Fox has taken Seacresting to a new level this week. We watched once and then voted. Then, we did it again. People have speculated that the person responsible for the screw-up might have been fired, but I’m guessing Fox Executive now. How much free publicity can one show spend? How much more air time can one milk? Being number one isn’t enough for some people. Anyhow, the judges didn’t change their minds from night to night except for Randy finally appreciating Bo’s performance more than the night before. I didn’t change my mind either. I got hate mail from the Carrie fans, but she has to make me love her. She needs to show some personality and I don’t mean bigger hair. I want to see eye contact and emotion, not a blank stare. She needs to watch Bo and learn to sling her hair around a bit, instead of making it stiffer than her personality.

Ryan is playing up the week’s drama to the max. It’s been a virtual forced Idol Fever this week. More reviews yet again. I’ve even memorized the hand signs for voting. It’s like a modern day “Y-M-C-A” after the judges comments. Maybe they could do a group number around it. Speaking of which, here comes the second group song, a rousing, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”. This group record must be titled “Music to Sleep By”. They are closer to on-key than before, but the constant switching off is a bit bumpy. Nadia only gets out a “He-e-e-e-e-e-e-”, never mind the ain't heavy part. Someone else……….will sing……….the rest……….of it. I think they need an up-tempo dance number. After last weeks drudge of a song, this one just doesn’t have enough caffeine. Too much ballad, not enough action. The Ford commercials come off more fun than the recordings and look more fun too. Maybe the pay scale is higher.

Time for more Seacresting. We’re going through the ranks looking for the bottom three. I’m taking a break while Ryan works his magic. First in the bottom three is Nadia. Based on her last performance that may be right, but she deserves another chance. The next in the bottom three is Mikalah. No surprises there. More Seacresting to commercial. I see Paula was only charged with a misdemeanor and immediately paid for the complainant’s damages today. She still stands the chance of six months in jail and a fine. Maybe she’ll go. If Martha can do it, Paula could do it. It could become a celebrity thing to do your time instead of trying to get out of it. A jailhouse orange badge of courage.

We’re back from commercial and the last person in the bottom three is Anthony. Randy would save Nadia. Paula wouldn’t choose. Anthony is safe and returns to the group. Nadia and Mikalah are the bottom two. It’s like beauty and the beast, vocally. They’re both good looking, but only one can really sing. There is no competition. We Seacrest into yet another commercial break, the last sales chance in a long week of commercial sales. Back from the break, Ryan questions Nadia on her choice of song and styling. Nadia defends her choice. Ryan then abruptly tells Mikalah her journey ends tonight. My universe slips a little closer toward perfect balance, and the only frosting I’d add to this cake would be to drop the exit performance. It’s hard to type and hit mute at the same time. It’s hard, I tell you. Real hard.

Thanks to M3 for tonight's title.