Tonight is the night that Ryan really earns his money. He has to do most of the talking except for the judges’ comments. We get a replay of last night’s women’s performances and judges’ comments and then a review of Monday night’s men’s performances and judges’ comments. It’s a litany of positive and negative, dark and light, sour and sweet all mixed up in three personalities and divided unequally.

It looks like it is going to be a one trick pony night again. Ryan calls out the four…first finalists. The show might be only 30 minutes, but the Seacresting is going back up into Level Orange. Which rocker is going home? How long can we delay? How much ado can we ado about nothing? Anyhow, thank goodness it is only one half hour. More stupid Seacresting of contestants one at a time, sending each to the top twelve after a huge fake surprise for each.

They are using the “rockers” as a segment now, pitting them one against the other as though this was “The Contenders”. Constantine versus Bo - The Grunge Match. More Seascresting finally reveals that both rockers are through. Young girls enthralled with the dirty, bad boy look obviously have voted Constantine through, while Bo probably has a much broader fan base. It’s no big deal really. Now or later, one of them is going home early and I don’t mean Bo.

Down to eight contestants and half stay, half go. Anwar is going through. I’m not surprised. So far, so good. Jessica is going through. Still no surprises. Only six left and only two more going through and …commercial. What do you call it when a “surprise” becomes the expected action? A Seacrest, or Seacresting or Seacrested if it has already happened. Last three guys standing are Scott, Travis, and Nikko. One is going through and it’s surprisingly Scott Savol. Nikko and Travis are going home. Last three women standing are Janay, Amanda, and Mikalah. The one going through is Mikalah and Amanda and Janay are going home. Welcome to summer camp kids. Next week we get to make fun of the group numbers! And it’s boys against girls, or every person for themselves more correctly. Paula and the judges give final words of advice, “Go For It!”, “Be Yourself!”, “Be original!” Judges, Heed Thyselves.