Quick review: Austin won the Veto and is expected to save himself. Steve is planning to put up Julia as the replacement ensuring a twin will leave this week. The twins have been instructed to decide amongst themselves who should stay and have been debating it. Big Brother has begun annoying Austin with targeted messages toward him. Will this continue? Will things go as expected? Let’s find out...     

10:00 AM
The house begins to stir except for Steve. He has turned on the lights but gone back to bed. 

While Julia puts on her make-up, Liz practices her Veto speech, “Austin or shall I say Judas. You earned that Veto fair and square; tutu and all. We’ve come such a long way together in this game and I care about you so much. And I know how much this means to you. Therefore I would NEVER ask you to use that Veto on me. WHOO! “

When John questions Austin’s Veto meeting attire, “Red pants?” Liz whispers, "I'm making him wear them." 

John is about half done lowering the outside awnings when Big Brother requests the outside awnings be lowered. John fires back, “I’m working on it!” When he finishes Big Brother chimes, “John, Thank you very much.” 

Still in the Bathroom, Julia tells Vanessa, "I'm not going to cry today. That's my goal." 

Austin is in the Kitchen silently mouthing his Veto speech to himself until Liz joins him.
When Julia arrives too she wonders, "Have there ever been siblings on the block next to each other, like Daniele and Evel Dick?" Austin's pretty sure Natalie and Adria were on the block together in BB5. But that was so long ago, “They're probably old now.” 

Noon – Veto Meeting
Feeds were out for 42 minutes for the Veto Meeting. It’s official. The twins are on the block together. 

As a slightly teary eyed Julia heads back to be with Liz in the bedroom, it is apparent she didn’t get far with the No Crying Today goal. Vanessa makes mention to John how cute the twins were during the POV ceremony, kissing each other's hands.

Steve feels sick because he feels bad for the twins. Vanessa has sisters so she can put herself in the twin’s shoes and knows how terrible it must feel. She heads back to the bedroom with the twins and delivers some serious ego boosting dialogue, "Even though you're younger, I look up to you with what poise and class you handle this game!"
Steve comes in and offers, “The Nolans were definitely the more successful set of twins.”
Steve solicits some hugs from Liz as she mentions his speech made her cry but Austin's didn't.

Not long after Steve is out on the elliptical as he and Vanessa discuss how hard their HoHs were. The elliptical crashes several times but he is able to get it back on track until finally the back end comes completely off and he gives up.

Inside, we join John and Vanessa mid-whisper session. Hard to hear but it seems they (meaning Vanessa) decide to wait until they see who the next HoH is before they figure out their next move.

Austin and Steve share some lunch as Steve bemoans the game. Austin occasionally grunts in agreement.

Next up Julia and Liz discuss how much they have been crying. They are unhappy that Austin doesn’t cry.

Later we see Steve in the HoH talking to himself amazed that he’s the one that put the twins up. He settles in under the covers with his teddy bear, head phones and letter from home. It doesn’t last as he notices Vanessa talking to Julia in the Kitchen. He is very paranoid of what Vanessa is up to so he goes down to talk block.  

Julia and Liz have moved on by themselves to continue their debate. Liz insists it's Julia’s time to shine. Julia disagrees and thinks it’s better if Liz stays because she has more wins and played a better game. There is some crying involved.

Steve mentions Jokers, as he does several times throughout the day and wants to see how popular he is in the rankings.

2:00 PM
Everyone except John is out by the pool. They speak fondly of James and the things he would do.

Later Vanessa finds a bowl Steve left out (again) and gets really mad. She actually goes upstairs to have him clean up.

Not long after Big Brother pays particular attention to Austin. He’s gone into the toilet and when he comes out, goes directly to the Bathroom sink and admires himself in the mirror. He runs his hands through his hair. He strokes his beard. He does some posing. At this point Big Brother calls him out with the message, “Did you wash your hands?”There is a chorus of "ewwwws! from the Kitchen crew.

Steve is heard waxing political saying that race or gender should not be a reason to vote for a politician. A lot of people voted for Obama due to his race and “that was wrong.”

4:00 PM
Liz slips away to have a cry in the Purple room before taking a brief nap. A short time later Julia comes back and says every time she thinks of their conversation earlier, she cries. She's going take a nap in the next room.
Somewhere along the line Austin joined Liz for an extended cuddle session until Steve interrupted them.

6:40 PM
Blood curdling screams ring out! Turns out they got beer and wine and the twins were VERY excited.

Everyone congregates at the hot tub except for Steve. They think he’s napping, but we can see he is up in the HoH wide awake (perhaps looking a bit paranoid).

While the Austwins head in to prepare tortillas, Steve joins Vanessa out back for more political talk, "I'm doing everything to pull myself to the right because I'm to the left on most things. I'm a huge Bernie Sanders fan!" When Vanessa doesn't know who that is, Steve describes him, "He's very centered. The same reason I like John McCain. He was very close to choosing a democrat for his running mate." When Vanessa points out the country is moving left Steve notes, “Obama in any other first world country is a conservative.”

Steve goes in checking on the food and John joins Vanessa out back. They talk of HoH competition speculation. Vanessa warns John not to hurt himself with Austin's workout routines. Vanessa wants Liz to be the one to go this week. She suggests a blood oath about final 2 with each other. (Though she notes it looks more like she’s taking a piss) John is very agreeable to all Vanessa is saying.

Inside the corn tortillas are ready. Julia suggests they eat before telling the others.

Vanessa works on Steve. She wants a Final 3 from him. He says he’ll consider it.

9:00 PM
Liz and Julia have a private conversation in the hammock where Liz says she tricked Austin into admitting he has a final 2 deal with Vanessa. His defense was that everyone does it at this point in the game. She is not happy as she relays this to her sister saying, “I don’t!”

Steve comes out and lies beneath the hammock and rocks the twins. He’s excited when Julia holds his hand. Austin wants in on the act. He and Steve swing the hammock by pulling on each twin’s arms.

When Steve leaves Austin tells the twins he’ll support whatever they decide on which one of them goes. He seems to be pushing Liz as the one more likely to win though.He also thinks Julia or Liz are getting America's favorite and eludes that they are all very popular outside the house. He tells Liz If he wins, “I'm spending all my money on you anyway; moving you out to LA.”Delusions aside, he relays a pretty good take on Vanessa wanting to appear unpopular with the jury.  They speculate that Vanessa, John and Steve have a final 3 deal.

The twins move to the hot tub and are even more convinced Vanessa and John have a final 2 deal. “She's trying to be the Derrick of this season.”  Austin joins, "If Johnny Mac wins the next HoH, he and Steve are going to be the final 2.

11:00 PM

The houseguests settle in for an evening of fun and games. They play pool. They play chess. There is much horse play too.

2:00 AM
As the others have retired for the most part, Steve starts his pacing. He is particularly annoyed the house lights have not gone out yet. He runs through a myriad of game scenarios but seems to have a new realization that Vanessa and Austin are more together than he thought. He plans to reassure Vanessa of their connection to drive a wedge between Vanessa and Austin. He finally heads to bed and the house goes quiet around 3:30 AM.

Will the twins come to a decision? Will it matter? Will any more deals be made? With Teddy Bear Day coming up this Wednesday, will Steve make any special plans?

Thanks to the Updaters for keeping track over the holiday weekend!