Sleep, Sleep, Part 2 HOH and MORE Sleep

The houseguests were given a wakeup call at 9:45 am. They discuss their bruises from the HOH competition and wonder if part 2 will be played today.

After showering and eating at 11:46 am Liz and Vanessa crawl backed into bed. Steve spent the time trying to study days things happen, order of things etc.

An hour later Liz got up, took her meds, cleaned the fridge and filed her nails. She made herself a grilled cheese and some tomato soup. Vanessa got up for about 30 minutes, she complained about her body hurting and how bruised it was then went back to bed,

2:08 pm The houseguests sit in the purple room and chit chat. Vanessa told them again and again how she hit the wall and how sore she was. (Actually all of them hit the wall she just believes she it harder than everyone.).

By 3:47 pm The girls were sleeping again and Steve was playing with candy and studying.

Steve cleaned the mirrors!

5:00 pm Vanessa went into the DR and talked to a DR and got some muscle relaxers she was excited about the pills.

5:58 pm The houseguests could finally get in the storage room and they find it stalked with food.

The houseguests have some conversations, Vanessa told one about her grandmother who jumped out a train window to escape going to a Nazi concentration camp. She told them how she has visited the camps and what it was like. They talked about how the finale goes and Steve said he thought James would get America’s favorite player.

Finally at 7:50 pm The feeds go to Jeff highlights and the second part of the HOH competition is under way.

When the feeds return at 11:11 pm we immediately see Steve has won the second part of the HOH competition. Steve said it was a mental competition with a physical component. It was some kind of crossword puzzle. Vanessa hugs Steve and said I told you, it is a done deal now. She is convincing Steve to take her if he wins the final HOH. She said she is taking him and she plans on telling Liz that too. Steve was very excited. He said it is up to jury now. All were summoned to go to the HOH room. They were locked down for like 35 minutes, Steve and Liz talked about Disney and rides while Vanessa slept.

Once out Liz started cooking. Steve by himself talked to the camera and said Vanessa is on to him and he better watch out.

Liz got upset and started crying because she lost the second part of the HOH. She apologized to her father (who loves crossword puzzles) and to Julia.

All were in bed at 2:40 am

That is it folks…. Nothing left until part 3 of HOH on finale night. Who will win the final HOH? Who will the jury vote for? How much more will Vanessa cry? Liz cry? Will Vanessa just sleep these last few days away? Who knows? Signing off till next year gerbils move in! Thanks updaters!