Quick review: John, for the second week in a row, is expected to use the Veto to save himself today. Vanessa has been working hard to explain why James has been exonerated and give everyone a REASON that she will put up Jeff instead of Audrey as the replacement nominee. Will Vanessa follow though?

9:00 AM
As soon as we see the houseguests are up there is an inside lock down.

10:30 AM
After a short feed outage, we learn there was a competition in the back yard and Meg won a Cruise with Gronk and his family. We later learn that winning was a complete luck of the draw.  

1:00 PM
Feeds were out an hour for the Veto meeting. It was confirmed quickly that Jeff replaced John on the block

Immediately John is up in the HOH letting Vanessa know he will be voting to keep Jeff. Vanessa understands and wouldn’t ask him or Jackie to vote against Jeff. She does go through all the reasons she can think of to change his mind though.

Clay and Shelli are alone in the Have Not room before visitors appear one by one. First up, Meg tries to make a case to keep Jeff, but says she's voting with the house. She suggests they meet up in a couple days to decide the vote.
Next, Becky stops by and says she isn't going to solidify her vote. She wants to wait the four days and decide.
Finally Jackie stops by to say she's not going to try to persuade them about their vote but requests they take their time and talk about it.
Audrey pops in while Jackie is with them and apologizes before backing out.

Elsewhere John tells Jason he will vote for Jeff to stay because Jeff has had his back.

A little later Jeff and Austin head out to the hammock. Jeff advises that keeping him protects Austin.

2:45 PM
Jason and Austin have a chat out back. They (mostly Jason) wonder if there is more to Jeff and Jackie's relationship than what they are telling the house, like will they get a million if they make it to the end.

Up in the HOH, Audrey is with Vanessa, Shelli and Clay. Audrey’s bus is in overdrive. When Vanessa leaves she even tries to plant seeds of distrust about Vanessa. In the WTF moment of the day, Audrey actually says if she is HOH, “Important to me is getting out the person that is making stuff up.” (I’d like to request this makes the show punctuated with a cartoon spring sound.)
When Clay shares a little too much, he gets a look from Shelli.

                       'Don't feed the Audrey!'

Later Austin hits John with a laundry list of Jeff's wrongdoings. John says he's been convinced to vote for Jeff to stay, but he keeps hearing more stuff.

Vanessa finally gets Audrey out of the HOH with a questionable remark that the Diary Room wants her to check in. Just as Audrey leaves, Becky shows up. She makes the observation she has not been to the Diary Room since before Da’Vonne went home, “I’m not even on the show!”

5:50 PM
Julia and Liz have swapped again. Liz heads right up to the HOH and starts munching on goodies.
Austin joins not long after and reports his earlier conversation with John.

Meanwhile downstairs, Jeff is sure that Clay, Shelli or Jason blew up his game.

Later Liz and Austin head out to the hammock. Liz wonders if they should tell Becky she's a twin. Austin doesn’t like that idea.

8:00 PM

Jason goes into great detail about how Jokers Updates works.  He would guess that Steve, Audrey and Da’Vonne are at the top of the House Guest ratings. He figures people might find him annoying and explains watching the house and living in the house are very different.

Vanessa lets it be known they get alcohol tonight if they agree to do a drinking game to entertain the live feed viewers.

Later, Austin and Liz are with Vanessa going over the vote count. Austin wants to get a one-week deal from James. Vanessa wants reassurance that Austin and Liz won't vote for Jeff to stay. Liz wants to win HOH really bad so all the cockroaches will come up to talk to her. Austin thinks Jason is not going after him and Vanessa but is gunning for Shelli and Clay for taking out Da’Vonne. Vanessa wonders if Jeff is a twin and that's why he doesn't remember a conversation from last night. Austin shoots that down noting Jeff has a major chipped tooth that can't be faked. Liz comments they have to be in the house an equal amount of time and that would explain why they are switching more often now.

11:00 PM

They do receive alcohol. While chilling the warm beer, they prepare to play drinking games. They play several rounds of cup-related games before moving on to some dares:
James licked whip cream off Austin’s chest.
Clay licked something out of Jeff’s arm pit.
Jeff dressed in a toilet paper diaper.
Becky sucked mayonnaise off Steve's Toe.  

Later, Austin and Liz discuss confirming the twins to Becky and John. Seems Austin is more agreeable to it now.  

1:00 AM
Vanessa announces she's planned a "date night" tomorrow evening for alcohol. Steve made a rose out of aluminum foil and gave it to Jackie to ask her to be his date.

He gets a bit nervous when he learns that the night must end with a couple French kissing. He also notes that Liz and Julia are flirting with him and he is adamant that he just can't have a showmance, “It would put a target on me” (He’s such a romantic). Attention then shifts to Shelli and Clay getting pressured to kiss tomorrow to ‘take one for the team’.

2:30 AM
Audrey and Vanessa have an extended chat in the HOH starting with a possible final two deal. Vanessa says they would be stupid to go to the end with Clay and Shelli and Austin and Liz. Vanessa thinks it would be a great story if Audrey, Vanessa, and Jason worked together. Audrey says Jason is holding a grudge because of Da’Vonne and would never work with her. Other options would be Meg or Liz. Vanessa tells Audrey there's never been a female Chilltown. It could be them. Audrey explains her initial alliance with Shelli and Clay was a shield. They don't understand why Shelli and Clay are making their relationship so obvious.
Next, Liz joins them not sure where to sleep because Austin got mad at her last time. Vanessa advises her to decide if she likes Austin or doesn't. Liz loves his personality but she doesn't like the long hair or long beard and he has a girlfriend (ahh, that pesky girlfriend thing).
Audrey disappears and Austin arrives. Vanessa questions him and Liz if they would rather work with Steve and another person or Shelli and Clay. They both chose Steve and another person because Shelli and Clay have their own agenda. They trust Shelli more than Clay.

3:30 AM

It’s just Vanessa and Audrey in the HOH again. Vanessa questions if the fight with Da’Vonne was fake. She also questions Audrey about Jason saying she voted to keep Da’Vonne. Audrey says the fight was real, but doesn’t admit she was the other vote.

Meanwhile Jeff is outside with Jason and Becky. He is stressing about Clay’s vote. He feels like Clay gave him a goodbye speech today. They note that Steve is a one way street of information. Jason observes that Vanessa is playing unafraid. He also thinks she is holding grudges and he can’t trust her.
Jeff remarks it would be damaging to his game to even ask Audrey for a vote. Becky thinks Audrey is trying to get on her good side. Jeff advises she stay away.  Jeff feels bad his leaving will hurt Jackie’s game. He’ll share an abundance of information with her before he leaves. He also decides if he stays he will adopt Becky, Jackie and John’s style of game play and shut his mouth.  Jeff also observed the twins switched today. He likes the twin that's in the house now. They note the weirdness of Austin’s jealously when it comes to Liz. They head to bed and the house goes quiet around 5:30 AM.

Jeff knows he is the target, but will he be amazing with his race to be saved or will James be successful with his quiet game play and stay camouflaged for the week? Will the ‘date night’ bring out the booze and who will be kissing at the end of the night?

It was a bumpy day of feed watching for a lot of us. Thanks to the Updaters for sticking it out!