Quick review: Steve is expected to use the Veto to save himself. Everyone but Vanessa, Austin and the twins are aware that Becky plans to put Vanessa up as the replacement and target for eviction. Everyone in the house is anxious about the fallout. Will it be fireworks or fizzle?      

9:15 AM
The house has come to life. Steve talks to himself, “I just don't like yelling. And there will be a lot of yelling today.”

Becky and John compare observations about how Vanessa gave Steve a lot of time and attention yesterday.

Becky gets Austin alone to let him know Vanessa is going up. Austin does not object other than to point out Vanessa will blow up Becky’s game. Becky expects it and informs Austin she has the votes she needs. Austin and the twins are free to vote as they see fit. She encourages him to act surprised at the Veto meeting.

Austin stops by the Have Not room and gets the same story from Meg. The votes are secure so Austin and the twins can vote however they want. They both worry about the aftermath of the Veto meeting.

Vanessa is seen getting something from the Have Not room and leaving. Meg thinks, "She knows." James has the better read, "She doesn't know. She has a FEELING, but she doesn't know."

Not long after Austin fills in Liz saying, "There's nothing we can do."

Around the same time Vanessa is seen telling Julia, “I think it's going to be me today.”  

11:00 AM – Veto Meeting
Feeds were out for 40 minutes and when they return it is confirmed Vanessa is on the block with Shelli. She also interrogates Shelli if she knew beforehand. Shelli is hurt and denies knowing, but also gets caught withholding information.

Meanwhile with Meg, John and Jackie in the Backyard, James plans to have his bag packed for Thursday because he knows Shelli will target him.

Elsewhere Vanessa continues trying to grasp the situation and she knows who is behind this… Steve! She thinks he wants to make sure John stays. She also thinks Austin and the twins knew by the way they were sitting outside before the meeting. She doesn't understand why they wouldn't tell her. Vanessa brings up how Becky was really on board with The Generals alliance. Shelli thinks it was because of Clay. As soon as he was gone Becky wanted nothing with it.

Then we see Becky talking to Austin and the twins explaining she couldn't tell them about the blindside.

James, Jackie and Meg have retired to the Have Not room for a pre-planned ‘close-up’ in the dental chairs; happy with how the day has gone so far.

When Austin and the twins leave the HoH they go find Vanessa and Shelli. They report Vanessa was always the target and they did not know beforehand because Becky was worried Vanessa would blow up. Vanessa vows she will not throw Shelli under the bus in her efforts to stay.
Everyone leaves Vanessa except for Julia. Vanessa says Shelli knew she was the target. Julia takes the opportunity to say, "I swear to God I had no idea!" (The only one telling the truth so far.) Vanessa thinks James is the only hope of her staying because Shelli is coming after James.

Next Austin advises Steve to, "Bite his tongue for rest of week”. Steve worries they have to win the next HOH or he will be nominated with Shelli.
When Steve is alone he says out loud he’s throwing the next HoH; "They'll go after Austwins and Shelli before they go after me."

Vanessa heads outside and finds Becky and asks about the Veto meeting; "Those were some harsh words.  I'd love it if you could explain." Vanessa asks why make a deal if she's not going to do it. Why make a pissed off jury member? After listening quietly, Becky sits up and says she will explain and be done with it (referring to the meeting where Jason was targeted), “You pointed your finger at me. I felt like my word was being forced from me. Not given." Becky gets up and walks away. Vanessa doesn’t move but continues talking after Becky. When this fails to bring her back she turns on the waterworks. Becky shrugs and goes inside.

Vanessa heads inside and mumbles as she passes a group in the Kitchen, "Never have I ever. She's not a nice person.” They ask her about it and she says, “[Becky] yells at me and runs inside!" as she continues back to the bedroom. Becky witnesses this, smiling from the balcony and heads back downstairs. The others note they heard Vanessa yelling, not Becky.

Still in a tizzy, Vanessa decides to go to the Have Not room and wants to speak with James. Meg and Jackie want her to calm down. She goes through her wounded animal rant again. Jackie explains the week Jason left wasn't good. Vanessa outs Becky’s involvement with The Generals alliance and that she was the leak of all the information. She leaves as she entered, still in a tizzy.

Jackie, James, and Meg have a lot of fun with "The Generals" as they try to guess who all was in that alliance. They adopt a plan that none of them are in a room alone with Vanessa. James wonders if Vanessa was telling the truth about Becky being the leak.
Becky joins them and she also wants to use the buddy plan for rest of week.
Austin and the twins join them too. They all figure Vanessa gave them so many good reasons to keep Shelli last week; they'll use them again this week.

Austin and Liz duck into the storage room to reevaluate their strategy since Becky has changed the plan. They want to keep tight with Shelli, saying Vanessa is gone for sure. Shelli joins and Austin tells her that they have her back and she has the votes to stay.

Liz relays the Austin/Shelli conversation to Julia. Julia worries if Vanessa would still be better for her game than Austin.

Vanessa is shown reading the bible in bed.  

2:30 PM
Shelli questions John where he is in the game. No one is talking game to him. He has a plan to put up the twins and backdoor Austin. Shelli lays out three groups: James/Jackie/Meg/Becky, Austin/Liz/Julia and Shelli/John/Steve. She says they need to pick a side. They run through possibilities.

Later Vanessa is seen crying to Shelli in the Bathroom just as Shelli is called to the Diary Room. Vanessa recounts her version of meeting with Becky. Shelli is supportive. Vanessa wants to make sure her allies stay together for her to have something to come back to (as a returning juror).

Been a rough afternoon, so the Goblins take a nap.  

Vanessa chats with Austin and Liz. She will check with Shelli to see if they can still work together.
After Vanessa leaves, Austin compares her behavior to Audrey’s and quoting the Bible like Jace.

Austin, Liz and Shelli observe that James, Jackie and Meg are attached at the hips now. They worry that Meg will be carried to the end without doing anything.

Meg, Jackie and James are in the Kitchen as Vanessa walks through. James says loudly, "That's a dumbass name. Who would name their group the Generals?"

Shelli and the twins try some bonding against common enemies. Talk shifts to James wearing Clay's shirt. Shelli, "He's doing it on PURPOSE! It's ticking me off!" They make plans to get it back. Shelli will wear it when she wins HoH and puts James up.

6:00 PM
Shelli and one of the twins run in, find the shirt and hide it. Shelly says, “It smells like James now!”. They make plans to retrieve two others later.

Everyone but Vanessa is out getting ready for Yoga with Austin. But wait… Up in the sky…

It IS a bird! A seagull to be exact. They are very excited to see life from the outside.

7:50 PM
Vanessa is crying to Austin in the Comic room. She’s been back there for hours and no one has come back there. She’s very hurt. Austin says he and the twins thought she was sleeping. When Austin reports this back to the others, Julia and Steve go back to check on her. She recounts her meeting with Becky again this time in addition to yelling, Becky’s voice was quaking. She’s also angry that not one single person gave her a hug (after the Veto meeting). 

She gives Steve a really hard time about knowing she was going up. He would not admit he did, only saying that he kinda figured it out last night.
When Vanessa is alone again she has a serious long cry.

Jackie to Becky, Meg, and John on the Backyard couches, "She's playing the victim right now." John says she does that all the time.
Shelli joins and Becky explains her meeting with Vanessa from earlier. She says she stayed very calm. She won't talk with Vanessa until there's another person present who can witness the conversation, so Vanessa can't twist it around.
Talk moves on to a running debate; is it ‘brass tax’ or ‘brass tacks’. Becky wants to hashtag it in her HoH tweet tomorrow. 


James realizes he is missing a hoodie from the Have Not room. He’s going to track it down.

9:00 PM
Vanessa is up wearing dark glasses and wandering around various rooms, but not speaking to anyone. Eventually she makes something to eat in the Kitchen with Austin and Liz there, but still not talking. She takes her food and hibernates back to the bedroom.

Elsewhere Jackie and Meg are running through all the strange deals Vanessa was making. Meg says, “She always tried to make me think I was playing the game wrong.” They worry about what it would be like to be in jury with just Vanessa and hope someone else goes before they do.

10:00 PM
Steve and Shelli have joined Vanessa at her bed. She starts crying again. She’s beating herself up over and over. Clay warned her not to trust Becky. She complains about how Becky went about explaining why she put her up.
She goes on about no one coming back to be with her for seven hours. When others were targeted, they had someone with them. Vanessa has no one. It mirrors how things have gone in her life. Shelli gives her a pep talk about how great jury will be.
Back to discussing Becky’s reasoning, Shelli recalls her saying something about the Austin thing. That maybe Vanessa turns on people. Vanessa responds, “I TURN ON PEOPLE, WHAT?! I wish she would tell me that!”
Vanessa questions them both on knowing she was going up again. They do not cop to it.
After some random chat, Steve wants to see “how I'm doing on Jokers”. He also gives a shout out to Evel Dick.

A little later Steve is with John comparing notes. They need to choose a side, either Austwins or Goblins before the double eviction.

Next up is Vanessa whispering to Julia not to count her out. She's going to fight and she has an idea.

There is a crew playing with the shark in the hot tub. Becky mentions more people dying from deer running in front of cars than sharks. Everyone helps her with blog suggestions.

Alone with Austin, Liz talks of putting up John and Jackie and then backdooring James. She doesn't want to put him up initially because he didn't put her up. They’ve noticed James trying to get close to Steve.

Jackie and Becky are whispering outside on the couch. Becky advised Shelli to keep her head down. Jackie informs Becky what Vanessa said when she was ranting about Becky earlier today.

1:30 AM
There is a series of attempts to scare each other between James, Julia and Liz. James wins by hiding in Julia’s bed. Julia thinks there’s a dead body in her bed and runs screaming from the room.  

Upstairs Becky warns Steve about how good Vanessa is at moving votes. And they now know Vanessa used similar tactics with them and Jackie making them think they could work with her.
Next Becky checks in with Shelli how things are going.

While at that very moment in the Have Not room James is with Meg and Jackie bringing up why they might want to vote out Shelli instead of Vanessa. Meg and Jackie agree it would be better for all their games except Becky’s if Vanessa stays. They know Becky will freak out but they will explain how Vanessa will be easier to get out next. They plan to talk with others to make sure they can get the vote to flip.

James finds himself in a conversation with Becky in the Kitchen. Becky tells him Austin and the twins will be loyal since she kept them off the block. James warns that the vote often flips with those three. Becky thinks Vanessa and Shelli would be harder to beat in the end than the others who act like they're in summer camp.

3:00 AM
Jackie and Meg are still in the Have Not room whispering about keeping Vanessa. Meg will kick herself if they let this chance go to get Shelli out. They think because Vanessa's down it will be easy to get her out next. They know Becky will be mad, but they will let her know why they are doing this and say they won't do it if she doesn't want them to. If she’s still not on board they’ll convince her after the fact.

Everyone has gone to bed so it’s time for Steve to walk the house by himself. Others are restless and Becky even gets up and joins him for a chat before they retire and the house goes restlessly quiet at 5:00 AM.

After all the plotting and planning, did the Goblins really decide to go the other way with the vote? Will Vanessa actually help or hurt their cause? Will Becky put a stop to it? Will Shellie find out before it’s too late? Will James find his missing shirt? All this and more on Biiiig Brother Live Feeds!

The Updaters had a fun day. Thanks for all the efforts!