Quick review: James is expected to save himself today leaving Meg and a replacement on the block. The plan has been to put up Julia as a pawn to take Meg out. Late last night Meg approached Vanessa with a deal that takes her off the block and keeps her in this week. Part of the deal is that James would nominate Meg if he wins HoH. Vanessa had a hard time believing that but indicated she will decide after she talks with James this morning. Can she be swayed or has she already made up her mind? Let’s find out...      

9:30 AM
The house has been roused and Vanessa was called to the Diary Room. After a brief feed outage we see Vanessa is back in her HoH bed under the covers. James and Meg missed that Vanessa was back so Big Brother helped them out with a Relocate-your-transmitter message to Vanessa and James makes his way to the HoH.

He assures Vanessa he will keep his part of the deal giving his word to her and to Meg. He would not be derailed by any other chatter that may occur. Vanessa tells him all the reasons he shouldn’t do it for his own game. He knows but is doing this on a personal level. In a nut shell she declines the deal and wants James to consider working with her next week.

James reports the bad news back to Meg. A frustrated Meg goes up the HoH to give it one more shot.

Meg and Vanessa go several rounds of point-counterpoint. Vanessa compliments Meg on her efforts and believes she and James are sincere, but she is dug in on Meg going this week.

In case you are wondering the other feed has been mostly Austin and Liz cuddling in a Comic room bed.

11:45 AM – Veto Meeting
Just under 40 minutes for the Veto meeting and it is confirmed James saved himself. Meg is on the block with Julia as the replacement. James is in the Have Not room with Meg telling her he was tempted to use the Veto on her. Meg would not have allowed him to do it.

Meanwhile Vanessa is in the Bathroom giving Julia her version of what was going on this morning. She assures Julia she will be safe.

Back in the Have Not room Meg is unsettled. She goes back and forth between anger and tears. James is still there with her as they devour a big helping of sour grapes. James does throw out a strategy suggestion for Meg. She should tell John how others were campaigning for him to go on block as the replacement. He notes Austin won't care if they vote Julia out.

Julia goes out back and is coming to terms with being on the block. She complains about having to write a speech for eviction, about being on slop and about having to share the Have Not room with James and Meg.  

Moments later Meg and James go out to socialize. Meg relays that she doesn’t want things to be awkward and she is not going to campaign against Julia.

2:30 PM
John has a long chat with Vanessa in the HoH.

John thinks he needs to make some enemies. Vanessa has the opposite problem; she needs friends. Vanessa noticed Shelli wouldn't look at her and hugged others before her on Thursday.
John thinks if they take out Liz they can split Austin and Julia and pull them in via side alliances. Vanessa really likes this approach. They get a bit mired down in what the best move is after that, but they come back to this as the best first move.
John says working with Vanessa is the only thing that works for him now while Vanessa sells herself as a good person to work with.

During this time the rest of the house is out back having a pool party.

4:30 PM
Austin and Liz have gone in for another cuddle session. Pillow talk included; “I like you.” “I like you more.” “I like you most” “I like you mostestest.”

6:00 PM
James is heard telling Meg if he gets HoH he's nominating Steve and Vanessa. Meg thinks it was personal to make the two of them Have Not's this week when they were the nomination targets. James understands the strategy. Then James goes off the rails thinking there is no Flashback feature on the live feeds and only houseguest’s families probably watch them. They go back out for another round of socializing out back.

7:45 PM
James seems restless while John and Meg try to nap in the Have Not room. He reads Austin's HoH letter paying special attention to the part about his girlfriend sending her love. He then takes an interest in a pink shoe before deciding to push Meg’s chair closer to his… just to try it.

Steve is up in the HoH when Vanessa starts wondering what to do if this week is a double eviction. (Meg has also mentioned the possibility of a double eviction this week too).

9:15 PM

There is alcohol and general socializing again.
Vanessa says she's saving her Port until Julia gets off slop.

11:20 PM
While everyone is up playing chess, James and Meg are out playing pool and having another sour grapes meeting. Among other things, they think Liz and Austin’s chances outside the house are slim.

1:10 AM
Meg takes a crack at planting seeds with John. He encourages the discussion and relishes in the knowledge he can nominate anyone with the justification, “You evicted me!” He indicates a readiness to put up Steve and Vanessa. Meg makes sure John knows that Austin and others wanted John to go up instead of Julia. Game talk stops when Steve arrives and gives a shout out to his teddy bear.

2:15 AM
Austin and James have a long chat in the Bathroom. Austin will not put James up if he wins HoH. James responds in kind.
During this entire time Meg is out back with Steve. Their interaction is more subtle as they dance around some game scenarios.

Meg and Steve eventually wander back to the Bathroom with Austin and James. Steve says good night, noting he is not the last one to bed for a change.

3:45 AM
James and Meg compare notes and make a plan to keep Meg in the game. Meg will approach Austin for his vote with the intent to pin it on Steve. Meg will spend a lot of time with Steve to make it plausible. James will work on getting John’s vote. They then spend a lot of time role playing the conversation Meg will have with Austin.

5:30 AM
James and Meg are finally winding down for the night. Meg promises James a kiss if she stays Thursday.  They do the flirting/not flirting thing a bit before going to sleep and the house goes quiet.

Is John really all the way with Vanessa now? Or could the James/Meg plan actually work? Will the double eviction help or hurt their efforts. Should Austin and the Twins still feel so comfortable? Thursday could be interesting!

Thanks for all the Updates!