More Vanessa Justification Lies, Meg and James on Block, Mean Sisters Unite


9:20 am The house guest get woken up by Big Brother. Vanessa wakes up and immediately talks game to Austin telling him that James said he would put up the Austwins if he won HOH because he was not afraid to get blood on his hands, that he has in the past…. This is Vanessa’s way of justifying her actions and getting Austwins mad at James. She said if James does not win VETO he will go home (duh going to jury and will be a vote at the end). Austin said that if James wins VETO she should tell him not to use it… Vanessa said he was not that dumb, he would use it. Vanessa then said she feels evil putting them (James and Meg) as Have Nots then nominating them. Austin said it was good strategy. Austin said he could not believe that Jason and Johnny Mac got such a great ovation, and Vanesa said that people are forced to clap they have signs that say applaud etc. Liz then said people are stupid to leave us all in the game. Austin then said that he and Vanessa has had a hand in every eviction. (Really Austin you have been HOH once.)

A bit later we get FISH for a bit and we find out this is the last week for Have Nots and they are Meg, James, Julia and John. They can eat slop and dots candy. James is pissed because Austin has never been on the block nor has he ever been a Have Not.

James remembered that he and Vanessa had a deal from when he was HOH… that she would not nominate him if he did not nominate her. He was also supposed to be able to pick one of the nominations.

3:43 pm The feeds returned from FISH and Meg and James were nominated. Vanessa was talking (lying) to James again saying there was no target and good luck. Meg was crying and saying it was the worst week yet Have Nots and nominated. She said that Vanessa will not win this game. She will vote for anyone but Vanessa.

Meanwhile Vanessa is in the other room trying to convince everyone she has no friends in jury so anyone who takes her to the end would win.

3:56 pm James brings Vanessa back to Have Not room to talk to Meg and him, she just talked in circles and lies talking about targeting Austin and Jackie and Audrey etc., never really saying why either the target were. Meg said she was confused so Vanessa said she was being disrespectful. She goes on and on how she takes all the blame etc. Never saying anything half intelligent or truthful. Of course she ends it with she feels personally hurt by them and everyone in the house for targeting her last week (she is the victim and how dare they be upset by being nominated).  She said that if they even tried to be in her shoes they would understand. Meg gets upset because someone else lied to Vanessa (or Vanessa made it up) and said she was making fun of her which she never did. Vanessa said there are cameras so someone will get the last laugh (as Meg was crying). Vanessa again said she is alone in this game and nobody knows how hard this is for her.

4:10 pm Meanwhile the twins were outside with their legs in the pool. They're making fun of Meg and have decided they don’t need to be nice to her anymore. JMac went outside and the twins were are all over him telling him they are so glad he was the one to come back and last week it was all game. He said he understood that last week was all strategy. Julia then went off on how much she hated Meg. She then said that they (James and Meg) are just jealous (everyone wants to be them I guess).  Liz said they kept them safe for two weeks and all they do is ride their coattails. Julia then calls Meg an immature brat. Vanessa talks to them and tells them she was blunt with them too and told them how it was. (Really because neither understood a thing she said). Liz said Meg’s negative attitude was a cancer in the house and Julia said she was crazy. Liz laughs and said she is washing James’s bedspread and sleeping in his bed tonight while he is a Have Not. Julia again said Meg is a princess and a brat. They then tell Vanessa they won’t be mean girls to James and Meg and just keep their conversation to a minimum. Twins then headed out to the back yard.

Vanessa finds Austin and rehashes how bunt she was again and how much of a baby Meg is because she cried when nominated. (Coming from the girl who pulled an Audrey and stayed in bed 12 hours when she was nominated) She told him she thinks they could work with James and Meg is just a baby. She then said she can’t handle Meg’s antics anymore. Steve joins them and joins in the Meg bashing. Vanessa then said that they would be unpopular because they evicted the Amazing Race people and that Jason was a villain. Austin leaves and yes Vanessa again justifies herself by talking fast and with many lies on why she nominated James and Meg to Steve. Steve then asked him who was more verbal about getting him out last week and Vanessa said Meg but James supported it. Vanessa then wonders if there would be any relationship to salvage from whoever does not get evicted this week and she thinks not.

8:00 pm Meg tells the Austwins about how Vanessa had a deal with them and broke it. She then tells them about misinformation (that Vanessa made up) that someone gave Vanessa. Austin said well if one of you get off with VETO then one of us has to go up. They tell her to play her heart out tomorrow and they will talk after that. She assures them that they never said to put up both of them just one as a pawn

Steve alone in the purple room talking to himself said that he would put up Liz and Austin, very sneaky

Meanwhile the houseguests wonder why they backyard is still open and if it is Labor Day weekend and the VETO competition won’t be till Tuesday.

Johnny Mac and James played some pool and Johnny Mac asked how he and Meg were doing. James replied you know, someone gave some misinformation and you end up on the block, Johnny Mac said just keep fighting and James replied he was going to fight for VETO.

Austin tells Vanessa about their conversation with Meg and how she was lying about putting both of them up. Vanessa swore 100% that they said that. She said Meg is just mad because she got outplayed. Liz said she expected to float by till the end and all her friends are in jury.

9:30 pm The houseguests get lockdown and back yard gets closed for VETO ceremony.

James and Meg talk and said Vanessa has stuff made up about the whole house. That she has reasons to put everyone up. That Austwins told her about their conversation. That she takes things out of context and applies it where she feels fit. James also said she plays the victim all the time saying she has no one. James said she baited them so she can have info to put them up, that she does not realize she is playing for fourth place with them. James said if he wins VETO he is going to say to Vanessa your fucked now you better hope I don’t win HOH next week because you can’t play. Every dog has their day. He then said if she gets houseguests choice she should pick Julia because she won’t win. The next best one is Steve because he won’t fight hard for it.

Once everyone goes to bed Steve talks to himself again. He said he wants Meg out. He said he would throw POV of he is chosen because he does not want a win under his belt. He also thinks that Vanessa would not pawn him if James wins POV. He then said it is time to go after the Austwins, yes it is. He wonders who Meg or James would go after maybe the Austwins he thinks. Steve goes to bed and is very restless.

At 3:45am everyone was in bed with visions of VETO dancing in their heads.

Will James win the VETO? Will he use it on himself or on Meg? Will anyone ever figure out that they have to get out one of the Austwins? Will anyone get rid of Vanessa? Will Vanessa ever stop lying about everyone else? Will Steve ever figure out he will be targeted next by many? Only tomorrow will tell! Thanks Jokers!