Big Brother Daily Recap August 7, 2015

It’s all about that VETO that VETO, It’s all about VETO


9:06 am House guests get the wakeup call.  Up to 11:07 am there was no game talk, houseguests just doing their morning routine and Austin and Liz tried to kill the ants on the counter.  At 11:53 am Vanessa had a conversation with Julia and told her that Becky was hostile the night before toward her. That she was a BITCH. That she would not take a deal with her.

12:10 pm The feeds go to FISH when they return we see that Meg, James and Jackie (volunteered) are Have nots and the food they can eat is sloppy joe pies

Julia and Liz talked in the bathroom and said that they need to win VETO so the nominations stay the same. That they don’t want either of them going on the block. Then they talked about how bad Austin was at the HOH competition that even Meg did better than him.

2:15 pm  Once again we get FISH on the feeds, when they return we hear that Steve and Shelli are nominated. Once the feeds return we see Shelli in HOH talking to Becky, Becky told her Steve volunteered to go up, Becky then told Shelli her plan to back door Vanessa.

We also see Steve in the hammock room alone freaking out…. He does not want Vanessa to go and he needs to find a way to protect her. Goes on and on saying has to pick Johnny mac for HG choice for VETO. That does not want to lose Vanessa but he will be OK he will be OK.

4:35 pm Vanessa woke Shelli up from her nap telling her she wants to get Johnny Mac on their side and she can do it now because she has proof Meg, James, Jackie and Becky are working together. She went on to tell her she only trusts Shelli no one else. She went on and on (in the classic Vanessa style saying Becky does not trust her and she does not know why, couldn’t be that she wanted James to put Becky up last week by using the VETO and taking down Shelli). Shelli said Becky chose her side and she can’t blame her meanwhile Vanessa just goes on and on and how loyal she is. She told her that Becky has to put up Johnny Mac and that is it. That if she picks houseguest choice for her to pick her and then throw when veto to her so that she can take her down and both of them will be safe.

Jackie thinks that watching Shelli and Vanessa battle it out on the block would be fun to watch so when she was talking to Meg they were trying to figure out who would take who off if they won the VETO and how to make this happen. Meanwhile Liz and Austin feel bad for Shelli because Clay is gone she is like a fifth wheel hanging around with others now. Austin said that Becky is not as much with them as Vanessa thinks and thinks she might want to get Vanessa out.

9:53 pm Becky tells James, Meg and Jackie that if she takes anyone down with the VETO it will be Shelli, she does not want Shelli mad going into a Double Elimination and does not care if Steve is mad during DE. Meg said that she does not think the twins will care if Vanessa leaves this week.

At 9:53 pm Jmac told Becky in the storage room that Vanessa was coming to him with some information and later tonight he will let her know what she said later.

11:35  pm Celebrity Charades was played by Vanessa, Shelli, Austin and the twins. Jackie joined in after the first round. Meanwhile Johnny Mac and Steve were playing chess.

12:00 am Jackie finally was able to take off the armor unitard costume

12:35 am Austin assured Vanessa that she is not going up that Becky would not break the deal he has with her because DE is coming up Vanessa said she wants to play VETO and win to take Shelli off forcing Becky to put up Johnny Mac. She then said Becky is   two faced and picks up a flip flop and said this is Becky.

Meanwhile Shelli was pumping Johnny Mac and asking him what he knows about a back door plan. Johnny Mac told her Vanessa is behind all the evictions so far. He also tells her that Vanessa wanted her to stay last week. Johnny Mac assures her that he will use the VETO on her if he wins it.

1:32 am Steve and Johnny Mac talk in the hammock room. Steve is excited to be the only super fan to make jury. Johnny Mac tells Steve to pick him for houseguest choice. He then tells him it will be either Vanessa or him (Johnny Mac) walking out the door this week. He asks him again to pick him for VETO and Steve asked if he would use it on him he said no he would use it on Shelli. Steve then asked if he really believes that Becky would put him (Jmac) up before Austwins and Johnny Mac said yes, he is one and putting up one of three leaves two behind if that one gets evicted. Johnny Mac said this is all the information do not tell anyone else. Jmac said he would throw the VETO to Steve, but he really wants the VETO so he can get blood on his hands. Johnny Mac leaves and Steve said to himself that his two closest allies hate each other. Steve then said Mom I need you for the first time in 52 days I do not know what to do: I need you mom! Steve then said to himself that he will pick Johnny Mac for VETO and he will throw it.

Vanessa and Shelli talk and Vanessa said the twins want to work with her and Shelli. She then said Becky told her that Austin and the twins trust her the most in the house. Shelli then goes on a rant about how James is wearing one of Clays shirts.

3:13 am All in bed and quiet


So may speculations about VETO floating around the house, Who will pick who for house guests choice tomorrow for VETO. Who will win VETO, and who will be the replacement nominee. Will Vanessa be targeted this week? Who will leave with her during the double elimination on Thursday? Only time will tell. Thanks Updaters!