Noms, BOB and speculations!


The house guests were woken up at 8:15 this morning knowing that nominations would be later that morning.

Of course the HOH room was very busy trying to figure out who to put up and who to backdoor.  The power side of the house only have so many options,

Austin and Liz wan tot backdoor Becky while Shelly wants Jason to be the target.

The nomination ceremony took place from 9:49 – 11:22 am. Once the feeds return we see that Shelli nominated John and Jason while Liz nominated Jackie and James

Shelli was talking to John and telling him she was not asking him to throw the BOB tonight, that he can do what he wants. John said he was asked last week to throw the BOB but he didn’t have to because James was so bad all he had to do was watch James hang the team. Shelli then told him he was good on votes she made sure before she put him up as a pawn.

Jason feels Jeff and Audrey have been dragging his name through the mud. He said he did not regret the good bye message he left for Jeff now.

Meanwhile, Shelli corners Audrey and tells her that she told Jason what she said about him coming after her and Clay, Audrey then starts to back pedal and deny ever saying it (this is her MO- Lie about someone then when cornered deny it). Shelli was getting very angry at Audrey and her back pedaling. Audrey changes the tone and tells Shelli that they need James and Johnny Mac on their side.

1:30 pm Liz got called to DR and then Julia emerged. Austin filled Julia in on things that are going on and she told him that she will be there till Monday after the VETO ceremony. Austin tells her that their (his and Liz’s) target is Becky or Jackie while Shelli’s target is Jason or Becky. Austin said that Shelli will put up Audrey is she pisses her off. (Shelli is lacking sleep and very short tempered).

5:20 pm BOB competition starts at 7:05 pm the feeds returned and James and Jackie won the BOB competition dethroning Liz leaving Jason and John on the block.

Clay, Shelli and James were talking in the HOH room, James tells them that Audrey said it was stupid to work with a couple because they would only take each other to F2. This upsets Shelli (everything seems to upset Shelli today) and she said that is fine she is going up. Clay talks her off the cliff and tells her to wait till after VETO. Vanessa comes up and to the HOH room and Shelli retells the conversation she had with James,

Uneventful night, people showered, slept and ate.

About 1:00 am Clay told Shelli she should cut a deal with Jason and backdoor Audrey.

Jason talked to Shelli and Clay and told them they were not her targets, he was gunning for Steve (who he believes is playing Dan G game), Audrey (For obvious reasons) and Austin (who twists his words). Clay made it clear that they don’t want to be known as a power couple, and wants to squash anyone saying it. Jason feels no one will be loyal to him. Shelli tells him he is strategic and she would like to work with him. She said she does not like liars and drama queens. Jason said he does not initiate things, and conversations. He said if he is up there on Thursday he would leave. Shelli said she had a panic attack this morning when she had to make her nominations in an hour. She told Jason that she would work with him in the future, that she likes how he works. Jason kept telling them he needs to come off the block or he will be out. Clay and Shelli thanks him for talking to them and tells him to talk to people and see where they are at. Jason said he wants to make Jury. Jason again talked about the twins and how unfair it was for them to make the jury.

Meanwhile, Steve is in the storage room talking to himself saying he needs to stop Audrey talking 24/7 and he needs to win VETO. He needs to get Audrey out.

Clay told Shelli he believed Jason and feels he will be loyal to them. Before they can talk more Audrey interrupts.

Shelli again tries to tell her reason for putting people up. James interrupts and they tell him to let them talk and he can talk after.

Audrey starts talking about Vanessa and Shelli said she is being paranoid. Austin and Liz told Jackie she was a pawn. Audrey kept talking in circles, she talks about one person then changes mid conversation talking about someone else. Audrey talks about not trusting Steve. Audrey said she wants Jason to go home, and wants her to put up Meg so Jason goes home if someone takes Johnny Mac down. Shelli said she does not want John to go home. Shelli asks her what she would do if Jason takes himself off the block. Audrey said she wants nominations want to stay the same. Audrey said she had a dream that she was fighting with Shelli in her dream, that Becky was in it and Shelli was screaming at her and crying,. Really this dream needs interpretation from a professional she is so all over the place. Audrey said if she is picked and wins VETO she will keep nominations the same.  Shelli finally said she feels good and sends Audrey away.

Audrey leaves James enters. James said he had some interesting news, he said that Audrey told him that Austin told Jackie she was the pawn, and so he was the target. James was confused he did not know what he did to piss off Austin and Liz. Shelli explained that Liz talked to her and told her she was definitely putting up Jackie and James the pawn so she has a backdoor option. James made it clear that he is sick of being a pawn. If he goes up again he will go after whoever he puts up. Shelli left to go to DR.

3:55 am - Steve went again into the storage room to practice what he would say if he gets to play in and win the POV. He rehearses telling Jason that he wants to make a deal with him if he uses the veto on him and saves him this week. He then goes on to run thru telling Shelli that he wants to use the veto because he really wants Audrey backdoored. He also works out how he would tell John that he has to shadow Audrey's every move until eviction day to make sure she can't talk alone with anyone and campaign to save herself. He practices how he would say he is using the POV during the ceremony on Jason.

After she is gone James and Clay talk about how Audrey lies. How he hates liars. How James has to stay on her good side. Clay thinks she is unpredictable. Audrey came back to HOH room with milk and starts eating Oreos. Both change the subject and start talking about other things Clay just crawls into bed, takes off his shorts like he is going to bed trying to get rid of James and Audrey. Being in an alliance with Audrey is a lot of work. James kept talking saying he ate his mom’s hormone pills and his Mom had to hide her pills, He then said his Mom told him he used to eat cat litter too. He said he was a weird kid. Audrey said her pills make her emotional and she forgets about the feeds when she is crying. James then asked her if she always had pouting lips. James said she had nice lips that if you making out with her, her bottom lip would be good to nibble on. Audrey then asked them if a girl has ever tried to check their oil… Clay said nothing has ever gone up there, while James said he had a girl once tell him she wanted him to backdoor her … then we got fish. She then checked his oil with her finger with multiple motions in 2.5 minutes. Clay asked if he would do it again; he said he would but he did not enjoy it - but it felt like he had to shi#! James said he would do everything; he is a freak! Audrey asks Clay what the weirdest thing he has done. James then describes vagina discharge (very graphic) and compares it to the stuff that is discharged from his ass) * James then told again the story about how his friend had peed in a Gatorade container, and he accidentally drank it. Audrey and James finally left the HOH room.

Audrey and James go to the lounge where Audrey said she wants to play, and win POV and get Shelli’s trust by not using it. James said he did not want to play and have to choose what to do. James said he wants to win HOH and shake the house because he has been nominated so many times.

Everyone in bed by 5:22 am

Who will win POV tomorrow? Will Jason be safe? Will Johnny Mac win another VETO? Who will be the replacement? Will Shelli get some sleep and stop being so grumpy? Will Austin’s game be blown up? Only tomorrow will tell! Thanks updaters you’re the best.