Clay/Audrey fight in the by w/Austin looking on

Audrey/Clay/Shelli/Van fight in the HOH

HOH meeting with everyone but Audrey to make sure the "house" is on board with voting Audrey out so Shelli can take no responsibility whatsoever

Shelli promised the entire house during the HOH room meeting that they are safe for the rest of the game .. um ok


11am - Time to wake up but so far just a few HG's are awake. Austin doing yoga. Clay and John talking about Audrey manipulating people

12:57pm - Clay vs. Audrey in the by. Clay telling Audrey she's paranoid, overthinks and needs to turn off. She says she needs to be on the same pills as everyone else and that she isn't paranoid this week. An argument ensues. Audrey telling Clay she doesn't trust Shelli. They go round and round for about an hour


1:16pm - Van in HOH telling Shelli to bd Audrey. Van wants to use the veto on Jason. She thinks no one will vote out Johnnie Mac so that's safer.

1:49pm - Clay breaks the 4min mile to get to Shelli before Audrey to tell her what just happened in the by. Audrey tries to come in but Clay won't let her so she waits at the chessboard.

1:56pm - They let Audrey in the HOH room to vent. Vanessa tells her she's given her so many chances. Clay speaks for all that Shelli has done for her while Shelli looks on under her sunglasses. They are getting loud enough for everyone downstairs to hear.

Clay leaves and comes back then leaves again. 

2:49pm - Van leaves and wishes her well in life but she's basically dead to her in the game. Van and Clay go in the backyard to calm down and talk for a bit.

Shelli is alone with Audrey and tells her she can't talk about this anymore but would talk later if she wanted too but Audrey keeps talking.

4:00'ish Audrey leaves HOH and heads to James to try and work a new plan. Tells him that Van, Shelli, Clay and Austin are in an alliance. She was the 5th member but was just booted and if she stays she can help him. She wants James to tell Shelli and Clay that Jason is coming for them. She's trying to get Shelli to tell Van not to use the veto on Jason.

5:30PM - James is upset that he was put up twice and is believing Audrey about the alliance. He tells Clay and Meg what Aud said. Meg asks him "would you care if Liz went home?" He doesn't care if she did. It doesn't mean there's a big alliance. Meg doesn't believe there is one but if there is she doesn't care. She thinks the big alliance will get her further than Audrey.

6:36pm - Vanessa starts there is no big alliance tour with James. Clay/Jason/Meg/Austin taking about a house meeting with everyone but Audrey.

7:16pm - Becky telling Jason that there is both fact and fiction in Audrey's statements and you have to figure out which is which. They are joking about how many alliances she has alleged and how many they have been part of but they are part of this 6 (now 5.)

 7:26pm Jackie telling Steve, Jason and Becky that Audrey told her the fight with Jeff was staged but she's not sure. Steve joking that his strategy for talking with Audrey is to talk really loud so everyone hears everything and she can't twist it. 

Johnny jokingly says his F2 alliance w/Audrey is called two-to-the-morgue.

8:05pm - HOH meeting Group 1 with Shelli, Clay, James, Jason and Meg. Shelli wanted small groups in the HOH to talk about Audrey. James spills everything Audrey told him earlier in the day.  They deny the alliance and say it was old and basically they were pulled into a room by Audrey at 5am and that it wasn't real.

Shelli wants to make sure people will vote out Audrey if she's the renom and that no one will hold Shelli responsible for actually making a decision.

8:39pm - Everyone but Audrey is in HOH. The small group idea didn't work out. Shelli goes into her opening monologue again that she isn't putting up Audrey, the house is and her spin on the 5 person alliance. Then hands it over to James who says he's not working with Audrey.  

They warn each other that when her backs against the wall as the renom, she might make up some really ugly rumours and people need to be aware.

Vanessa says the Jeff fight was real. She's real doesn't lie. (ed: except for when she's lying of course. This is big brother after all.)

They kumbaya about how the game should be fun and good memories. 

Vanessa and Shelli get very heated. Vanessa says she won't be making any long term alliances.

It ends about an hour later with Vanessa and Shelli asking that people not be mean to Audrey.

People in little groups downstairs talking about Audrey.

9:38pm - Whackstreet Boys

11:00pm - Charades in the LR (Audrey hasn't been seen on camera since 8pm ish when the first group went into the HOH. She's been in the DR.)


12:18am - Vanessa asking Audrey if she's ok and she says she is and goes to the HN chair. 

1:14am - Jason and James talking about how they can now trust Clay and will put up Austin vs Steve with Steve being the target.

2:32am - Pep talks for Audrey with Van, James and Jason.

Jason and Steve talk in the backyard until about 6am. Mostly about Jason's perception of Steve and that he needs to sleep and not be everywhere.