It is the last chance for the guys tonight to show us what they've got. There is very little warm-up chatter beforehand tonight because eight guys have got to sing in one hour and still leave time for the judges comments, which I call free time, because I usually mute them.

Gedeon is also an artist as well as a singer. “When a Man Loves a Woman” is his choice of song tonight. It’s a good style for Gedeon and I still think he is one of the best male singers this year. He sings the song straight to the melody and still adds his own touches. He has a clear, deep, manly tone to his voice. He builds appropriately and finishes on the big note just right. He’s an old time soul singer and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Next up is Chris Daughtry. He used to have hair like Ryan before he started losing it and shaved it all off. Tonight he is singing a more melodic rock song, “Broken”. He’s good at what he does, but I still think Chris would have a better time on Rock Star. I hope that comes back. Still, he is going to be more interesting than some of the other singers tonight and I hope he makes the Top 12. I hope it’s what he expects out of it, also.

Kevin Covais loves listening to Kanye West, so why is he singing, “Starry, Starry Night”. I think his choice of song might be his ticket home. It’s on key, but it really sounds like a choirboy singing for the old folks. He sings too much like he looks. It’s too straight. Kevin needs experience and grit and little more reality to become a professional singer. Simon says he’ll get the granny vote and that is for sure. I don’t think he’ll get the teen-age vote, but he still might make the Top 12 as this year’s geek guy. I wouldn’t mind seeing his visual transformation after the stylists get to him. That could be interesting. Make him do "Gold Digger" next week. That I would watch.

Bucky Covington has an identical twin. Is he trying to scare us? He’s singing country tonight, “Wave on Wave”, and it sounds more natural on him than some of the things he’s sung before. Bucky should have been on Nashville Star, only you have to write and be really good to be on there. Tonight is his best performance yet, but I’m not sure it will get him to the Top 12. It was OK, but not exciting. He could sing with a band somewhere, just not on American Idol. Oh. My. There are two of them. Now I’m not sure which one we’ve been listening to. Send them both home. It’s the only way to be sure.

Will Makar is studying Japanese, but singing in English. I can’t call this blue-eyed soul. This version of “How Sweet it is To Be Loved By You” is as whitebread as it gets. It’s just too sweet even if it is the title of the song. He could be a hit on Lawrence Welk as a duet with Kevin if the show still existed. It was boring, sweet, icky sweet. I can’t see him in the Top 12. It does nothing for me, and he hasn’t any week prior to this one. I’m voting for Will to go home. Sweet kid, but icky performer. Maybe Up With People is still hiring. Will might have been a hit in the 50’s-60’s maybe but he’s too clean cut for today’s market.

Taylor Hicks has worked as the Easter Bunny, which somehow is not so surprising. He is singing Michael McDonald/ Doobie Brother’s “Taking it to the Streets”. Although Taylor is interesting, I don’t think he’s that good a singer. You want him to be and you might go see him in your local club, but he’s not that good a singer. Michael McDonald lives here and I’ve seen him sing it locally several times so I might be prejudiced. It seemed to excite the audience, which is good for him, but he’s not in my list of best singers this year. He’ll probably make the Top 12 based on audience approval of his style, but he’s still not a great singer.

Elliott is singing “Heaven” by Bryan Adams tonight. The first part is a little shaky, but he gets into the groove. It’s not a very lyrical, singer's song, but I guess he wanted to show he could sing rock and he can. I think he could probably sing anything fairly well, but I wish he chose a more exciting song for tonight. I definitely want him into the Top 12, but this week was his weakest for me. He is an odd kid with a talent as unusual as his looks and I want to see him again.

Next up is Ace. It’s been hard in Hollywood, but he’s learned a lot of skills. I hate his singing. Maybe girls like it, but I don’t. I don’t like the way he stares into the camera, the way he emotes, his falsetto, or his ugly hat. I guess you’d say I’m not an Ace fan. Girls might love him, but no guy would pay to hear that. It all seems too Hollywood, overworked, and pre-planned bland. He’ll probably be in the Top 12, but I don’t look forward to his future performances. Call me a crank. That would be nicer than some of the things I’ve been called.

So, who goes home? I’m going to go with Kevin (sorry little fellow) and Will. I can’t get too excited about any of the male contestants. Elliott and Gedeon peak my interest the most, but it is still Mandisa that is the standout performer in both crowds so far. There are probably going to be some close votes tomorrow night.