Highlights : Gronk's Party Calls in full swing

Jeff's game circling the bowl

Truth of Dare the quick BB version


11:20am - A Gronk wake up call. Everyone to the backyard for a conga line led by Lizia

11:45am – James and Jackie talking. Jackie telling James that Van doesn't want to be the one to put up Audrey due to her backstory and Van being a "cause person" and part of that community. Jackie telling James she tried to explain to Van she isn't sending her home she's simply putting her on the block. The people voting are the ones sending her home.


But then Jeff happened. James looks upset even though he is probably safe now.


11:45am – Vanessa doing a million mile an hour recap to Lizia in the HOH room (Austin is laying in the HOH bed chiming in periodically) updating her regarding the callout of Jeff last night.


Last night Jeff was called out for targetting Austin, saying Shelli can't be trusted and throwing James under the bus. Vanessa is saying she was probably putting Audrey up as the renom (even though she had told everyone she wasn't putting up Audrey and had been looking for a reason to put Jeff) but now she has a reason to put up Jeff and she's running with it at full speed.


11:56am – Johnnie Mac eating yogurt and staring at the memory wall. Johnny finished breakfast and is walking around.










Austin, Lizia and Van still in the HOH. The rest of houseguests aren't up and about.


12:08pm – Steve in the HOH now. Van and Austin retelling the story of last night that she just told Lizia. Vanessa telling Steve she thinks people are opportunistically blaming things on Audrey when she didn't do anything wrong. She continues to try to find any reason to give Audrey a pass blaming her behavior on other people's exaggerations and lies. Steve tells Van and Aud that he had walked in on a heated exchange with Jeff and Jason. Van says: Yeah they are on bad terms now. Jeff threw everyone's name as a renom last night. Steve pacing and in shock that Jeff tried to pin the start of an alliance on the HOH who still has to do a renom.


12:14pm – Johnnie Mac sitting outside alone.


12:45pm – Steve telling the Jeff story to Johnnie Mac. Tells Johnnie Mac to use the veto on himself and that he has to quit going up. One time it's going to backfire on him.


1:18pm - Gronk time! HGs in the living room, making up costums and dancingin the LR to no music

1:33pm – Gronk time over


2:37pm – Jeff's final plea to Vanessa to not be the renom. Admits he's lied apologizes repeatedly.





An afternoon of various people telling various versions of Vanessa vs. Jeff in the bathroom last night and what Jeff has been saying to who.

Shelli says Jeff is trying to split up Clay/Shelli

Audrey says only Becky and James are still targeting her. It appears everyone else feels like Vanessa and doesn't want to be "that person" to send Audrey home.

4:04pm –Gronk Time! Pool party

4:10pm – Gronk Time! Party over

4:35pm – Jeff and Austin in hammock room. Jeff asking Austin for advice and would he talk to Vanessa to try and get Audrey as the renom. Austin says he will but not now everything is still raw.



6:00pm – Jeff goes to bed. Audrey talking to him about Karma. Audrey throwing out names trying to get Jeff to give names. Jeff's not taking the bait. Audrey saying she'd throw him a vote but it won't matter.




6:10pm – Vanessa and Shelli in HOH. Vanessa, the truth slayer, denying that Steve knows about the twins (he does Vanessa told him yesterday.) Shelli thinks he knows.




7:14pm – Vanessa retelling the Jeff story to Johnny Mac. Then at 8pm she tells Becky the story repeating she is a champion for human rights and can't get rid of Audrey cause she doesn't know know that Audrey lied.


10:40pm – Audrey and Meg trying to talk about the earlier lie / misunderstanding and calling a truce.





10:55pm – GAME TIME Truth or Dare - feeds had some trouble even flashback today had issues so I was only able to grab a couple of screen caps. Thank you to the updaters for the list of dares.

They have 5 minutes to think of ideas for the game

Audrey – I dare you to throw a glass of water in Jeff's face

Clay – Meg I dare you to put on my sparkle shorts

Production – Clay put on your pants

Clay – James dare you to eat a banana in one bite. James tries but spits it out

James – Dares Jeff to jump around w/steve and giggle like school girls

Jeff – Dares Austin to lick the bottom of clay's boot

Austin – Dares Jason to give Clay a lapdance

Jason – Dares Jackie to give Austin a lapdance. It was quick but effective. Austin and Jackie both embarrassed

Jackie – Dares Meg to eat a spoonful of blue cheese

Liz – Dares Johnny Mac to wear the cat hat and let her paint whiskers on him for the night

Johnny Mac – Dares Vanessa to awkwardly juggle for 2 min without anyone saying anything

Vanessa – Dares Steve to chug two raw eggs in a shot. He passes it's not safe.

Becky – Dares Liz to kiss anyone. Becky decides on kissing the cat, who is Johnny Mac

Vanessa – Dares Steve to dress up and belly dance

Audrey – Dares Shelli to do her crazy laugh for 30 seconds. It doesn't work out

Vanessa – Dares becky to act like a crazy dinosaur

vanessa – Dares Audrey to lick a spoonful of cool whip off someone's belly button

Audrey – Picks Lizia to lick the cool whip

vanessa – Dares Shelli to eat chocolate syrup

11:47pm – GAME OVER


2:15am – GRONK TIME : Party in the living room

 Becky was in the shower and not sure if she made it on time. She might be a have not now.


Vanessa practices her renom speech.

Jason outside when the sun comes up smoking and going over events by day.

Finally all of the HG's are in bed about 5am monday morning.