Highlights - 2:05pm Shelli tells Lizia, she's decided to make Meg the renom not her 

10:35am - Houseguests being woke up (most of whom did not go to sleep until 7:00am) .. We have fish

 11:30am – PHOTOBOOTH – Wigs and Hawaiian Accessories –

Shelli said the photo booth changing from weekly to every two weeks.

Shelli in the photo booth taking pictures with HOH items.

 Photobooth waiting area -


 Becky and James, with John eagerly waiting for his turn


Austin and Clay , Lizia  and Jeff


12:15pm - Audrey in a two piece tankini type bathing suit by the pool talking with Austin about the other houseguests. Their takes on the houseguests:

Johnny – Audrey says she thinks they (Clay and Shelli) owe Johnny something for what he did (I'm assuming she thinks he volunteered for the nom and/or threw the bob)

Da and James - They want Da out this week and James next

Lizia – They agree if Lizia is the renom, she won't go home. Lizia is trying to win and that's an important reason to keep her around

Meg - Austin asks Audrey's opinion if Meg is an option for renom but Audrey doesn't think so. Audrey thinks Meg is in a good position. When Da leaves, Meg will be Jason's new Da.

Steve – Austin recognizes that Steve wants to be in a group but he doesn't reciprocate info and that's frustrating. Audrey says there aren't alliances, there are cliques and Steve might end up on the outside. They think Austin could use Steve to throw a bob if he was paired with Meg and if Austin or Audrey won hoh. They would just have to promise Steve to use the POV on him.

Jeff - Playing both sides. Needs to go out through the backdoor after James.

Becky – Sort of aware of what's going on but not really. Audrey says Becky thinks she'll just get integrated with Jeff, Clay and Shelli and she won't be

Jackie – They agree is a mole for Shelli and is obvious about it

They discuss the last laugh twist. Austin hopes it's an America's pick. Audrey said she hopes she gets it then since America saw her get stoned to death. Austin thinks it could be him. Both do not want James to be HOH

12:30pm – photo booth time over

12:30pm – Jason telling a story about the time an "old lady" at a bar roofied him. He had one corona. Says his friends saved his life








1:00pm – Da and Vanessa in the kitchen. Da will be upset if she goes because she called out Audrey since she did that for the house. She doesn't think she's done anything else to upset people. Vanessa is telling her not to give up. Da says she won't. She isn't going to roll over and die. Da hopes the last laugh works in her favor


1:25pm – Da and Shelli in the old hammock room. Da pleading her case to Shelli to start over. Da's voice cracking a little sounding on the verge of tears.

She's asking Shelli to put up Audrey and let the house to decide. No one will get angry and if she stays, then lest start over

Shelli tells Da how hard the game is and how much she likes her as a person. (a lot of hmmhmm's from Da) Shelli said they didn't really talk. Da says but you were never a target. Shelli sounds upset that Da chose Liz for the fast forward. Shelli not giving Da any indication she's listening to the idea of Audrey being the renom. They are basically just rehashing their relationship and where it wrong.


Da leaves and goes to the BY to get some sun and briefly retell the Shelli convo to James.






2:05pm – Lizia and Shelli in HOH. Liz trying to get Shelli to put Meg up instead of her because it just makes more sense. If Meg goes up, Meg is 100% safe. If she goes up, it's 80/20 and Meg is loyal to Jeff , James and those people. Lizia only has Austin and Vanessa and they want to work with Shelli and Clay. Shelli tells Lizia not to worry. She did think about what Austin and Lizia have said and is thinking Meg is the better idea. Says she is NOT putting Lizia up now.

 Shelli getting Liz's take on other houseguests – Lizia doesn't get good feelings from James. They agree Da should go because they don't want to be on the receiving end of a confrontation like she had with Audrey


2:40pm Becky  talking in the kitchen about hg's who needed medical attention. Becky says, "As long as there's no train competitions, I'm set"



2:45pm – Jeff and Liz in the hammock. Discussing why Vanessa or Steve could be America's player

Fairly slow day. Mainly chit chat

5:45pm - Shelli telling Clay she thought about Da's arguments but decided to go with her gut to get her out and renom Meg.

6:45pm Aud watching HOH cameras pretends she's asleep when Shelli comes in.

 8:15pm Meg saying she's good friends with Frankie's best friend.

10:16pm Llizia and Steve play fighting over Steve wanting to get his bed back. All in good fun.

12:34am Jeff and Austin having a podcast.






2:19am Shelli with Jeff, James and Meg in the HOH room to tell them that Meg is going to be the renom. 




After that group, Shelli has Jackie and Becky in the HOH now to tell them why Aud isn't her target and Meg is the renom. Becky is upset because everyone knows Aud was/is her target and now she's hung out to dry. Shelli says she would try to talk Aud to get into her head to keep Becky safe. 



After that group Shelli and Clay holding court with Jeff and James.





5:30am Da and Jason talking. Jason is upset to lose Da on a personal and game level. Da wants the strong people to stay and those here for instagram followers and those who were cast via tinder to leave. Da thinks the jury will be bitter. Jason says they are built out of Marshmallows. Da asking for Kathy Griffin to help her out.


Basic chit-chat with everyone talking about everyone until 8:45am