Austwins rule the HOH room again, Vanessa talks herself off the block and Johnny Mac is Johnny Mac


The house guests were woken up at 9 am by Big Brother.  Game talk starts right away, Austin is mad because Vanessa lied (it is Big Brother! ). Meg keeps harping on the fact that Vanessa lies and wants her put up. Vanessa goes up to HOH tells Austin she is insulted that Austin has only given her 5 minutes and she has personally done sooooo much for his game. Of course Vanessa is only looking out for his game and believes he should put up Steve. She assures him that she can beat Steve in any competition. Austin does not believe it but allowed her to babble on and on. She also made it clear she does not want Johnny Mac here, she needs him gone. She tells him what to say if he puts Meg up, she goes through everyone telling him exactly what to do and say. Vanessa actually said she does not make up lies in this game. Vanessa then said she will win the next HOH and she is not afraid to get blood on her hands either. She tells him she does not need the money. Vanessa and told Austin that the picture he got from home of him and one of his gay friends was a sign from home saying he should hang with her.

Steve told Austin he does not want to go up as a pawn, while Johnny Mac volunteered to be a pawn.

11:25 am We get the fish tank for a bit and when it returns we see that there will be no Have Nots this week. They also got a smaller table.

Austin pulls Liz aside and tells her she has to convince Steve to go up as a pawn. Liz then tells him that Vanessa knows too much of their game and he can’t put him up. Liz talks to Steve and he freaks saying by putting him up she is saying she is with James and Meg and not him and Jonny Mac. Steve wants Vanessa up but they can’t do that because she will freak out.

Every time Austin talked to someone he told them they were safe. Vanessa definitely did not want to be put up she feels that she has worked for Austin this while game. Steve does not want to go up but if he has to he does not want to go up against Johnny Mac. Meg and James have a deal with him and do not want to go up. So Austin was in a tight spot.

Austin tells Vanessa about Steve not wanting to go up and especially not up against Johnny Mac, Vanessa said send him home he is not a team player. Vanessa begs him not to put her up. Keeps pushing to put up Steve and Johnny Mac.

2:00 pm We get highlights on the feeds for the nomination ceremony. When they return we see that Austin was loyal to Vanessa and nominated Johnny Mac and Steve. We hear Liz and Steve talking and Steve saying she is good (Vanessa) and got him nominated.

Liz goes up to HoH and Austin tells her that Vanessa came clean about the BOB competition and that there is no reason now to target her.

JMac knows he is the target and told Steve he has to win the VETO.

Talk of Zingbot arriving for VETO tomorrow happened all night…. Meg thought it was a real robot not someone in a costume. Austin wants to attack it by throwing chocolate at it.

James made great deviled eggs the Austwins devoured them. He also keeps Meg laughing throwing socks at her tripping her etc.

6:00 pm Doldrums lead everyone in the house to nap and sleep.

Steve talked to the live feeders while everyone was napping… he knows he is the pawn, he thinks Johnny Mac will go. He wants to check with James and Meg about if he wins the VETO and he comes down one of them might go up. He knows Vanessa smoozed herself over with Austwins too. Austin comes out and Steve kept asking him about Vanessa and if Vanessa would keep him over Johnny Mac. Austin said yes. Austin also told him to keep it cool till after VETO. He said no one should know they are working together. Austin said he will need Steve to help him at the Wrap Party because men will be all over the twins. Steve talks about super fans. He also said that 10 out of 17 houseguests this year were recruited. Steve said he was homesick and Austin said he was afraid for this gig to end.

Johnny Mac briefly talked to Steve and said that everyone in the house has a reason to use the VETO (He believes they all want Vanessa out).

The house played potball which consists of throwing chocolate (M & M’s) into a pot, they also manage to throw them at each other.

12:53  am Everyone got ready for bed, Juia wanted to prank James but messed that up. James pranked Julia, there was a make out session in the HOH room, Liz wonders out loud to Austin what her parents think of them as a couple and she knows they watch the live feed, (really???).

2:30 am everyone was in bed asleep waiting for the arrival of zongbot tomorrow!


Who will win the power of VETO? Will Johnny Mac get himself off the block? Will Vanessa finally leave....Only tomorrow will tell...thanks updaters