Ryan opens with interviewing the kids about last night performances and how they feel. He calls Vonzell “The Vonz”, but she doesn’t look like she appreciated that. We get to see all the excitement behind the group recording. We needed an hour of this? Close-ups, flub-ups, and even the ones already sent home. Ryan is wearing a full suit and tie tonight. An hour merits full dress, I suppose.

Ryan tells us the bottom three will be singing their favorite songs from the season, but first we have to drag through the group number again. It’s just a dress rehearsal for the concert series coming up this summer. There are fewer opportunities for a large group rehearsal as time moves on. These kinds of shows are just fluff, filler, and more self-advertising. It’s called making a mountain out of a molehill’s worth of talent. It’s like public school. There’s a required number of Idol hours necessary to complete a series. We must have been dropping behind on our quota.

Song selection is next. It’s all the skinny on the backstage action, the shopping, the rehearsals; a day in the life of an Idol. It’s a chance to see if they can speak offstage, and what their offstage personality might be like. The rehearsal scenes are interesting. You’d think some of them would see the train wreck coming after that.

Wednesday is everyone’s least favorite day. That is the day that someone’s got to go. Ryan says when we return, we won’t believe who is in the bottom three. I’m guessing Bo, Anthony, and Scott if there is any fairness in the universe. What does it mean that the Ford commercials are the best product from this show so far?

Reviews of last night performances follow. The contestant chats are as enlightening as the question/answer session at a local beauty pageant. Nadia gives it all to God, but that’s not God’s hips she’s been swiveling onstage. Somehow, if he’s watching, I gotta think he’s laughing mostly and worrying about Paula. Ryan asks Scott what song from his previous performances is his favorite. He say’s, “Against All Odds” and Ryan asks him to come down and perform that song as he is in the bottom three. It’s an interesting ploy. I’ve even suggested that the loser sing his favorite song from the series. This even buffers it a bit more by having each of the bottom three sing one. Scott does an mediocre job on a big bore of a song. Not what I’d pick for a last song, but I’m not the hardest rocker on the show either.

Time for some Seacresting. Translated and distilled, Carrie is safe. Anwar is safe. Bo Bice is in the bottom three tonight. Ryan asks him what’s happened in the last week or two? He calmly says that this started with a bet with his mom. If he loses, he’ll go home and play music and move on. Bo chooses to re-sing the Black Crowes song, “Remedy”. It wasn’t that hot the first time and didn’t get any better this time. It was OK, but nothing new, not near as good as Chris Robinson. I don’t think Bo is going home anyhow.

Unfortunately, Nadia is singing, “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” by Dusty Springfield. It’s unfortunate in that she is up there singing when it should have been Anthony. I hope it is not her going home. The kids seem to really give it all on these potential last songs, so in some way the format has worked, at least for Nadia and Scott.

Now, the line-up. After this break we’ll find out who is safe. Scott. Bo. Or Nadia. Is a huge yawn during the break an indication of how I feel about the hour format? I could have skipped a half hour of filler and gone with the three songs. I like that part. The extra fluff and background is a waste of tape though. The judges make some comments and Simon’s head grows larger like Pinocchio’s nose as he tells how much he knows about the business and how they should all listen to him.

Scott is safe. There are dark clouds gathering overhead. I’m not sure how he keeps slipping by, but I’m guessing voodoo might be involved. Either Bo or Nadia are going home. The vote reveals Nadia is going home. It’s not fair, but Nadia thanks everyone for her experiences and the opportunities she received on American Idol. Tears reveal her inner feelings. Once again, the wrong person goes home at the wrong time. This year has proven to be the most unpredictable season yet. Down to seven and still no one I’m ready to call Idol. Let’s hope for a good theme and some decent songs next week. I’m ready for judges’ choice, just so we can shift blame for a change.