Big Brother Recap July 24, 2015

Operation Oust Austin Underway, Twins Safe After BOB Competition Shlay Worried

8:30 am – The houseguests were woken up and nominations were to happen soon.

9:42 - 11:00 am - Feeds were down once they returned we see the following nominations took place

Jackie nominated Liz(Julia)/James while Vanessa nominated Clay and Becky

We see Jackie telling Julia (who is in the house at this time) that she is not the target that they have the votes to keep her

Shelli then comes in and both Jackie and Vanessa assure her that Clay was not the target. Shelli then said that Austin is going around saying Clay should be the target.

James came into the HOH room and confirms with them that he should throw the BOB competition. They all said yes, they said they will do everything to keep him safe. Vanessa then said she would hate to stay HOH all week and Shelli said she would hate to have Clay on the block all week too. They said that they will use the VETO to take James down and put up Austin next to Liz.

Very lazy afternoon, everyone either took a nap or just laid around doing nothing. Johnny Mac did talk to himself about the game and he believes they should get the twins out before Austin

Austin also told Vanessa that he does not feel good and has not felt good since he “casted” all the bad spirits out of Audrey’s cloak.    Vanessa did not respond just said she had to use the bathroom and took off away from him.

3:05 pm - Liz was called to the DR and Austin said YES (Julia trading out for Liz). Austin then went in the bathroom, let his hair out of his ponytail and returned to the LR to sit on the couch and wait for Liz to come back in the house.

3:28 pm - Liz emerges from the DR and is met by Austin and a big hug. They walk into the bathroom and Austin said they were going to do the BOB competition in like 20 minutes. Austin then started to tell her how James through the HOH competition and Clay walked in the bathroom. Austin then started to rub her stomach and tell her the back door option was there for Steve and for her not to worry. Austin then tells her that James is going to try to win the BOB competition taking her off the block. Austin then said that he told Vanessa that if there is any chance that she (Liz) will go home then to put him up. He then said he is 100% sure Steve is America’s player and so sick of him.

Austin then told Liz that he told Jason Julia’s name and Jason said he did not like Julia and wanted her out (lie). Liz started saying she is mad a Jackie for being put up. Austin keeps telling her that Steve is being back doored and she has nothing to worry about. He then told her that he saved her by giving Audrey a vote because everyone thinks it was Steve and wants him out. Liz asked him if Steve knows and he said no idea and for her not to tell him either. He said that Jackie put up two people that put her up. They then go into the cheese room

Here Austin tells her that they all like her and not Julia and Julia will be voted off first.

4:00 pm - The final performance of the Wackstreet boys takes place

4:51 pm the BOB competition begins

Feeds come back at 6:54 pm and we quickly figure out that Meg hosted the competition that Jackie has been dethroned which means that Vanessa is still HOH and Clay and Becky are still on the block. Vanessa’s plan to be dethroned, get Austin out and have no blood on her hand was foiled. The competition had something to do with spelling former houseguests names. Also, the winners plus the winning HOH get to go to a steak dinner.

Vanessa chatted with Shelli in the HOH room and asked her to keep Austin distracted so she could talk to Liz and tell her about back dooring Austin. Vanessa then said she wants to keep the back door option quiet till after VETO incase Austin gets to play. Vanessa said Austin knows a lot about our game so we can’t say anything until after VETO to see if he wins it. She assured both Clay and Shelli she will keep Clay safe. Shelli leaves and Jackie comes in and said she did not know how that happened. That both Becky and Clay are smart. That it was obvious that James was throwing the competition. Vanessa is worried that James, Jason and Meg will change their minds and not vote out Austin. Austin will be so mad and this week will be difficult for her.

Jason and Meg enter HOH and reassure Vanessa that they want Austin up and out. They decide that they won’t say anything till after VETO. That they will vote Vanessa’s way because everyone wants him out. They agree that Liz did that whole competition herself, that Clay and Becky spelt Jacosta and Christine wrong.

Liz and Austin talk about the competition, she said she did not want it to get back to her that she said James threw the competition. She also said she was so happy to have won it. She thinks Vanessa did not want to be HOH this week. Austin said no she wanted to. He told her that Clay was on their side and that if he gets to play in VETO he would take down Clay. Liz is worries that Clay is not loyal to them but Austin said he is.  

Johnny Mac and Becky talk VETO. Becky I nervous Johnny Mac responds in his natural way… Hey you survived a train wreck you will survive a VETO. It is only a VETO

3:01 am – Steve has a brief conversation with the camera:

He apologizes for comments he made about the BOTB competition.
He apologizes for telling Shelli what Becky said, and throwing people under the bus. He thinks Vanessa was keeping him out of the loop this week to protect him. He thinks James was supposed to throw the competition and the twins were supposed to go home this week.  Under his breath, he went over the veto ceremony speech as though he had wo
n it and was using it on Clay (mentions returning favors).  He just wants a human hug.

Steve says he's not cut out for this game and wouldn't return for an All-Stars. 

He is upset about a comment Jason made earlier about him eavesdropping on conversations, and he thought he had fixed that and didn't know he hadn't until Jason said that. Jason said that the camera’s give them more privacy than Steve does.

Steve went into the bathroom and Liz was there he asked her for a hug, she gave him a hug.

3:37 am - All seem to be quiet and sleeping in the big brother house.


Who will win that power of VETO? Will Vanessa actually get Austin out? Will she get Steve out? Who will throw the POV competition? Only tomorrow will tell thanks updaters for helping out!