Number one show. Forty two million votes. “Love the One You’re With” is the group number. Let’s not discuss the choreography. Taylor and Chris will be lucky if they are not arrested for assault afterwards. I saw a few bumps, a couple of grinds, then Mandisa showed them all how to Sang at the end. Great job Mandisa! Where you been hiding all that power, girl? You made them all sound like your backup singers.

Recaps follow, some with the mute on, a few off. The judges’ comments always get the mute. This is my show tonight. Here comes last year’s Idol, Carrie Underwood, complete with Hollywood makeover. Is that a Pucci she’s wearing? It’s a long way from Levi’s to Pucci, about as far as from Muskogee to Venice. She is singing her recent chart hit, “Jesus Take the Wheel”. I admit I’m a lifelong Nashville resident with minimal interest in country music. Some things never change. I’m muting now. Forgive me. I have muted. Carrie looks great and props to her stylist and makeup artist and congratulations and continued good luck. She has done a great job pursuing her style of music and improving in her career.

Ladies first. The bottom three are Kinnik, Brenna, and Heather. Good for Voters. All of those are correct answers. Brenna is the first one leaving tonight. She goes out on more hot air than she came in on and I’m Muting. I love the Mute. We should all have a Mute button for Life. We could keep it with our Easy button from Staples. Closed captioning is my friend. We spend a lot of time together. Life is more complicated than it used to be in some ways, and much simpler in others.

I’m using the Easy button for a while... Oh. They dropped the roundabout bad format of the previous week and are sending another woman home now. We have to listen to why from the judges. Heather is the second woman going home tonight and I guess them both right for once. Where was this ability last week when the lottery was $360 million? I’m muted in case you wondered. I un-muted for one note only. That was enough. Good luck and good-bye Heather. My Easy button is on Cruise control.

We’re on to the boys now. The bottom three are Sway, David, and Kevin. How could you do this to Chicken Little so soon before the makeover? David is going home and we won’t suffer for lack of more crooning. High school is calling, and maturity comes whether we like it or not. I’d suggest a good singing coach and an extension of style if he continues, but what do I know? I know there will be no crooner on this Idol series.

Kevin and Sway look like newly hatched friends standing side by side on stage. Ignore the judges. Ignore the judges. Ignore the judges. Sway is the second guy leaving tonight and Kevin goes through. I should have used the damn Easy Button and saved myself some sweat. Will and Ace should consider themselves lucky this week and better step it up next week, and Hey! Lay off Kevin next week or Foghorn Leghorn will kick your asses. One more round and we’ll be at the final twelve. Where’s that Easy Button? Damn thing. Can’t ever find it when you need it.