Quick review: With Steve and John on the block, Vanessa holds the Veto. She has indicated to some she is not using it. But, she spent a lot of time on Sunday interrogating houseguests. She took particular interest whether James said he would throw the HoH competition to John or not. Is this enough to use the Veto and save both Steve and John? Could she be setting the stage for next week? Let’s find out...      

10:00 AM
It took about a half hour and the game talk has begun. John goes up to the HoH to ask Austin about the Veto. After he leaves, Austin and Liz express concern that Vanessa is putting all the blame on Austin whether the veto is used or not. Austin is also not happy about Steve slipping in front of James and Meg that the Austwins are a "powerful fortress."

Outside Steve and John confer. They don’t think the Veto will be used today. John has planned one more talk with Vanessa before the meeting.

Vanessa and Steve cross paths in the Bathroom where Vanessa is heard saying, “I truly want the best for you."

Moments later John is with Vanessa in the bathroom. Vanessa says Austin doesn't want the Veto used. She is apologetic as she lets him know the votes are going to be against him. This was enough for John to drop a bomb about a 5-person alliance to get Vanessa out (before she won the Veto). Vanessa is unchanged saying she still couldn’t work the votes. She has no control right now.

Next Austin is sharing his frustration telling James and Meg that John asked him to use the Veto again when, "I don't have the Veto!"

Meanwhile Vanessa has gone to Liz asking about the 5-person alliance. Liz says it was Steve's idea. He orchestrated it. Julia joined them in time to hear Vanessa spew a string of obscenities intertwined with, “I want [Steve] gone!”

A little later Steve goes by Vanessa and waves. She doesn't wave back and tells him he's being annoying. He asks if she's OK and she tells him “Oh yeah” with venom in her voice.

At that moment the twins are upstairs bringing Austin up to speed on John outing the 5-person deal to Vanessa. Austin points out they still control the vote even if the Veto is used. But one thing is clear, John must go.

A few minutes later Vanessa asks Steve (in front of James and Meg) to step into the next room. Steve goes pale as Vanessa confronts him about orchestrating a 5-person alliance to get her out. He says it was discussed but he denies being the orchestrator. Vanessa wants none of it as her anger turns to tears and she leaves him standing there in shock.
After a moment to gather his thoughts, Steve walks out to find Vanessa sitting in the next room with James and Meg where she has already told them she will be voting out Steve. She presses Steve again just as Austin walks in. Steve turns to Austin and asks if he orchestrated it. A blindsided Austin remains calm and says “Ya kinda did”. He also points out Steve should not attack him in public like that.  
This puts Steve on the defensive more about the perception he was attacking Austin than the fact he has just been outed as he apologizes over and over, "My mistake”.

Immediately Austin finds Liz in the Kitchen to relay what just happened, "I can't believe Steve asked me in front of James and Meg if I made a five-person deal." They go find Vanessa crying in the Parlor room where she absolves them and blames only Steve for his hypocrisy and disloyalty.

Meanwhile Steve is still in with James and Meg wondering if he should go talk to Vanessa. James thinks it would be a good idea so Steve heads out. James then tells Meg, "Probably the worst thing to do, but what the hell."

It’s just 11:00 AM
Steve peeks into the Parlor room and asks if he should leave them alone. Vanessa confirms now is a good time to leave her alone. Once the door is closed, Vanessa continues a rant about Steve’s betrayal. They joke that Steve is like a computer and he needs to CONTROL- ALT-DELETE. As has been the case lately, Julia shows up late to the Parlor. Austin makes note of it. Vanessa wraps things up saying she's not using the Veto.

Around the corner, a well entertained James and Meg are whispering to each other trying to piece together what just happened.

Steve has Austin alone in the Parlor room with Steve continuing to apologize if he came across as attacking earlier. When Austin tries to smooth things over, Steve asks “Are you being honest with me now or are you just covering your ass in case I come back?" Austin advises Steve to let things simmer down. Steve wonders what he should say in his speech just as we hear Vanessa being called to the Diary room, signaling the Veto meeting is about to begin.

12:15 PM – Veto Meeting
Feeds return after an hour and we learn Vanessa in fact did not use the Veto, leaving Steve and John on the block.

We may be in for another treat on Wednesday after hearing James say, “Why aren't these speeches makin any sense?!”

Out back, Liz asks John why he told Vanessa about the 5-person deal. John feels he was going home this week. He points out they went back on that deal. Liz says she’s sad because John "blabs his mouth" when his back is against the wall. John points out his picture came up first in nominations, so he knows he’s the target.

Liz goes inside where Vanessa has been disparaging Steve (currently in the Diary Room) to Meg, James, Julia and Austin. She doesn’t care how anyone else votes, but she is voting out Steve.  She also mentions her speech came out rotten because she was mad.

Austin and Liz make it up to the HoH and Liz reports about her confronting John. She points out John thinks they are working with James and Meg. Austin replies, "So they already know." Julia joins and John bashing ensues.

Austin decides to create some theatrics for the people in the Kitchen. He charges outside to where John is alone. Austin is animated in his gestures so it appears he is upset and even grabs the pool cue like he is going to hit John. In actuality he is telling John that he can stay this week if he can convince Liz and Julia.

As they wind down John tells him whoever comes back has to go after Austin and the twins. John repeats an earlier pitch to take them out on their terms if it comes to that.

Austin reports in with Liz, James and Meg about John’s returning juror observation and pitch. Austin also mentions he wasn’t going to throw himself under the bus (about starting the 5-person alliance). Liz chimes in that isn't even true.

About that time Steve walks inside past Vanessa as she talks loudly about hypocrisy.

1:00 PM
Vanessa recounts the strange hug Steve gave her at the Veto meeting, prompting Liz and Julia to bash on both nominees.

Steve goes up to the HoH with Austin just to get away from the weirdness downstairs. Austin explains that Steve is getting the full brunt of Vanessa’s wrath because of ‘his phony, two-faced behavior’. Austin also lets him know it was Liz that pinned the alliance on Steve, but advises not to pursue it so he doesn’t upset the twins.

Vanessa joins them and Steve asks if she wants to talk. Vanessa replies, "Later. Right now I'm a little hot.” She's on TV right now so she doesn't want to act a fool. She then asks Steve to leave the room so she can talk to Austin.

Seems she was concerned why Austin seemed upset with John outside. He fears John has gone rogue and therefore uncontrollable. Steve could be quelled. They laugh about John’s pitch and apparently his speech about a "tiger going after a gazelle." Austin eventually does let her in on him just being theatrical outside earlier.
Liz joins and Austin advises they maintain positioning with both nominees. For now he wants to keep Steve. Vanessa is still uneasy about Steve but goes to sleep on it, "I wore myself out today."
Austin goes to work out. Alone, the twins let out some frustration with John bashing.

Just when you thought it was safe to look out the window!

3:00 PM
The pace has finally slowed considerably, though Austin and the twins continue to congregate here and there discussing their options. Downstairs James and Liz have been joking around. Earlier he gave her a kiss on the cheek and she feigned being creeped out. Now he is starting at her saying, “I was just admiring your beauty.”

Steve has been by himself looking for ways to keep occupied.

5:00 PM
James lies out on a lounger with Gronk the shark belly up in the lounger beside him.

Liz and Julia regret being so ugly about John. At Austin’s suggestion they apologize to the live feeders.

Steve takes another temperature reading from Vanessa. She’s still not ready for approaching. He tells himself Vanessa is manipulating and she's been gunning for him longer than she’s willing to admit. He reviews her previous made up reasons to be mad going all the way back to Jeff and Vanessa's fight.

7:00 PM
Steve and John basically give each other permission to do whatever they need to stay.

Just before 9:00 PM
Vanessa meets up with Austin. She mainly keeps selling reasons to vote out Steve, but she won’t kick if John goes. Vanessa says she'll be nice to Steve even though she secretly can't stand him and doesn't like being a phony baloney.
Austin has plans for his HoH blog. He mentions wrestling and his dating situation.

Meanwhile James tells Meg it's better for his game if John goes. Meg's not sure who she wants to go.

It seems Big Brother has taken alcohol to the next level!

Liz has joined Austin and Vanessa. Austin wonders what kind of deal the house could make about going after the returning juror. Vanessa is not sure that deals can be trusted at this point. Austin sings the praises of James and Meg. At that very moment James is out back telling Meg he wants to put up Austin and Liz.

Austin describes a "bully play" where they will keep John in exchange for him throwing the HoH and agreeing to be the pawn. Vanessa continues cautioning not to trust Steve. Austin thinks "Steve is Rain Man and Johnny Mac is Taxi Driver."

Vanessa has moved on to the in comic room where she finds John. She wants him to stay. He wants to be her #1 if he stays, otherwise send him home. He says even though they've been at each other "like badgers", he'd rather stick with "the devil I know." Her response is hard to hear but sounded noncommittal.

10:00 PM - "Potball! Potball! Potball!"
After an hour Potball degrades into Chocolate Wars; This time with a casualty. Meg is seen icing her temple.

We catch Steve and Vanessa in mid-chat. They go back and forth whether the 5-person alliance was this week or last week. John wanders through and Vanessa asks him. He says last week and goes to brush his teeth. Vanessa suggests Steve refresh his memory. Now that he sounds sketchy, Vanessa has a hard time taking him seriously. She schools him on being fake and a people pleaser.
Vanessa goes into interrogation mode and Steve continues dodging. Whenever she calls him out he apologizes and says she’s right.
The twins are on the other side of the yard wondering if Steve is throwing them under the bus until Vanessa calls them into the conversation. They want to keep Steve and Vanessa respects that and she’ll get over being hurt. The twins keep assuring Steve he was always the pawn this week.

When Steve is by himself he says it sucks to do this to his best friend but when he came here, he said he was leaving his integrity at the door and he meant it.

1:00 AM
In the Parlor room James is telling Meg, "I care about you a lot more than you think" Meg says no guy will be able to top his comment that she was a "smoke bomb" on live national television. James recalls their Truth or Dare kiss. "I feel like me and you would have a really good 'camping trip'. I think it would be a really good experience."

2:30 AM
As the house goes quiet, Liz and Austin comment as they watch Steve on the "Scamper-cam" before going to sleep.

Can John turn the tide before eviction night? Will Steve be able to recover from his implosions today? Will Austin’s HoH blog live up to the hype? Will Meg fall for James’ courtship? And what did Austin and Liz really do under the covers today?

Thanks to the Updaters for another fine day keeping up with events!