Quick review: Following a Clay/Audrey dust up (among others), Shelli led a house meeting yesterday with everyone but Audrey present. The purpose was to get a consensus to have the Veto used so that Audrey could be nominated and evicted. Unclear how Audrey found out, but she spent the remainder of the day hibernating in bed or in the Diary Room. Oh and Austin explained coming into the house he and his girlfriend had basically decided to take this time to pursue other options and… he figures it’s now over. What possible lunacy could happen today?

Feed watchers are noticing the feeds appear to be about 26 minutes behind. We are told it is a technical problem with the clock, but the feeds are actually current.

10:00 AM
The house guests have received the wake-up call and are moving about.

Vanessa pulls John aside to explain she has no choice, it’s Shelli’s HoH and she has to save Jason with the Veto. She assures him he’s 100% safe. He is understanding and they hug it out. (Can’t wait to see his Diary Room on this one).

Audrey has been shown hunkered down in her bed. She is called to the Diary Room, but it is unclear if she actually responds before others are called.

Meanwhile outside, Jason tells John he won’t put him up if he wins HoH. John notes that Audrey hasn't talked to him since the Battle of the Block.

11:15 AM
Vanessa is called to the Diary Room followed by feeds going to Fish and we anticipate the Veto meeting.
Fifteen minutes later we learn there was a sound issue and the meeting has not occurred.
Take two: Vanessa call to the Diary Room followed by Fish again for 20 minutes.
Nope! Still no Veto meeting.

We begin to get an indication the delay is no longer a sound issue, but rather a soundness issue (of Audrey). We hear Jason whispering about Audrey and a 'Chemical imbalance', then feeds switch to another conversation. It seems Big Brother is treating Audrey but blocks any conversations related to this.

According to Meg, we learn Audrey has gone to the Diary Room. Liz mentions Vanessa was told to wait regarding the Veto Meeting.

Elsewhere Becky tells James and Vanessa she got on Big Brother via Tinder.

Feeds switch to Shelli saying, "Yeah they told me they'd rather do this sooner than later." And she is admonished with the by the Big Brother voice, "You are not allowed to talk about production."

1:00 PM
There is a growing feeling among the house guests that Audrey is faking or possibly trying to quit. They are annoyed she is acting this way. They spend the next couple hour moving from room to room or just going back to sleep...

Jason and Vanessa talk on the patio. Referring to last night, Vanessa said Audrey was having ringing in her ears, hallucinations and something like a psychotropic moment. She was shaking non-stop, trembling in bed.
Vanessa tells Jason that no matter what happens she is going to go through with their deal.

3:15 PM
Audrey is still in the Diary Room.

Austin discusses the twins with John. He tells John, “I don't care if [Jeff] goes for the other one, just not the twin I like.”

Steve and Julia have a back forth. When Julia says, "That’s really annoying", Steve responds, "Like your face?" Julia says, "I'm going to cry in a bush now" and Steve tells her, "Okay Rachel".  

Steve gives a shout out about his twitter, stevemoses314. He will be in touch with fans after the show. Julia gives an endorsement to “Follow him!”

4:15 PM
After five-plus hours Audrey is finally shown walking out of the Diary Room and goes straight to her Have Not room bed without saying a word. The hibernation continues. Everyone looks at each other in confusion and the feeds go to Fish for about 10 minutes.

Feeds return with Vanessa reporting to Shelli that Audrey seemed very stable and wasn’t crying. When she continues that Big Brother medicated Audrey, we go to Fish again

5:45 PM
Feeds were out an hour and when they return, Audrey was seen briefly in her bed with the lights out.
We learn quickly the Veto meeting took place without Audrey in attendance.

We hear Meg and Liz promise John he has their votes.

Shelli and Clay have a private chat. Seems Shelli is suspicious of Vanessa. Two weeks in a row someone has claimed Vanessa said something and Vanessa then claimed it was the other person that started the conversation. Also it was way too easy for Vanessa to lie during the house meeting.

Julia has left and Liz returned. We learn she had been stuck and her driver had to wait five hours in the car because Audrey was in the Diary Room. Austin coaches her on how to do the Backstreet Boys dance. (FYI, the Backstreet Boys tweeted earlier today: Hey Jason, Liz & John.. we're definitely fans of your moves! #whackstreetboys @CBSBigBrother #BB17)

Later when Becky goes to the Have-Not room, we can see Audrey is still there asleep.   

8:30 PM
Liz, Jason and John had to do the dance again. They ended with the Jason lift. Austin could be seen semi-coaching Liz from the sidelines. A little later we hear Austin say he wants to be nominated with Liz so they will bond.

When Steve falls asleep outside, James takes the opportunity for revenge and pours honey in Steve's open mouth (earlier Steve poured honey on James in the shower). Steve is slow to realize what’s going on and says 'Well Done!' while still in a honey faced stupor.

Meg and Jason confirm to each other that Austin knows about the twins since they saw him helping Liz.

Liz asks Clay if he knew they switched and he laughs, "No".

A little later Steve tells Liz and Austin that Jason knows they switched today. He also indicates Jackie and James aren’t sure it’s real but have been told there are twins. Liz thinks there is only one more week for the twist, but Austin and Steve correct her that there are two more weeks.

9:30 PM
Clay and Shelli take in some private time on the hammock.  Clay actually suggests that if the next HoH isn't someone on their side, they should remind them that splitting up the couple before jury would be sad hoping they would take pity on them. Shelli lets him know, "I don't think this cast would care."

Meanwhile Vanessa tells Steve they have to be careful about being seen together; Audrey is already suspicious of them and told others.  Steve reports he has been building relationships. When asked, he also reports Jackie might come after Vanessa for Jeff because she might believe the Jeff blow up was a set up.

When Austin does hand stands in the backyard others want to join in. James, Meg and Liz give it a shot.

Meg confirms to Jackie that the twins switched today.

A little later Jason, Liz and John teach a whole crew their dance routine. Synchronization does not seem to be an issue…

While that was going on, James was setting up fake people in the beds back in the Comic Room. When Clay and Austin catch him, they are happy to help out.

11:45 PM
Austin tells Liz about his Judas persona. When he wears his top hat he is Judas. Liz is laughing along. Jason helps them come up with a showmance name throwing out Lustin or Listin. They settle on Austiz. Austiz eventually move out to the hammock for a private chat and strategize about striking deals before the next HoH.

2:00 AM
John, Jason, Jackie and Becky decide Austin would be a good target for next week.
They then do battle with the ant infestation in the bathroom.

3:09 AM
Big Brother commands another performance from Jason, John, and Liz.

When things quiet down, Jason and Jackie chat out back that Vanessa, Austin or Liz need to go next week, but they can’t put up Vanessa because of the agreements this week. Jackie thinks Austin is trying to pull her over to his side of house, but she’s not buying it. They are not sure if Shelli and Clay are with them, but think they are getting closer and trust them. Jason is called to the Diary Room so Jackie heads to bed. When Jason emerges, he heads out back and quizzes himself out loud about house events. He eventually heads to bed too and the house goes quiet just after 4:30 AM.

Other than a trip or two to the Diary Room, Audrey shows no signs of life all evening. Will she recover from her funk? Will she make it to the Eviction ceremony? Or is this all part of an elaborate, perhaps desperate plan to keep her in the house?

It looks like the midnight feed reset has fixed the feed clock. We got our 26 minutes back. Thanks to the Updaters for another fine job keeping us informed!