The best guest host of the season opens the show. It's Homer Simpson and you know Ryan hated giving it up to anyone. Elliot Yamen and Maroon5 are the guests tonight. All the contestants look very nervous. I'm still buzzing from America's Next Top Model finale (not really, I guessed the winner in week three). Who will be the finalists of American Idol 2007? We will all know in about an hour.

Most of the show is devoted to the contestants' trips home. After Jordin and Blakes' visits, Elliot is performing. It's kind of like the reveal on that weird makeover show that had a pageant at the end. This is not the Elliot we first saw a long time ago, but that's a good thing. They go to the judges for praise and Simon has trouble playing along as usual. It's a long hour. Only halfway there and we get the Ford commercial. You can watch them all online (if you are that bored). Simon says he is bored. Don't we know it.

Melinda got a whole day, Melinda Doolittle Day. I would say I celebrated, but this is the first I've heard about it. I must have slept late that day. She also got a street named after her. It's in my neighborhood. I'll drive by later in the week. There is so much wasted on-air time, there should be some sort of FCC fine for it, but that will never happen. Next up is Maroon5. Stick around. Everyone will end up on here sooner or later. I might like Blake better than Maroon5 and he's my third favorite contestant. Melinda could give a singing class and everyone onstage would be better off.

Later on, we've finally sold enough product and can do what we came here to do. Ryan gave the singer of Maroon5 an extra big hug. It looked more sincere than the Teri Hatcher makeout session if you know what I mean. My local Fox station says stay tuned for the latest contestant “silenced by voters”. Did someone get paid to write that?

Here we are at last. Jordin is the first finalist. Melinda is out and Blake is the second finalist. Unbelievable, but it is not the first time the best singer has gone home before the others. Simon looks shocked and depressed. He knew how easy it was going to be in the studio with Melinda. Melinda looks a little shocked and so do I. Oh well. It's all about what happens after Idol. Everything else is just show. Melinda will make great records. Anything can happen in Idol and does.