Inside the Furball Chapter Five


Maya Catgelou

While the houseguests slept I moved my laptop from under the stairs to under the sink. Someone put a giraffe almost on top of me so I had to hide again. The giraffe was cool, she’s here to get a job with Toys R Us Girls. Figures it’s time the girls stuff was highlighted in the ads for a change. Everybody has some kind of agenda here – except me. I don’t want to model or have a talk show or be someone’s spokescat.

I moved quickly and found myself behind a big box of Brillo pads under the kitchen sink.  Oh…and I made some new friends. These friends that have a history with the Big Brother house that Jason and Steve would envy.  The stories they tell!! They stay at the house year round like they’re on vacation and come out in game mode in June. They have this whole spy system to keep track of what the houseguests are doing at any time.

One group, dedicated to the HOH room detailed the romance between teeth and abs *their nicknames not mine*. They go outside and sit around the couches there and come back with the funniest stuff….those that come back that is. It’s the second most dangerous place for them to hide. The first most is the recon group that goes out to the trash can to scavenge for food. A lot of those guys just don’t come back.

The ants told me that theres some chick in the house who’s not the same all every day. My first thought was Audrey. She’s totally two faced. But no, they said twins..there are twins playing. I told the ants to plant some info for DaVonne so she doesn’t go home but Da is too much of a blabbermouth to use the info wisely. These people drive me nuts!

Maybe the next HOH will be better and finally get out Atomic Audrey. But for now, I need to get home. I’m sure my master has MISSING CAT photos all over the neighborhood.

But before I go I need to award my Furball of the Week. This award goes to Clay. Gonna put it in his hair – that do is terrible. Looks like a rats nest. But the ants tell me that no one looks at his hair with his shirt off.

I’ll report from the comfort of my catbed next. Until then, stay crazy!