Quick review: Liz is the HoH and won the Veto. Becky and John are on the block and both think they are not the target this week. With the exception of some Vanessa fueled paranoia, the house has been festive and mostly stress free. Will this change after the Veto meeting today?      

10:00 AM
The house has come to life. James gives Meg a hard time about one of the wake-up songs being a reference to Grandma.

Becky tends to a loose toenail while Steve averts his eyes.

Just before the meeting we see Liz rehearsing her speech to Julia up in the HoH.
"This decision is especially difficult because we've had such a good time this week. The reason you both are on the block is strictly strategic. You both are two of the best competitors we've seen so far, and one of you is coming back from jury. For all of those reasons I've decided NOT to use the power of veto."

Noon – Veto Meeting
Feeds were out for 38 minutes and we see Liz back in the Have Not room where Austin and Steve try to convince her Big Brother will fix her speech for the show. According to her, "I messed uppppp!" Steve leaves and in comes Julia and then Vanessa. Vanessa hugs Liz for not using Veto. Liz notes, "Johnny Mac's speech was perfection. That sways my vote more than anything!"  They do an Austin's Angels pose.

Meanwhile out back, the nominees talk with neither one giving an indication of who the target is. 

Next, Meg visits John to say Becky's speech didn't help. John is confused where he stands with Vanessa. He doesn't want to campaign against Becky.
Vanessa joins and compliments John’s speeches. After Vanessa leaves they expect she will offer them deals this week.

Becky talks to Steve about the Austwins playing "summer camp" and thinking they were completely safe during her HOH.

Becky goes back out to the pool with John and Meg. Meg leaves and almost walks into a spider web complete with a large spider. 

The camera picks up the spider fixing it’s web (I’ll leave the metaphors up to you).  Becky seems to be questioning if she is the safe one this week, but is playing it cool.

Meanwhile inside, Austin heads up to HOH where Vanessa has been waiting. (Remember that metaphor I mentioned?) Austin humors her letting her talk as much game as she wants as he and the twins planned earlier (They are trying to keep her calm by including her). He manages to throw some shade on Julia saying she’ll make final three easy. 

We also get an indication of why Vanessa has been reading the rule book the last couple days. She is waiting for an answer (from production) but she wants to try a ‘staking deal’ where the top players share winnings and they can even make a spin off show about it. (I noticed production does not stop this conversation, so it may be quite the exaggeration.)
The twins come in and talks are momentarily derailed until Vanessa steers things back to game. Liz says Becky has no votes to stay. Vanessa throws plenty of shade toward John and offers to vote him out if they want. There is talk of Becky’s speech being a veiled threat noting a comment in it, "You, your sister and Austin sat real pretty last week."
Vanessa relays another gem from the rule book. If you ask for alcohol then you get less of it.

1:30 PM
Austin and Liz are back up in HoH where Becky is waiting for a meeting she requested.

She's sure she "scared them in the ceremony. My goal is to convince the entire house that I'm for sure the main target and I'm for sure leaving." She is not going to campaign. They give her an opening and she does go through the reasons why they should evict John over her, just for good measure. She continues talking from the perspective of being the pawn this week. Liz does say, "How you handle it this week will be everything."
After Becky leaves, Austin recounts Becky’s selling point that she would go after Vanessa (something they want) sealed her fate since they know John is going after Vanessa too.
There is a back and forth whether to keep Vanessa next week. Julia wants to keep her. Liz and Austin think she needs to go next week.
They run through a ton of scenarios but end by reiterating the main plan this week is to give Vanessa her game talk fix to keep her happy.  

2:30 PM
General horse play breaks out in the house and migrates to the pool. Activities include whale pillow throwing and Gronk the Shark rides in the pool.

Julia continues the case to keep Vanessa next week. She debates with Steve who should go out this week.

5:00 PM
There will be a ‘Chopped’ style food competition today between James and Liz vs. Liz and Austin. Menu preparation have been underway for some time.

James demonstrates how to talk to a tall twin.

Liz and Julia take a break and talk some game. Julia, "The only person I don't care for in here is Johnny Mac." Liz implores Julia to win an HOH noting she can't win the game unless she does something. Liz is pushing hard.  Austin joins and they play another round of how and when Vanessa should go out. Austin takes a turn at prodding Julia to win the next HoH. Austin also thinks he should write a strategy book on how to win Big Brother. They think the ‘keep Vanessa happy’ plan might get her to throw the next HoH.

James and Vanessa have a game chat in the Kitchen. Vanessa realizes winning comps isn’t her strength so to her, trust is the name of the game.

Not long after that Austin, Meg and James are out back. Meg heard everything James and Vanessa said in the Kitchen. She was waiting for Vanessa to make a deal with James, but it never happened. Austin lets them know Vanessa has said; "Don't trust [Meg]".

Later Vanessa and Meg chat and make a bet whether Meg gets to final four. Meg doesn’t think she will. The loser has to buy tickets for a Las Vegas show. They shake on it.

7:00 PM
Austin and Liz have an extended cuddle session in the HoH bed. One of Austin’s hands disappears under the covers all the while continuing a rhythmic motion. Liz quietly cautions, "Don't make it obvious!" (I’ll let your imagination take it from there).

Meanwhile Vanessa and Steve meet in the Bathroom. Steve says they need to play hard this HOH. Vanessa says she will.

The cooking competition is getting underway. It will be Team Liztin vs Team JamJu. Meg performs hosting and judging duties. Becky and John are also judges. There is jockeying for what each team can use.  There is bickering within each team as much as between the two teams. It is quite the frantic event.
Team JamJu decide on a new name. The sound a cat makes. Vanessa has taken over hosting duties.
Team Hssss wins the first round (Appetizer).

During a break in the action, John and Steve talk outside. John remains firm he wants to evict Vanessa next. He sees three groups in the house right now – Austwins, James/Meg, Steve/Jmac/Van. Steve probes. John does not think Vanessa is with the twins. John is hesitant to delve deeper since he is on the block. Steve convinces him their ‘Rock Star’ alliance is kind of public anyway. John continues that if they go with Austwins, they're the smaller threat in that group. But if they go with James/Meg, they're the larger threat. Steve still tries to convince John keeping Vanessa would be good for them. John just wants her gone.
John is called back in to continue judging duties.

Back inside tempers are flaring. The competition is fierce. The teams await the judges’ decision.
Team Liztin wins the 2nd round (Main Course)!  

10:00 PM
Round Three begins. Furious food preparations are once again underway.

John and Steve duck out back again. Steve says, “I never thought I'd say this but I'm Big Brothered out!"
Vanessa comes outside before they finish a strategy. Vanessa wants to know who John would put up. Steve deflects by asking Vanessa who she would put up. They go round and round.
Steve says, "Look at you, Miss Vanessa… Milkin' me for info!" and wanders back inside. Vanessa gives a look to the camera like, "Can you believe this kid?"

Back inside the frenzied pace continues for the Dessert Round. Even Meg gives into the fury, running to the storage room and falling down while trying to get a Band-Aid for a wounded chef.

After careful deliberation, Team Liztin wins Round Three!

Even though Team Hsss eeked out the slimmest of a point total advantage, the lack of writing utensils prevent this from becoming known and the judges opt to award based on number of Rounds won. Team Listin are the winners! Liz screeches and jumps into Austin's arms.

Team Hsss have to clean the dishes. John and James help out too.

All is quiet until there is an extended blood curdling scream. Turns out one of the twins found alcohol in the storage room. Jeessh!

A very annoyed Liz tells Austin the Diary Room asked her about the hickey on her neck. Austin apologizes, “I did not mean to do that!” (So I guess he meant to blow instead of suck?)
They are out on the hammock and all seems to be forgiven when Liz says it would be the best if she moved to California to be with Austin because she's wanted to get out of Miami. She also informs him the first time he tried cuddling with her, it was actually Julia.

Elsewhere Julia proclaims to Steve, "Liztin isn't doing any risky business in this house. Listin won't do anything like that under MY watch!"

We also see Becky recounting to Meg about her HoH campaigning earlier. She made "REALLY good points!"

Not sure how this came about, but James and Meg say they had intense Diary Room sessions just now about James proposing to her.

1:00 AM
A heart to heart father son moment, Austin tells Steve Santa is not real and neither is the tooth fairy. Ongoing family roleplaying continues with Liz joining in.
Then more seriously, Austin gets very technical with Steve on his different postures and things that may be causing him muscle aches and pains.  

A little later Steve goes another round with John about keeping Vanessa. John wants to use her as the backdoor option next week. Steve gives up on a group of six and goes to the HoH to propose a final five alliance. When Liz and Julia can’t come to agreement, Steve brings John up to the HoH. Liz and Austin are ready for Vanessa to go and want John to win HoH to do the deed. Steve is less certain that is the right move. Julia points out if Jackie comes back, she would target Vanessa.  They decide to reconvene after one of them has won HoH Thursday.

Steve is worked up and roams from outside to inside and all points in between. He is giddy that John thinks they have a final two. He seems equally frustrated that he just learned about an earlier group of eight and possibly a final two between Austin and Vanessa. He continues a serious strategy session with himself. He wants James out next. He’s very unhappy about how things are going. He glances at the camera that is following him every once in a while. He longs for some intelligent game talk. He makes a stiff cocktail of half milk and half chocolate milk. (Easy there Steve!)

2:30 AM
Austin and the twins feeling it would be messy if they won HOH next week. Austin throws out that if Julia took out Vanessa it would be a good way to set herself apart from her sister. They decide Steve winning would be the best option for them. Julia feels silly about getting angry before about the hickeys when they discus past season’s romps between other houseguests.  
Julia leaves and the make out session begins. Hands are moving. Cameras are zooming. After about ten minutes Liz breaks away and says, "Okay, we have to stop." But they don’t stop. After another ten minutes Liz turns away and says, "Goodnight." But they don’t stop again.

Meanwhile Steve has entered the hot tub for a time.

3:00 AM
Outside, Steve has gone from the hot tub to the pool.

Inside Liz proclaims, "Cuddle sesh adjourned." She’s become camera shy.
Austin repeatedly tries to get things going again in between some late night banter. Liz notes the live feeders can see even if the TV viewers can't and she goes to the bathroom.

Downstairs, Steve has gone to the Have-not shower to change.  

Back upstairs, Liz is trying to sleep while Austin is just still trying. 
Liz sees Steve on the HoH screen and says "He's so weird."
Make out resumes until Liz comments on Steve's sleeping and eating habits and finally says, "Ok, let's go to sleep. I HATE YOU!"

4:00 AM
Becky has joined Steve for some chit chat but they really don’t have much to say. They head for bed but both end up wandering around for a while and the house never really goes quiet today.

Will John be the first male juror or will Becky join Shelli and Jackie at the sorority house? Will Vanessa get enough game talk to keep her from melting down again? Will John ever change his mind about Vanessa? And who will actually be the one to take out Vanessa?

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Updaters!