The “Boy and his Teddy” Ruling the Compound, Liz Melts While Vanessa’s Paranoia Takes Over Again


9:30 am Big Brother played their wake up call for the houseguests. Once the feeds return we see Steve pacing around the lounge room, stressing over nominations.  Steve then tells Austin that he does not want to put the twins up against themselves it would be too much of a slap in the face, and that he has the votes if he has to put him (Austin) up. Austin asks him to put Julia up not Liz next to him. Austin asks who the target is and Steve tells him he does not want him to go this week. Austin asks Steve if he talked to Vanessa about this and Steve replied that he has the votes for him. Austin said it will be a sad week. Steve said he is going to have the same talk with Liz. Steve tells Liz that she and her sister are not going up together. He said he is in a nasty spot especially since she just kept him safe. She said he has to do what is best for his game. He leaves and sees Johnny Mac and Johnny asks if he needs to talk to him, Steve tells him he told Austin he has the votes to save him but he is the target this week.

Liz finds Austin and starts crying and whining (You know the way those twins do it.) Liz tells Austin this is war, and Austin said No. Austin said they were lucky that this did not happen sooner and they knew it was going to happen and he did not think she would go. Austin said only one person can win the game, Liz said she does not want to go to any jury house and be separated from him. Austin said Julia has to win VETO. Liz then started calling Steve every swear in the book and wishing they had taken him out.

Austin left and finds Vanessa she told him that she figured out the noms because of process of elimination. Vanessa said Steve keeps asking about Fast forward and she would vote the way he wants and she can’t go back on that. Liz came in and Vanessa said it was better that she was up against Austin and not her sister, that he gave her a chance to stay with her sister. Julia comes in and said she is going to win VETO they all were going to work their ass off. Then she said it was weird that Steve was putting up Liz and not Vanessa because Vanessa won a lot more than Liz. They both then put on their mean girl attitudes and started putting Steve down for everything. They all agree not to vote for him at end because he put one of them out. (What did they expect that no one would ever put them out).

1:50 pm Liz and Julia go on and on and finally a pissed off Liz goes up to the HOH room and wakes up Steve and tells him she is pissed. When she was HOH he made her swear on her family that she would not put him up now he is putting her up. Steve said he does not remember doing that. She then said that she was not the biggest threat to his game. Steve apologized to Liz for making her swear on her family yesterday. Liz leaves the room and Steve said out loud Liz your not my target you think you are but you are not.

Liz left and repeated the conversation to Austin, she said he claims he does not remember having her swear on her family. She said but it was on camera. She then said Steve could not be a man about it.

After a nap Liz again woke up on the wrong side of the bed, got up found Julia and started right in complaining and whining about Steve.  Julia thinks he should be terrified because one of them will still be in the house.

2:40 pm Johnny Mac looked at the camera and wished his Mom a Happy Birthday!

4:05 pm The feeds finally go to Jeff interviews for the Nomination Ceremony

5:00 pm Feeds return to crying Liz. Austin and Liz were both nominated. Austin comforting Liz as she cries while Steve feels guilty and Vanessa is reassuring him. Austin tells her it would be a whole different game if Julia wins VETO, Liz replied she hated relying on her. Liz said she just does not want to lose to him. Meanwhile Steve left the kitchen and went into the bathroom and he was all smiles when he returned to the kitchen he put on his sad face. Steve then runs up to the HOH and does a happy dance and points to the cameras and said "suckers."  Steve talks to himself and said he was going down in BB history that this was a big move.

Austin and Liz lie down and Austin said he already won because he has her.

5:52 pm Steve and Vanessa have a conversation and Vanessa is very paranoid about being put up as a replacement nominee, she wants to try to convince Julia to not use the POV (first Julia would have to win it) by telling her that Liz would be safe and Austin would leave that week. Steve said why would she do that, trust that when she has the power to do that? Steve said let’s just win the VETO.

Very boring night in the compound

Liz Cried

They ate dinner

Johnny Mac and Austin worked out

Liz cried

Julia and Steve talked about production and past seasons of BB

Liz and Austin had a few make out sessions

Everyone napped

Liz cried some more

Steve took a bubble bath before settling down with his teddy bear for the night

Vanessa laid low thinking up ways to stay off the block

All speculated about the VETO competition

By 1:09 am all were in bed for the night, some got up to use the restroom but all stayed asleep getting rested for the big VETO competition tomorrow

Will Julia win that VETO? Will Austin walk out the door on Thursday? Will the twins finally be broken up? Will Johnny Mac skate his way tot eh finish? Will Vanessa chill, play  the game and win or just keep over analyzing herself right out the door? Only tomorrow will tell! Thanks Joker’s Updaters!