Quick review: Jackie and Steve were the nominees. Steve saved himself with the Veto and James chose Jace as the replacement nominee. Jace is the target to go home and he knows it. Can today’s events change that?

9:00 AM
Everyone is up for the most part getting ready for the day. James takes his time up in the HOH.

Later Clay warns Austin about Liz. She has said she is trying to distance herself from Austin. Austin trusts Vanessa the most.

Dentist tip of the day: While flossing, John says he doesn't whiten his teeth because they make your teeth too sensitive.

Observant feed watchers note that our twins have swapped. Julia left the game and Liz is now back in.

12:30 PM
Shelli watches on as Clay gets a warning from Big Brother for doing a back flip into the pool.

Jace mentions to Austin he has a weird feeling the producers don't want to see him go just yet.

Jace campaigns to Steve. At the moment he is planning a blow-up for the live show. He hopes it will give Steve extra confidence for voting for him to stay.

Jace spends much of the afternoon practicing an eviction speech rap. Mostly he just lips the words while gesturing but he was heard going through some of it:

First day of Big Brother God said, "Let there be Clay!"
On the fifth day, "Please let me stay"
Mama Day, I'm sorry about spillin that water, but a vote from you would be magic just like Harry Potter.
Magic! Just like Meg's smile. She came in here strong with that New York style.
Y'all used to like me but now the house is torn apart.
When I walk into a room, you all walk away like you were hit with a smelly fart.

Da’Vonne tells Jace he might come back because it's a long season.

Shelli spends some time explaining the Season 5 twin twist to Jeff and Audrey. Jace is within earshot still silently practicing his speech.

Later, Jace campaigned to John.

4:00 PM
James chats with Meg. “[Audrey] thinks she's smart but we've got her figured out.” He can't wait to see her face when she gets nom'd. Meg warns that Audrey will work hard to save herself and they'll have to make sure they have votes when it happens. They agree they will no longer tell real info to Audrey.
James notes he wanted to trust Clay, but he hasn't proved he could be trusted yet.

Austin chats with Liz in the Back Yard. As with most of his conversation today, Austin makes it known he is not going against the house regarding Jace.

Da'Vonne fills in Meg and James that Vanessa is a pro poker player. (It seems Vanessa has revealed this to a few people, though she is playing it down by saying she USED to be a poker player).

Meg notes to Da’Vonne, Jason, and James about a dream Jace had and also Audrey's fabricated dream. There is talk of going after Audrey for being a snake in the grass.  

Later Da’Vonne and Jason speculate what Clay's actual profession is; maybe pro sports. They don’t think he is just a student.

6:00 PM
Jeff and Austin meet in the HOH room about working together next week if one of them wins power. They talk about Audrey being shady without ever bringing up her name.
Meg joins and there is talk about a Becky Nip Slip. They laugh about how they were trying to use code words to alert her, but she wasn’t catching on.
Audrey and John join and there is discussion about why Vanessa and Liz have not been upstairs.
Meg leaves and they ask her to send up Liz. When Liz arrives she does a pretty good job fielding a barrage of innocent and not-so-innocent questions.

Jason makes a point to tell Da’Vonne about an earlier incident. With a bunch of other people chatting in the bathroom he noticed Vanessa was looking at him like he was trash, “She looked like someone had farted in her mouth.”

After sleeping most of the day, Audrey is up and back to ‘normal’. She whispered to Da’Vonne about Jeff using Meg. Da’Vonne passes it along to Jason as if she believed it and encouraged Jason to warn Meg.        

9:30 PM
Austin and Jeff powwow about targeting Audrey but agree not to tell Clay as he will alert Audrey.

Jeff confirms with Jason that the plan is to go after Audrey next.

Jeff meets up with Liz to update her on the plan. He is getting more excited with each meeting.

Austin finds the two of them and is even more excited than Jeff.
He exclaims, “The revolution has begun!”

Completely ignoring his agreement with Austin, Jeff meets with Clay and fills him in.

Jeff also meets with Da’Vonne about targeting Audrey. Da’Vonne wants to know if he talked to Clay about it and Jeff says he did not. (Later he finds her to let her know he was cornered into telling Clay).

11:30 PM
Meg gets an earful from Audrey about backdooring Da’Vonne because she doesn't like Da’Vonne and Jason together. She tries to pin some of the house unrest on Da’Vonne.

Audrey talks to Jeff and throws some shade at Clay and Da’Vonne to deflect her involvement about the Jeff/Meg rumor. Jeff plays it off that it originated from Jace.

Meg and Clay go out to the hammock. Meg pumps him about the Jeff/Meg rumor. Clay says it was that Jeff and Meg were trying to get people out of their Group. Meg wonders aloud what Jace is planning. Clay says he's singing a song but it'll just be zingers. They both mention that Jace campaigned to them while Jackie hasn't done anything.

When Jace campaigns to Jeff, Jeff tells him that Audrey is single-handedly the reason he's leaving. Neither trusts Clay at this point either.

Austin tells Liz to be careful about Shelli because she lurks around like Steve and goes back and tells everything to Audrey.

Jeff tells Clay the entire alliance wants Audrey out and makes Clay promise not to screw him over or to say anything to Shelli or Audrey. Jeff and Clay confirm they want to be Final 2.

Next Jeff informs Jackie he is trying to break up Clay and Audrey because he wants to work with Clay.

1:30 AM
Jace tells Clay and Audrey he knows there are people making stuff up and starting drama in the house and those people are going to get what's coming to them.

A little later we see that Clay is upset because Audrey and Shelli are questioning him and making him feel like they don't trust him.
Shortly after Audrey and Shelli question Jeff to find out why he lied and said Jace told him the rumor when he told Clay that Austin told him the rumor.

Shelli calls Jeff into the Hammock Room. Clay follows and Jeff lets him know he is screwing up Jeff’s game. Clay wants to tell Shelli the truth and Jeff agrees to it. Clay tells Shelli that Audrey is screwing everybody in the house and they have to separate from her or she's going to bring Shelli and Clay down with them. Clay tells her she can't say anything to anyone because that would blow up his and Jeff's game. Shelli wants to know if Austin and Jeff are cool now. Jeff says for the week because they're trying to get Audrey out next.
Audrey walks in. She knows Jace is going to call out the Five Alive group. That's going to be his big blow-up. Audrey suggests Jeff should mention that to Austin because that would not be in Austin's best interest and maybe he can change Jace's mind.

3:00 AM
It was at this point Jeff tells Da'Vonne he had to let the cat out of bag with Clay. This prompts Jason to say, “Audrey makes Ronny look respectable.”

Audrey joins Jace and others outside and Jace let’s into her about starting all the house unrest and now she’s scared of the fall out. Audrey replies she is not scared and Jace doesn’t know what he’s talking about. They are pretty loud and just go back and forth with the same points over and over.

Later, Da’Vonne, Jason, Meg, Clay, and Shellie confirm they want to get Audrey out.

To cover, Clay goes inside and tells Audrey they were just discussing their concerns about Jace blowing up, and how to handle him. When Clay does not field her question very well, Audrey becomes suspicious.

6:30 AM
Everyone has gone to bed except for Jeff and James in the HoH talking about Audrey. They eventually go to sleep with Jeff on the HoH couch and the house goes quiet just before 7:00 AM.  

If you bought stock in Jeff, you took a big hit this evening. But it might be a good time to buy stock in Audrey. At a low point now, I am guessing it will rise for weeks before they are successful in actually getting her out.  Can Jace catch a big wave and save himself or will Jackie coast to the pit stop this week? Oh, and will Jace lay it all out on the live show, or will he get it all out of his system before then?

Thanks to the Updaters. Your efforts are appreciated!