Quick review: James has the Veto. Shelli and Clay went into overdrive last night to convince him to take one of them off the block.  James was dug in against using the Veto and did not waver until early this morning when Clay and Shelli sold out Austin and his Judas persona. But, by bed time James was nearly certain he would not use the Veto and Shelli would be the target. Veto comp punishments were also completed yesterday; Shelli won 2,400 battles in 24 hours and Vanessa finished polishing Jackie’s suit of armor. Oh and Austin continues his attempts to polish Liz’s body parts with no signs of stopping anytime soon.      

9:50 AM
Big Brother has awakened the Houseguests.
James informs Clay that using the Veto "is still a toss-up, man."

Next James let John know in so many words that he will not be using the Veto, telling John he wanted info from [Shelli and Clay] before he made noms.

Austin fills Liz in that Shelli and Clay were ticked off because Austin wasn’t campaigning harder for them.  Liz eventually tells Austin she wants Shelli out and doesn't trust her.

Meanwhile Clay and Shelli ask Meg why their conversation from last night was told to Austin. They believe Meg didn’t do it and figure that it must have been James. (They are basing all this off a look they got from Austin).

A little later everyone has assembled outside except for Vanessa strategizing with Shelli and Clay how to handle things if the Veto is or isn’t used. Vanessa suggests coming clean with Austin before James lets him know they sold him out.

Feeds were out for just 37 minutes for the Veto meeting. It is immediately obvious the Veto was not used. Clay and Shelli are in bed; Shelli is crying hard and saying, "We have 4 days left. Let's just make them good. I'm going to miss you so much. While they go through some woulda coulda shoulda, we see Vanessa has been in the room in another bed not saying anything.

Meanwhile in the Comic bedroom, Steve is checking on James. He knows James had a stressful couple days. James mentions he didn't plan his POV speech and indicated there was a sort of blow-up at the Veto meeting. When James asks, Steve tells him Clay and Shelli were the ones trying to get James on the block.

Next we see Austin and the twins discussing they don't trust Clay or Shelli. They are loyal to Steve and don't want to go after him. They want to talk to Vanessa and James to decide which way to vote this week.  They want to protect Vanessa and throw out John as a possible target.

Vanessa joins, upset that Shelli and Clay blew up their game but warns not to make an enemy out of them because they know too much. She throws out the possibility of working with James going forward.

In the Hammock Room, John tells Becky he promised Clay he would vote to keep Shelli.

1:00 PM
The twins and Austin still don’t know exactly what was said yet but they are done with Clay and Shelli.

Later in the Have Not room, Shelli wants to know if Austin is mad about the things she told James. Vanessa says he’s not. Shelli makes a point she did NOT tell James about their alliance. Vanessa advises Shelli not to campaign for herself because it will make her look terrible. Vanessa will campaign on her behalf.

Next Vanessa is seen with Austin and the twins trying to calm them down. Julia apologizes to Austin for telling Vanessa about Judas and the hinky vote.

Not long after Shelli explains to Austin and the twins why she told James the things she did. Liz tells Shelli that she and Julia will vote to keep Shelli despite James wanting them to vote her out.

Then we see Vanessa telling Steve she will vote to evict Clay but would like to hear his thoughts. Steve thinks Shelli is more of a threat, “but I'm a fan of keeping bigger shields around.” They figure it will be a 5-4 vote. Vanessa informs Steve that Shelli tried to get Austin back doored. Steve’s response, “Oh so, it wasn't me.” Vanessa advises Steve try really hard to get HoH. Things are getting hairy and there is only so much she can do.

Next up, James informs Meg that Steve knew all about the plan to backdoor Jason from Clay and Shelli. James has no regrets for what he has done now.

4:30 PM
Austin and Liz are out on the double lounger. Austin wants to put up whoever is left of Clay or Shelli if he wins HOH next week. He is grateful to James and Meg for not putting him up this week. Liz is not happy that Shelli made a deal instead of staying on the ledge during HoH. Austin mentions a song lyric tattoo he has to keep covered.

A rotating crew of houseguests assembles on the backyard couches. Lots of general chit chat sprinkled with occasional game talk. Becky has a theory that America has a key and we get to vote at the end. Julie will insert the key for us. Big Brother makes the announcement, "House guests; remember to enjoy yourself today. These are the good old days!" They wonder if that means a Double Eviction Thursday.
James, Meg, Jackie and Becky compare notes about recent house goings on while John sits silently taking it all in.

James and Austin break away from the larger group and chat. James explains he believed in Clay and Shelli, but they lost his trust in them. Austin explains that Judas is his wrestling character and has nothing to do with the game.

7:00 PM
When John heads over to Austin and Liz on the hammock, they tell him about Shelli and Clay trying to get Austin put up. After John leaves, they quiz each other on house events.

Clay meets up with Vanessa in the Bathroom. He thinks it's all going to be floaters at the end now that they're taking out the strong players. He complains that the twins have no loyalty and gravitate to the power. He hasn’t talked to Austin yet and wonders if Vanessa has. She says, "He's pissed". Clay responds, "Well, so are we! … he's of no value to me".
When the twins appear, Clay leaves. Vanessa is excited to report that Clay thinks it’s unanimous for him to stay. She pieces it together like he set Shelli up to take the fall.

Back outside in a silly scientific conversation with John, Steve says, "If Becky had a pH it'd be 10... Because she's basic."

Meanwhile out on the hammock, Clay tells Shelly, "We saved the wrong person, Austin." They wonder why Vanessa is protecting Austin and Steve.

Elsewhere Austin and twins question why Clay hasn't apologized to them yet. Maybe he didn't do anything and it was all Vanessa.

Becky, Meg and Jackie have a strategy meeting in the Bathroom, unaware things are changing direction.

10:00 PM
Not long after Austin is with Vanessa. She mentions the vote being a blind-side. Austin confirms he and the twins will vote to keep Shelli and will tell James. Why make it a blind-side. They have the numbers and James can do what he wants. Vanessa does a 180 and says he 1000% right.
Vanessa tries guiding Austin on the upcoming week. Put up Shelly and Steve. Austin prefers Shelli and Jackie. Vanessa explains they will tell people they want Shelli out but really plan to back door someone else. When Austin complains that Shelli apologized but Clay didn't, Vanessa says Shelli doesn't want Clay to know we talked and have a deal. Austin is shocked, "That showmance didn't last long!"

Austin chats with Jackie in the bathroom. He is tired of being thrown under the bus and being called a liar by Shelli and Clay. Jackie piles on by telling him all she knew about what they said to save themselves last night.

Next, Austin goes to the Have Not room to chat with Shelli. He gives her a heads up he is telling everyone that Shelli just made all of the ‘Judas’ stuff up.  She'll go along with it. He let her know that he and the twins are voting Clay out even though James want's Shelli out. Shelli explains that Clay really is bummed out. It's not a strategy.

Vanessa, Austin and the twins meet up again. Steve joins them and they convince him that keeping Shelli is the way to go this week.

A praying mantis appeared and called a house meeting. Everyone is very excited.

When things calm down, James and Jackie figure if Austin wears his top hat during the vote, they will know he is making a hinky vote. Jackie passes along that Meg wants to hide the top hat so Austin can't become Judas.

1:00 AM
James and Jackie continue chatting. We learn they still think Shelli is the one leaving this week. They’ll take out Clay and Vanessa next.

Later Steve joins James at pool. He questions James on how Shelli and Clay were targeting him. James explains they wanted Steve to go up. When that wasn’t getting them anywhere, they switched to wanting Austin up.

James thinks Jason got what he deserved because he revealed the twins. Steve was ok with Jason going because he trashed talked him a lot.
James thinks he is mending the house split with his actions this week.
Steve mentions Meg is a good kisser and she made a deal to kiss him if he won HoH.
Before leaving Steve alone, James passes along that Clay leaving is better because Clay will crumble without Shelli in the house.  

Steve talks to himself, “James knows I'm trying to play both sides. If I win, I'm putting up Shelli and Becky.” He then studies dates and the order of the Gronk parties.

2:30 AM
Shelli and Clay are out on the hammock with Steve standing beside them chatting about current and past showmances.

A little later Becky, Shelli, Steve and Clay meet in the Kitchen and sort nuts. Appropriately they wear the squirrel hats while they do it.

4:00 AM
After Becky leaves, Clay want to make sure Steve knows that Clay wasn’t throwing him under the bus last night.  Steve presses how Clay would know that Steve had heard that. Clay declines to divulge.

Alone again, Steve confirms he's totally down with the plan to save Shelli. His #1 target is Becky. She is saying too much stuff about him. Now he finally wants to win HoH. He heads inside and the house goes quiet at 4:30 AM.

Will the ‘save Shelli’ plan work? Will they tell James and the others before the live vote? Or will things go a different direction a time or two… or eight? And will the Judas hat ever be seen again?

Thanks to the Updaters for all they do!