Summary

 Last minute scramble as all of the mini groups are figuring out Audrey is planting seeds and pitting everyone against everyone else.

Vanessa and Austin discussed Audrey

Jeff and Austin discussed Audrey

Jeff and Da'Vonne discussed Audrey

Jeff and Meg discussed Audrey

Jason and Da'Vonne discussed Audrey

None of them went to James to try and get him to change his renom to Audrey

 POV Ceremony

Steve used the veto as planned and James renominated Jace as planned.






Jace was blindsided as planned and talked to James before doing his rounds to try and get votes





Meanwhile – Audrey vs. Vanessa. Audrey threatening another house meeting because someone said she said something about an all girl's alliance


Austin and Liz discussing how they can get the votes to keep Jace


Onto the Recap:


8:19 am Morning starts with Vanessa and Austin in the backyard discussing Audrey's lies, manipulations and seed planting


Vanessa says she used the "Fast Forward" on Austin and that she has his back.

They discuss Audrey is the master manipulator with Clay as the sidekick and clay lied to her face so she doesn't trust him either.


11:38 am Jason and Da discussing no one is buying into Audrey and know what she's doing


12:25 pm Jeff and Da discussing how sick they are of Audrey. Blames everything that has happened with the rifts between everyone is all from Audrey and Audrey is putting the blame on Da. Da happy someone sees it. Jeff tells Da the rift between her and Clay was all due to Audrey


.. Meanwhile .. Audrey is complaining about Vanessa to anyone who will listen


2:46 pm Audrey v. Vanessa in the hammock room -

Eventually she confronts Vanessa about how "hurt" she is and is threatening another house meeting but that didn't happen.

Vanessa and Audrey go back and forth for a while in the hammock room. Eventually Audrey says Clay seems like the common denominator in some of the chaos.

 3:13 pm Austin and Liz on the hammock

Austin and Liz trying to get the votes for Jace while not telling Jace.

Liz is going to try and get Jeff to vote out Jackie

Austin is scared Vanessa is scared of Audrey and won't vote out Jackie now

Austin trying to get Johnny, Jason and Da to vote out Jackie

Austin wants to make sure Jeff was serious about figuring out Audrey started their rift too and that Jeff wasn't really being a minion for Audrey.

7:16 pm Jace and James in HOH. Jace getting the 411. James said it was last minute (not true) and he had a number of people in his ear last minute.. Jace believes James and relays the conversation to Austin. Austin tells Jace it wasn't last minute but not sure Jace heard that

Everyone is looking for the mole/rat in the house who is spreading all the rumors and causing all the drama.

8:31 pm Audrey says to Jace and Austin in the backyard that she had 6 people confronting her when she was asleep saying that Jace's campaign is that Audrey is the mole and he's going for her. He's just trying to eat a sandwich. Austin leaves as an argument ensues. Jace wants Audrey to call a house meeting but she says no Jace should. Jace says no you are the one saying all these people are coming at you. I'm doing nothing. Neither call a house meeting

Audrey sort of hints the mole could be Clay and Jace thinks it could be Clay and maybe it's not Audrey.

Many retells follow

10:33 pm ALLIANCE ALERT - Aud, Clay, Austin, Vanessa and Shelli - Sleeper Cell Alliance


 10:35 pm  BBAD Dancing/John's Bday. Fun times. James and Steve are the announcers of the dance group that includes John, Meg, Audrey, Steve and others. They danced for a few minutes to kick off BBAD





















Liz, Austin and Vanessa discussed operation split up (my name not theirs). Austin talking to Audrey, Liz talking to Jeff and Vanessa also talking with Audrey and maybe others. Trying to give the impression they are no longer a trio.

The rest of the night is spent on who's the mole and how did Jace find out about the POV renom song.

Long time until eviction night. Happy viewing.