Explosive Nominations and Meltdowns in the Compound


6:30 am The Houseguests were woken up for the day.

James takes Meg aside in the bathroom and tells her he thinks he is putting up Shelli and Clay today. He said: "Why use pawns? let’s just put up two targets." He then said he was pretty set on his decision. He then told Meg that Audrey said right before she left no to trust Clay and Shelli. He said that Shelli and Clay feel safe they think he is putting up Austin and Steve. He then said he hopes they don’t interrupt his nomination speech. Meg said they were not allowed to and she has his back. Meg said she fought for Jason and she would fight for him too, that this was their chance. James said Shelli and Clay will be distraught. Meg said Shelli will cry. James said be ready, it will be intense in this house and Shelli will be crying.


7:30 am Steve goes up to HOH to talk to James. He asks him what his goal was this week. James said to make it to jury. Steve asked what he really wants to do and James said he worked real hard for this HOH and he did not want to waste it. He wanted it to count. Steve asked if he was going to get out a huge threat, James said yes. Steve asked him if he needed him for anything and James asked him what people are saying about him. He said the house has split. Steve asked anything else, he said just keep your eyes and ears open that he will be going after a heavy hitter. Steve asked if he was going up and James said no.

11:30 am Most were still in bed, all got up changed batteries, some ate cereal and all went back to bed.

12:18 pm Vanessa once again asks Clay if he threw her under the bus to James, he again said no.

Vanessa then went into the kitchen and asked who is going to volunteer to be a have not this week… Julia said the Austwins. (Austin and the twins)

Johnny Mac came into the HOH and asked him if they needed to talk. James said no he was not putting him up, he could vote the way he wants but if was to win POV please do as he asks.

12:30 pm we get FISH and once they return we see Austin, Liz and Julia are have nots this week and the food they get to eat is Lollypops. (LollySlops) 

We also see Austin in HOH with James and James telling him he is a heavy hitter. That is one of the nominees was to come down that he or one of the twins would go up. He said Vanessa will not be considered because she might be leaving.(???) Austin said if you need me to play VETO I will play and leave nominations the same.

Vanessa then walks into the HOH room. Vanessa wanted to do some back peddling by telling James that the earlier conversation she had with him was not about Clay and Shelli and she has a feeling he is going to put them up because of that conversation. He said it was not because of that conversation that he was putting them up. She said "oh I see what you’re doing, it is a game move," and that she would support him. She then said for him to do what he needs to do. Vanessa then left and James told Austin that Shelli and Clay threw the twins under the bus last night but he did not buy it because they have not done anything to him. James said he has to do what is good for his game right now.

2:00 pm Meg has a discussion with Shelli and Clay in the HN room. She said she can’t grasp why they turned on Jason. They said they were working with him and his friends then just turned on him. Shelli said everyone loved Jason. Not really giving a reason on why she turned on him.

Vanessa talked to Johnny Mac and asked his opinion, she said she considers him a friend and she is stuck on what to do. She said it looks like Shelli and Clay are going on the block and she wants to know if she should give them a heads up. She proceeded to tell him last week with Jason she threw her under the bus to Jason saying she never wanted him up even though she agreed to it. Johnny said he did not know that happened and if it did he would not feel obligated to give them a heads up this week.

Johnny Mac then sees Clay and tells him that James is going to throw a small or big pebble at a power couple.

At 2:48 pm the feeds went to FISH for the nomination ceremony and at 3:50 pm they came back to Shelli crying in the have not room and we hear Shelli and Clay are up. After nominations Clay said something and lost his cool. He then called James a piece of shit.

Meanwhile Liz and Austin are talking to Meg and she said she wants to come clean and tell them that shit will fly around here and never have she said bad things about them. Liz said same on their end.

Shelli and Vanessa talk and Shelli tells her that she protects Austin more than her and Clay and the 6th sense is over. Vanessa gets upset and yells that is they want to fight she will and storms out.

Shelli is blaming Austin for throwing them under the bus, blaming Vanessa for not protecting them and throwing them under the bus, she then said Vanessa should never have told James that they were part of blindsiding Jason.  Clay said all they can do is try to backdoor Austin. Clay said if he wins VETO he will use it on Shelli.

Shelli went outside and everyone shut up. She asked James if they could talk. Shelli leads in by telling James they made a deal and he went back on that deal and that is something she never would do, Clay said he lied to Meg about Jason because it was not the right time to tell her (guess no time was.) James said that Jeff told him that he had a F3 deal with Clay and Shelli too.  James goes on and tells them they have gone back on every deal they have made with him and he always had their back. He then said Jason was part of their group and they could have voted to save him but chose not to. Clay tried saying their word was good as gold. He then said Jason was not all our decision 100%.  Shelli pipes in saying that they have not betrayed him at all. She said they should be working together. Shelli said now you are splitting us up before jury. She then threatens him by saying if one of them goes home he is out a jury vote and he said oh just like Jason who was a vote for you but you sent home. Clay said this is why they are not in any alliances (another lie). Shelli asks if there was any way if they win POV that they could stay in the game, together. James said they would have to ask the house,. His job is done. James leaves. They talk and Shelli said she gave him this HOH. She never should have done it. Shelli said that Vanessa has to stay on their side. She will help them and they need to trust her.

She then said she was going to be sick so she was going to lay down, that she did not want to be in this house without him and she did not want to be in jury without him.

James went into the bedroom and told Becky (who is their little rat,) Meg, and Jackie what was said and told them to not use VETO if they win it. James leaves goes in other bedroom and Steve corners him and said that the house is blowing up. That he went for the jugular by nominating them both. James said tense week but hard part is over.

Jackie talks to Johnny Mac and said I know you trust them but look what they have done to others that trusted them,

Jackie comes into the room and Steve asks how they tell the twins apart, He said he can’t tell them apart.

Shelli talks to Vanessa and Austin in the bathroom, she said because we saved you we are now in this position (blaming someone else.)  Shelli starts crying and says she does not want Clay to go home. Vanessa trying to talk her off the ledge. Telling her it is only a few weeks etc.

Clay corners Meg and told her Jason blindside was not all their fault. Meg said Vanessa would not have done it without your OK. He then said that they should send him home instead of Shelli and Meg said when we get there we can discuss it Meg said you both have reasons to stay and Clay said I am telling you right now I go home first.  

6:28 pm Johnny Mac and Steve briefly talk and Steve said to him that they are doing pretty good staying away from each other that no one suspects they are in an alliance together.

Meg, James and Jackie talk and Meg can’t believe that Clay would give up the VETO for Shelli.  She kept saying does he know what he is doing, she is 10 years older than him etc. Jackie said that Shelli keeps saying that they won’t make jury, well neither did Jason or Jeff. Meg said it drives her nuts because Shelli thinks she is so much more important than Jason or Jeff. James called Clay a hero.

Steve and Vanessa chat and Steve said he would rather send Becky home this week and keep the big target in the house. Vanessa immediately goes to Clay and Shelli and tells them she has a plan all they have to do is convince James to put up Becky as the replacement nominee. Then she went to Austin and the twins and said she has a good plan it is just forming. That she might be able to save Clay and Shelli.

6:58 pm Johnny Mac and Becky tell Clay that Vanessa is not on their side. She is ratting everything out to Clay and even told them about James telling everyone outside their twin names and that is why the twins are pissed.  While this is happening Liz is talking to James telling him that he has her and her sisters vote and it would probably be better to get out Shelli this week. James said that Shelli is his target and if she comes down with VETO then Clay leaves. No backdoor this week.

Vanessa talks to Shelli and Clay and tells them that they have to win VETO and take one down, then they can back door someone else. She said that they have to get in Austin's head before James does. That they have to remain intact as an alliance. She then left to talk to Austin. Austin told her that he told James he would do whatever he wanted this week, that they have to get through the week and see how things are next week. He then said it would be stupid for him to use the VETO since Liz would be the replacement nominee. Vanessa said that using the VETO on one of them would be a huge risk. Vanessa said that Austin and she should make a deal with James to keep him safe and not include Meg or Jackie. Austin wants to wait till after POV to make the deal. Vanessa leaves Austin and heads to the HOH room

There she tells James, Becky, Meg and Jackie that Shelli and Clay really pissed her off for throwing her under the bus during the nomination ceremony. She acts real upset and the girls try to console her. Jackie said the nomination ceremony was awkward. Austin joins the group and James tells him to grab a beer.

Midnight the houseguests play charades. All got along and had fun.

Vanessa and Shelli have some heated words. Shelli said she does not feel Vanessa has her back. Vanessa said she is upset because they threw her under the bus. She is pissed that they saved Becky and she is playing both sides, they have to make James realize that Becky is playing both sides.  She leaves to get sleep for VETO

By 4:30 am all houseguests were sleeping


Who will win POV, can Vanessa get into James’s head and make him put Becky up as replacement. Can Shelli live without Clay? Will Clay try to win VETO and if he does win will he use it on Shelli? Only tomorrow can tell! Thanks updaters.