Austwins control, Vanessa Paranoia and Johnny Macs Cookie Caper

The houseguests were woken up at 9:30 am. Most of the houseguests got up and went back to bed. Liz had a little panic attack over some ants, Johnny Mac helped her through it and then said he was going to head back to bed. He then asked her if there is anything she wanted to ask him, she said no he asked her to please not make him a have not if she was going to put him on the block. Liz replied that that was a great plea bargain. By 11:45 am and many calls from BB everyone was up for the day.

Austin and Liz talk and agree to talk to James this week and win him and Meg over. They also want to tell Johnny Mac that he is being a have not and going on the block because they have to cover up that they are working together.

Vanessa went to the HOH room to talk to Liz and Austin. First she wanted to know why Johnny Mac was acting all depressed.  They said because he will be a have not and he asked not to be. Vanessa said he is weird and does not how to play the game, he still will say that he wants to belong to a group and he means alliance. Vanessa then said that if James is the re nomination (after VETO) that they can tell him he is the pawn and that they have the votes and they can flip later if they want.

12:39 pm The feeds briefly go to FISH and when they return we learn that Liz has named Johnny Mac, Steve and Vanessa as have nots. They get to eat Pork slop which is pork chops and slop.

Becky then goes to the HOH room to talk to the Austwins, She tells them that she feels that all her cards have been exposed (her target of Vanessa) and that Vanessa is so manipulative that she can talk the masses into voting her out if she is nominated. Becky said that she will not tell James and Meg anything they discuss unless they are all in a group. She asks to not be a pawn and Austin said they have to talk to James and Meg and make sure they have the votes they need.

Meanwhile in the HN room Vanessa was pressing Johnny Mac into telling her what he discussed with Liz and Austin. He told her about trying not to be a have not if he was nominated. He asked if he was the target this week, she said no if he goes up he is the pawn.

JMac and Vanessa start to get into a tiff about the Clay/Shelli fight. Vanessa denied any doing in it and JMac said he will show her the tape when they leave.

James and Meg go to HOH and they make an alliance with Austin and the twins, they want to call it the Brass Tacks. Austin told them not to tell Becky anything, they agree because they found out last week that she was playing both sides of the house. Meg then said Vanessa threw the DE HOH because she had deals with everyone, Austin said he threw it too. Austin said Vanessa is meting down and Liz said she is going crazy. James said he does not know why Vanessa hates  him he got people to save her last week and he wants to save Becky too because they will go after each other. Austin said if Vanessa gets all cocky she could be the replacement nominee and Liz said she will not get in her head. Liz said that she is not going to let Vanessa control her HOH and Austin said Becky opened their eyes to a lot of the things she does last week. Liz then called Vanessa Audrey and said she even has the sunglasses and hat.

Of course Vanessa seeks out Steve and Johnny Mac and continues to tell them she did not tell them about the 8 person alliance waaa waaa waaa the way Vanessa does going on and on. She then offers to help Johnny Mac and he said no, he knows he is going up and that will be fine. She asks him to work with her, and keeps asking him if he is working with her and not to tell anyone. He agrees, then he tells her that he hates when she yells at people and cries she got up walked out the room saying she will not yell again.

2:00 pm We get feeds cut to Jeff interviews and the nomination ceremony happens. At 3:06 pm we see Johnny Mac and Becky are nominated, and Steve saying he can’t have his HOH basket because he is now a have not. Austin was saying that Johnny Mac was flipping out and glad he now went to sleep and he hopes he just lies down and not try for VETO and goes home. Meanwhile up in HOH Liz said Johnny Mac is her target and she wants Julia to keep being friends with him and get out of him what Vanessa and him talk about. Julia said she did not want Austin to influence her HOH that he thinks Johnny Mac is coming after him and so now he is the target.

Vanessa being Vanessa goes up to HOH and goes on and on about the Clay and Shelli fight and how she had nothing to do with it. Then said Johnny Mac won’t let it go and is blaming her. That he has a mood disorder. She said she is soo nice to him and he trashes her. She said she feels she has to be nice to him because she feels he will attack her in the middle of the night. Like seriously Vanessa???? She said he does not handle it with grace and class. Steve came in to the HOH room and Vanessa again goes on and on again about Johnny Mac. Steve stuck up for him and told them all he was fine, not flipping out and was sleeping in the Have not room. Vanessa still rages on saying he called her a bully. She continues and tells everyone the same thing over and over, then she actually said that Johnny Mac will not let it go…………… she is the one going on and on.

Steve leaves and talks to Meg and Johnny Mac and tells them Vanessa is freaking out and Steve said it is because he caught her in a lie. Johnny Mac said he needs to pick Austin for HG choice because if he picked James hey would put up Meg. That they were too scared to put up Vanessa. Steve tells him that Julia told him to tell him that he is not the target this week. Johnny Mac said he would still try for the VETO. Johnny Mac said whoever stays between him and Becky will go after Vanessa.

Once Vanessa finally shuts up and leaves, Liz told Austin that she is done with Vanessa   Austin told her that she knows too much about their game, and they are in too deep and they need someone else to take her out.

They find and talk to Johnny Mac, He explained how he caught her in a lie and couldn’t really tell them because he thought they would send him home because they are on Vanessa‘s side. He said everyone loves Vanessa… Liz said nooooooooooooo (in that annoying voice). He said that Vanessa tries to make deals with him, he agrees but he knows he will break them. Liz said she was glad to hear that. Austin said that they are in too deep to get Vanessa out this week. Liz said she hopes Johnny Mac wins Veto and said they are concerned about Becky saying she is aligned with James and Meg. Austin said that next week the whole house could want Vanessa out since she is caught in lies and all she ever said was how she never lies, that the house can get her out. They agreed that they need to leave her in the house as a shield.

At 6:08 pm JMac completely forgot he was a have not and ate a cookie, when asked about it by production he offered to vomit it up. His punishment for this is not known yet.

While Austin works out with Johnny Mac, James sits close by and eats his double vanilla ice cream.

Vanessa took this opportunity to go to the HOH since Austin would not be there and talk to Liz and Julia. She wants them to put up Meg and James over Johnny and Steve, she kept trying to put doubt in their mind and getting the focus onto Meg and James. She is so focused she just keeps saying the same thing. When she finally leaves the twins said they trust Johnny Mac 100% more than Vanessa. They said they want her out but someone else will have to do it. Liz does not want the veto used tomorrow she wants nominations to stay the same. She does not want to pick a replacement nomination.

The houseguests get along all night eat dinner together and play a few games. Steve did ask Liz and Austin if he could use the VETO on Johnny Mac they said no they want nominations to stay the same.

By 4:15 am a was quiet in the compound


Who will win the power of veto? Will it be used? Will Vanessa stop being so paranoid? Will Vanessa get a clue that everyone wants her out? Will Austwin actually do something and put Vanessa up as a replacement? Will anyone ever get Steve out? Only tomorrow will tell! Thanks Jokers updaters you’re the best on the web!