Tonight is the last chance for 6 out of 8 boys to make it to the final 12. If they do make it to the final 12, they are insured, at the least, a decent income for the coming year. By the time you add up the group recordings and the tour, it’s probably a better salary than most of the kids were making. If you’re the winner or get a contract anyhow, hallelujah. Music is one of those businesses that a person can be broke in for years, and then suddenly not be. One good song can set you up for life. It’s why some of the kids quit their minimum wage or better jobs for this chance. It’s a gamble, but as time goes on, the odds get better, and the payoffs larger. I’m still not down with the title, Idol. It’s still a bit of a stretch. You’ll be lucky if you and your mamma eat well next year.

Ryan opens it up with a reminder; it’s the last chance at the top twelve. More banter with the judges, ohblahdeeohbladah, Paula and Simon spit and hiss like kittens playing. “Don’t complain about lack of face time, it’s not what’s sending you home“ is the message tonight. I agree. It’s early in the competition and you should be putting up or shutting up. Some have been lucky to sneak through because of the numbers. Their numbers are up now though.

Scott Savol starts off tonight singing like it could be his last time. He shows more energy and depth of voice than we’ve seen prior to tonight. “I Can’t Help Myself” is a good song for Scott. It pushes his voice to his best registers. Sugar pie honeybunch, I think he was vastly improved over his past performances and could make it through. Simon complains about the choreography. He sounds like your grumpy aunt that you never answer the phone when she calls. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Maybe he’s dating Debbie Downer. He needs some excuse other than he thinks Scott is ugly. Ugly is as ugly does.

Tonight Bo Bice is singing “I’ll Be” which was a big hit on the charts. It didn’t do it for me like last week. He has an honest, but no means pretty voice, and this song wants a prettier voice than Bo’s. It was good enough for final 6 though and I hope he goes through. Simon loves Bo. It’s probably a build-up to a big tear-down later on. It’s happened before.

Anthony Federov, from the Ukraine with a tracheotomy, blah blah blah. I feel like I’m watching one of those young gospel stars trying to crossover to pop. It’s just too clean and middle class. There is nothing of the rebel there. Mothers would WANT this boy to date their daughters. It doesn’t do a thing for me, but the girls always scream. He has that Clay Appeal and sings on key and in time, it’s just too nice for me. I feel like taking communion after he sings. Simon thinks so too. He’s just not as articulate.

Nikko Smith talks about song decision. His song choice, “Georgia on My Mind” has been sung by a lot of people. Who do you want to compare it to? This rates not quite as good as the Designing Women’s theme song version. He saves it all for one big belt at the end and then goes off key a time or two. A for effort, B for performance. Paula works a well used and planned out line and Simon is pleased too. No one has screwed up big time yet. Someone needs to suck and make it easier on the viewers. I feel suckage coming up.

Travis starts out singing and we only hear about half of what he is saying and then we realize it’s the Bobby Brown hit, “Every Little Step You Take”. I told you I smelled suckage. It sounds jumpy and flat to me. It attempts to be a big performance, but it sounds like crap. We-can-hear-every-little-breath-you-take-with-every-little-jump-you-make. Our first person out tonight could easily be Travis. Simon calls it “appalling” and I agree with Aunt Nasty this time.

Next up is Mario Vazquez and he’s decided to go serious tonight with a Bee Gees classic, “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?”. It reeks of boy band and the putzy background music sounds like the Off Key Lounge in 1978. It was a boring year and a boring performance. The girls scream so loud afterward, who knows? I’m not wild about any of the guys so far. The girls will have to decide this vote. Cuteness counts. Like Simon, I may just be in a bad mood tonight. It’s raining and fairly gloomy outside after being nice all day. Maybe it’s affecting my mood. Am I a gloomy gus or are all these guys boring as heck?

Constantine steps up to the plate, or mike as it were. Tonight he chooses The Police’s “Every Little Thing”. It’s a big chunk to bite off and mostly a poor imitation of Sting. There is not an originally sung phrase in the entire song. Wiping your dirty hair off your even greasier face is not really an attractive move, especially on stage. He is singing closer to on-key than anything he’s done before, though. It was nearly musical. The judges keep talking about Constantine's charisma, which might just be his BO from the looks of things. Simon agrees with me again. It must be the weather.

Anwar Robinson holds up the theory of last but not least. He sings his own version of Louis Armstrong's “Wonderful World”. I’ve seen other Idol contestants try this less effectively, but he shows what’s unique about him and just how damn good he can sing. He holds back till just the right place and then slams it with all he’s got and that’s plenty. Simon rambles on and on and even suggests marriage possibilities between Anwar and Paula because they‘re both so nice. Anwar made the night worth waiting for. He definitely earned his place in the final 12. The rest is all a jumble ranging from mediocre to OK. I'm under the weather tonight. You figure it out.