Big Brother Update July 10, 2015

Vanessa Rules, Party like Gronk and James bombs

The houseguest were woken up at 8:45 am. Nominations screen was up and they all knew they would be soon.

Vanessa talked to John and asked him to throw the BOB competition. John acted hesitant but agreed. (I don’t know if this super fan understands that being on the block and throwing competitions will send you out the door)

9:30 am The Freaks and Geeks alliance is formed, it consists of Vanessa, Austin, Steve, Liz and Julia

9:38 am – Vanessa sent Austin to tell James he was going up as a pawn and that everyone going up is a pawn , meanwhile Vanessa tells Audrey that only pawns were going up so they could back door someone (Jeff) but they were not going to back door her.

10:10 am – We are delighted to get highlights for the nomination ceremony

11:50 am  The feeds come back on, we see that nominations are: Austin- Meg and Jason and Vanessa nominated James and John, all told they were pawns Austin’s target is Jeff and Vanessa’s target is James

Meg called out Austin saying the same people always go up and they could have put up Clay and Shelli if everyone was pawns. Jason complained that there are people sleeping their way to jury. Meg said the BOB is useless that people just tell one group to throw it so they can control the HOH that week. Jason said you put the kid up that didn’t go to college and the kid who weighs 9 pounds and expect us to win BOB. Meg said she is bad at puzzles and Jason chimes in and said watch it will be some puzzle that has to be completed while I carry you around.

Austin wants to get Jeff out because he wants Austin out so he can jump on Liz.

2:55 pm – Again we get highlights on the feeds so the BOB is started – Shelli is hosting the competition (of course she is)

6:42 pm – Feeds return and we see that Meg and Jason won the BOB so that dethroned Austin leaving Vanessa as HOH and James and John on the block

Vanessa was talking to John and said that James did so badly at this competition she thought he was throwing it. John said he did not have to do anything James was so bad. The competition was a maze with bubbles and rescuing people and fabric and things.

Apparently while the feeds were down the houseguests got alcohol and some got a bit wasted. Guess they partied with Gronk! Gronk loves to party!

10:20 pm – Becky and Vanessa in HN room whispering, Becky told her she does not talk game with Jackie, she then told her the boys think They control everything. She said Shelli had one plan and then she talked to the boys and it changed. Vanessa said Johnny is trying to throw every comp even the one that he was partnered with Becky. She said it was her instinct but no proof. Becky said Jeff went to Austin today and said Becky needs to go up. That is why Jackie won't talk game to me. Becky said how often they see strong women. Becky said they found her on Instagram and said they need strong women. She is boring but a good strong girl and production needed her.

Vanessa told Steve she wants James gone this week that it would be better for her game but she wants the house to think that she wants Audrey to go.

2:31 am Jeff and James told Clay they were thinking of axing Jason from their alliance that Jason will go after him and Shelli.

3:20 am – Austin went into the HOH and Vanessa woke up, he started taking to her about Liz and how irritated he was with her because she let Jeff sleep in the same bed and he said he does not think she is trying to hide the twin thing anymore that she is just talking to everyone about it. Meanwhile downstairs Liz and Jeff are flirting with each other in bed

At 3:50 am All were in bed talking non sense but speculating on the day to come! Who will win the power of VETO? Will Vanessa get to send James packing or will the house win and send Audrey packing? Will Jeff get sent packing? Will anyone even care who goes? What does Gronk have in store for these houseguests? Will the week be a party or will the party breakdown and cause an uproar? Only time will tell thanks updaters!