Big Brother Daily Recap September 11, 2015

Feeds down, Liz and Vanessa’s Trip and Easy Targets on Block

Big Brother started waking the houseguests up early at 8:00 am. Also on the feeds there was a not scrolling across the top saying that the feeds would be “paused” between 9:45 am and 11:30 pm pst.

The houseguests got up and did their morning routine, speculating about the day’s events. It did say Nominations today on the wide screen. Some thought VETO would be played that day while others thought Liz would get the reward she won in the HOH competition the night before.

Feeds were cut at 9:30 am and did not return to 1:30 am.

While the feeds were cut I remember the 9/11/01 Big Brother house. How Will speculated that there was some kind of terror attack because no planes were flying over. How they called them all into the diary room to tell them of the attack and tell them how Monica’s cousin was missing (she worked at the Trade cCnter). How solemn things were in the house too.

When the feeds return we learn that Johnny Mac and Steve are on the block and Johnny Mac knows he is the target. Also Vanessa was saying she is an easy nominee next week and she does not give a FU*&.

Liz talks about her day outside the BB compound where she got to go to the Staples Center to see an Arianna Grande concert, and meet Frankie from last year’s BB crew. Austin did not go with her, he told her on her return he hated being away from her. Liz was in disguise when she left with a wig and fake eye lashes. Vanessa went with her on this trip and they limited the amount of wine they could drink.

1:55 am Johnny Mac was in the bathroom with Liz and Austin, he offered to throw the VETO to them if they would save him (and themselves) from the block, he said he wants to go to F3 with them and not go out 5th.

Austin tells Vanessa what Johnny Mac said and told her he would tell him anything to throw the VETO. Vanessa acts happy that Johnny Mac will throw the VETO.

All houseguests were in bed at 3:30 am, the Austwins were making out and cuddling while Steve was wide awake thinking.


Who will win the power of VETO tomorrow? Will Johnny Mac really throw it? Will Steve leave this week? Who will actually put Vanessa up?