Quick review: John is expected to use the Veto to save himself today. In the wee hours of the morning, Shelli finally told Meg she will be the replacement to make sure Da’Vonne is evicted and she handles it like a champ. Everyone but Jason is on board with evicting Da’Vonne. Will that change after the Veto meeting? Will the ‘Last Laugh’ shake things up?

9:45 AM

The wake-up call has everyone up and moving. Jason looks on as Meg opts for the hot tub over the cold showers this morning.

We learn through Da'Vonne their wake up song was Happy by Pharrel.

When Clay is called to the Diary Room, Meg jokes to others in the back yard, "Congratulations!  You are HoH this week. How does it feel?"

Da’Vonne tells Jason she wanted to trust John, but she figured out he threw the Battle of the Block by how he was dragging but was blazing during the Veto competition.

12:30 PM
Feeds return from the Veto meeting and it is confirmed that John used the Veto to save himself and Meg is the replacement nominee.

Da’Vonne gives Steve some friendly advice and warns not everybody that says they have his back really do. The only ones she trusts are Jason and Steve. She also realizes if the Last Laugh twist doesn’t save her she will be evicted this week.

Meanwhile Vanessa’s current concern is to figure out who leaves cooked egg on the floor. It drives her nuts.

It doesn’t take long for Steve to report back to Shelli about his conversation with Da’Vonne. He assures Shelli he is still voting out Da’Vonne.

3:00 PM
Meg joins Shelli and Jeff in the HOH room. Jeff says he would put up Austin and Audrey if he won HOH and wonders how tight Vanessa and Audrey are. Shelli offers up that Vanessa says she doesn't talk game with Audrey. Shelli likes Becky, but Jeff warns that Becky isn't someone they can keep around for too long because she's a competition threat. Shelli wonders why everyone is so against Steve. Jeff says it's because he's so smart.

Elsewhere we also hear Austin tell Vanessa that James is his number one target.

Da’Vonne shares a revelation to Jason in the Have Not room. She notes changes in Liz's face, saying one day it's thin and then it's fuller. James is there napping and ‘wakes up’ to ask what they're talking about. Jason says a conspiracy theory about twins and they go back to napping.

3:30 PM - Outside lockdown.

Da’Vonne and Jason camp out on the couches with a watchful eye on Liz as she heads out to the hammock. Da’Vonne continues pointing out differences to Jason with James and Meg supposedly sleeping in the couches right across to them. Among other things, Da’Vonne notes one twin is friendlier than the other, one looks like a cartoon character, the other doesn’t and the coup de gras, Liz didn’t recall throwing a pillow. Jason helps with a couple observations too; some days Liz is friendlier to him than others and she didn't remember a conversation they had had. He also recalls Season 5 they had other people who had twins just like this season.

Da’Vonne contemplates keeping it to herself for now because it might be key to saving herself. But she also says she will ask about it in the Diary Room.

We are briefly interrupted by Clay and Shelli having some alone time. Clay wants to get more in depth than just flirting. He worries, “…I’m just over here catching feelings and you are here playing me”. This leads to some banter and ends with them cuddling.

Back to Da’Vonne and Jason trying to come up with a way to be sure Liz is the twin twist. Others are now stirring in the area so twin talk stops. But when Liz comes over, Da’Vonne asks to see her sunglasses. She’s clearly more interested in looking at Liz’s face than the sunglasses (While an unfortunate camera angle makes it appear Jackie is interested in the other end).

Liz appears a little nervous about the encounter and may be getting self-conscious about being discovered.

6:30 PM
Feeds had been cut for nearly an hour and a half for the Last Laugh twist. When they return the first thing we see is Liz is on the couch with her hat tilted over most of her face sitting next to Da’Vonne.

It takes some time but we begin to piece together the Last Laugh. We already knew to be on the lookout for the 7th call. The houseguests had to come up with an order to answering the phone.  They each received an insult message from Kathy Griffin when they answered the phone. They were informed the winner would get to nullify three votes. Shelly gave us the first major clue when she went to the memory wall and pointed out the order. Da’Vonne was 7th but there was some confusion if Meg was counted or not.

There is lots of speculation inside the house who got the Last Laugh. The prevailing wisdom is that it won’t make a difference though with everyone except Jason voting out Da’Vonne.

We learn along with Vanessa that Steve has never had sex, but has thought about it (I know the feeling Steve… I know the feeling).

Da’Vonne does make a feeble attempt to get Vanessa to vote to keep her, though shortly after she is more concerned with trying to trip up Liz by asking what character she was doing last night. Liz didn’t come up with an answer before Jackie chimed in with ‘the drunk one’. Liz laughed and said, “Oh yeah”, then went inside.

There was a conversation with Shelli where Clay revealed he wanted to "hit the button" to get the 7th call but then Da’Vonne stole it from him. He thinks she only wanted it because he wanted it.

Becky shows Jason how to do a facial with egg whites.

8:30 PM
Da’Vonne tells Jason something in her gut told her to take the 7th call. (I’m imagining a Diary Room Session asking if her daughter is 7, was she born on the 7th, does she have 7 fingers… stuff like that). Jason informed Da’Vonne he told Liz she looked skinnier than she did yesterday.

Vanessa and Steve form a duo called SOS (Students of Sound) using conductor hand motions as their special gesture.

Jason fills in James on the details of why Liz is the twin twist.

Jason then tells Meg about Liz too.
Jason reports to Da’Vonne he told Meg.

10:00 PM
Feeds are blocked for about 10 minutes. When they return we see beach towels and beach balls all around. Not sure why at this point.

Austin and Audrey have a short chat where we learn that Kaysar was Austin’s favorite. We learn Audrey's message from Kathy Griffin was "All stars is not calling."

Jackie and Jeff meet up in the HOH still unsure who got the phone call and power to cancel 3 votes.

Jeff is going to avoid Liz because Austin gives him a strange look whenever he's with her.
Jackie wants to discuss who they don't want in jury house. Jeff offers up Audrey, Austin, Steve then Vanessa and then Liz.
Jeff says he doesn't know if Johnny Mac actually knows he's here.
Jeff thinks either Clay or Shelli from their group would be voted out first.
Jeff says Meg is the most well-liked person in the house and would win in Final 2.
Jeff thinks Austin, Steve and Vanessa would vote against him and doesn't want to align with them

Da’Vonne seems assured she is still leaving and gives James and Jason a pep talk to carry on.

The Podcast (Jeff and Austin’s show) preparations are underway. Jeff refers to it as the 4th and final show. The show goes on with Meg as their ‘guest’. Everyone but Jason and Da’Vonne are there.

2:50 AM
Da’Vonne and Jason get serious about devising a strategy for her to stay.

She asked John if he still wants to work with her. He did and promised her his vote. But, he went right upstairs and told Clay, Shelli and Jeff about it and he is NOT voting to save her. Da’Vonne approached Steve. He basically blew her off saying he didn’t have his head in a place to talk game right now.
Next Da’vonne approached Vanessa but others came in the room before she could get anywhere.

A little later Vanessa asks Liz if she noticed that Austin doesn't like it when other men show Liz attention. Liz said YES but didn't know if it was real until now that Vanessa noticed it too. Liz never thought of him that way because he has a girlfriend.

Da’Vonne, Jason and Jeff have another round about Liz being a twin twist. This time there is more of a negative tone about it referring to one as thick, fat and Thick'ems.

Jeff heads to the HOH and tells Clay and Shelli about the twins. They are very excited and pile on with a few observations of their own.  They try to devise ways to expose Liz like marking her with nail polish while she sleeps.

Most of the house gathers at the memory wall to examine Liz’s picture in every way imaginable. Jeff comments Liz is going to wonder why there's fingerprints all over her picture.

5:00 AM
During a break in the action, Clay and Shelli go up to bed. He doesn’t have underwear on so Shelli gets him a pair of her shorts. Shelli, "Are you seriously wearing my shorts?!" Clay, "They fit like underwear." They laugh about and get into bed.

Downstairs, Da’Vonne comments that the Diary Room could not confirm the twin twist but encouraged her to talk about it in the house. Not long after there is a gathering again and they want to do a group Diary Room session to say they figured out the twist. Feeds are cut at that point.

When feeds return there are various conversations going on about the twins. This continues until the house goes quiet just before 6:00 AM.

Will they confront Liz about the twin twist? Will it shake anything up? Can Da’Vonne and Jason get it together and form a new alliance that saves her? Or will the Last Laugh be Last Call for Da’Vonne?

Thanks to all the Updaters for keeping us up to date!