Review of Chronicles: The evil Big Brother continues to torture the castle dwellers as they devour each other one by one. Pauper John and the Minstrel Steve have been chosen for possible banishment. But Pauper John has a mystical power that can save him from this fate. It would mean the Contessa Vanessa will have to choose another subject in his stead. The only other castle dwellers she can choose are The Sheriff of Austinham or Princess Twinlizzie.  As the sun rises on the castle walls, what wonderments will we be fortunate to gaze upon?

8:30 AM
The evil Big Brother lets out a maniacal laugh as he wakes the castle dwellers at an unusually early hour. The Contessa Vanessa comes down from her Lair and joins the Minstrel Steve in the Kitchen. The Minstrel wonders if the banishment formalities will be earlier than usual. He inquires of the Contessa if she has made a replacement selection. She does not divulge her diabolical plan. Though she does advise solidifying his brotherhood with Pauper John or his fairy tale may come to an end.

10:00 AM
Pauper John proclaims the next time he enters the hall to the Journal room it is a signal the banishment formalities are about to begin.

The Sheriff of Austinham has joined Contessa Vanessa in her Lair. They discuss how to act as to not alert the Minstrel Steve of their plan to banish him. They are leery of how quickly and easily Pauper John denounced his bond with the Minstrel Steve. They make additional plans to make sure Pauper John will choose the Sheriff over Princess Twinlizzie when the time comes. Contessa Vanessa wonders if John is more than just the Pauper he appears to be.

The Sheriff of Austinham meets with Pauper John in the Courtyard and they assure each other their intentions are pure. They head back to the castle where Princess Twinlizzie has been cleaning to fend off everyone’s common enemy; the army of ants!

To activate his mystical power, Pauper John takes a bite of his magic apple and is enveloped in a wash of white light.

Minstrel Steve presents arguments to Contessa Vanessa that he wants to use on Pauper John so that he can avoid banishment. The Contessa is very disappointed and crafts a set of arguments she thinks will work much better.

Noon – Banishment Formalities
We were treated to an enchanting view of some really big fish in a very small moat and then some story telling from Lord Jeff and Duchess Daniele from days gone by. When the castle views return we find that Paupers John’s mystical power worked and he is safe from banishment. Contessa Vanessa dubbed the Sheriff of Austinham as the replacement.   

It should be noted the Sheriff of Austinham has developed some recent maladies. Most recently he is having issues with his hip and leg. (Could this be the result of an evil spell or possibly a ruse to appear weak to the other castle dwellers?)

3:00 PM
Princess Twinlizzie attends to the Sheriff of Austinham. Poisons have accumulated on his nose and she removes them with a mythical adhesive known only to them.

Pauper John and the Minstrel Steve conspire in the courtyard. The Minstrel must play a convincing tune to the Contessa Vanessa or there is nothing Pauper John can do to save him. He jests about kneeling before Princess Twinlizzie for mercy, but we all know her heart belongs to the Sheriff of Austinham.

The Minstrel Steve goes off by his lonesome and curses the evil Big Brother from the Courtyard. He no longer cares if he is banished. But in the next breathe he dreams of being the castle dweller that takes down Contessa Vanessa and even starts practicing his speech for finals.

He acknowledges Princess Twinlizzie as she steps into the Courtyard and sprinkles an elixir upon the yard.

Moments later Pauper John and the Sheriff of Austinham observe that the Minstrel Steve is behaving oddly. (I wonder if the Princess had concocted a potion that inhibits the Minstrels abilities.)

The Sheriff decides to challenge the Contessa Vanessa to a battle of Chess. They talk of the speech the Sheriff is preparing. He wants to set the world ablaze with his epicness. The Contessa helps him with this endeavor.

After a time, the Minstrel Steve complains to Pauper John of his worsening physical condition (further evidence he is under an evil spell).

Next we hear Contessa Vanessa as she gathers all the castle dwellers for a proclamation from the evil Big Brother. She first teases a special reward and falls to the ground in a fit of laughter as she reveals the true nature of the message. They must all enter the magic mirror machine in the Parlor.

5:30 PM
Princess Twinlizzie has entered the Pantry and finds they have been given an assortment of cupcakes as a gift from all the subjects in the Kingdom. She presents them to the others with certainty they are loved throughout the land.

The Contessa Vanessa acts ambivalent with Pauper John as they again discuss the impending banishment, but she eventually gives a hint that statistically it might lean slightly favorable if the Sheriff of Austinham was banished. It is not enough to change their current course however and Pauper John realizes he will have the blood of superfan on his hands either way.

Minstrel Steve requests an audience with the Princess Twinlizzie. He feels it would be rude for him to not at least ask her for her vote though he understands her strong feelings for the Sheriff of Austinham. She is amused he would seek her out in this way and utters an incantation as they part ways, “Good luck campaigning, Bucko.”

There is a gathering in the Courtyard when they discover a woodland creature is visiting. They cannot contain their amazement when it displays the power of flight.

8:00 PM
The Sheriff of Austinham is insulted when Princess Twinlizzie expresses displeasure with his chicken marinade. They go back and forth between playful banter and twinges of anger. Lines are crossed when food is thrown. The Sheriff hits the Princess first and she retaliates moments later. There is unrest throughout the land as they continue to draw in the others for their opinions of the appropriateness of throwing food.

When tensions subside, The Sheriff of Austinham confers with the Contessa Vanessa. They compare transcriptions of meetings they’ve had with the Minstrel Steve and Pauper John. They seem to still be together on the banishment of the Minstrel.

Later the Sheriff of Austinham learns of the Minstrel’s attempt to solicit his Princess’s vote. He is angered and plans to make it known during the Banishment Proceedings.

The castle dwellers assemble for a nightly ritual of slinging cloth circles at an array of platters and obstacles. Minstrel Steve emerges victorious this evening.

Contessa Vanessa wants to know, "What's a narwhal?" They describe it as a whale with a unicorn horn. Pauper John thinks it's a mythical creature. Minstrel Steve is sure it's real.

10:00 PM
Contessa Vanessa invites Pauper John up to her Lair (she actually called it her Lair, lol) The Contessa is very excited, "Let's leave our mark on Big Brother history." She wants to make the big move. She wants it to be a blindside. She wants it to be a big target. She wants to banish the Sheriff of Austinham! Pauper John is easily agreeable to this and they swear to each other it will be done!

Fresh from a noncommittal encounter with Contessa Vanessa, Minstrel Steve is feeling unusually confident. He is studying for battles that will only be fought if he is saved from banishment.
At the end of a string of strategic utterings he says, “I think I just won this game”.

All the castle dwellers have retired for the evening and the Castle is silent by 1:30 AM

Will Contessa Vanessa and Pauper John stay true to their word to banish the Sheriff of Austinham? Will it truly be a blindside? Or is there a double cross a foot? We will have to wait for the show to know for sure since the Castle viewings will be prohibited all day tomorrow!

Thanks to all the scribes for the excellent transcriptions throughout the day!