Ryan still has the beard. It's hard to articulate, but somehow it looks dirty and wrong on him. Summer is coming on and most people would be shaving closer about now, but who knows? Maybe he has a part in a movie. That's a common excuse in Hollywood. Do you think Teri likes scruffy bad boys?

The review of last night is as bad as the show was, complete with repeated quips. Next up is Kenny Rogers. It sounds like Kenny anyhow. He was a good coach for the kids and now the payoff. He coaches and we listen to his new single. He has a new CD to go with his new family and new look. If they ever make another Ann Rice vampire novel into a film, he's got a part. It sounds like a rather (re)tired Kenny tonight, but my favorite Kenny Rogers song is “Just Dropped in To See What Condition My Condition Is In”. Maybe they have it on iTunes. Check it out. He has been around for decades and made some great records and obviously is not ready to quit just yet. Who can blame him? Aging affects everyone differently. It can make you all kinds of crazy.

The new Ford commercial is forgettable. “Just One Look” and it's forgotten. And if this week wasn't bad enough, next week is the music of Queen. This is going to be an abomination. Why mess with perfection? No one should should sing Queen except the best singers in tribute. Freddy was a perfectionist and nothing that happens on the stage next week would have pleased him. I guess. He might have been a huge Idol fan and begged to be on the show and sing his latest single for all I know. Prince on the other hand isn't a fan apparently.

It's all about groups of three. Mucho silliness and long division. Which three are the bottom three? They could throw in an interview with Paula so we could judge her sobriety and leave this silliness behind. Ryan seems to love this stuff though. Just when I was starting to like him, there he goes adopting a beard and an attitude and playing threesies. He is seacresting a lot again also, but I've given up on that campaign. There is no stopping the seacresting. The bottom three are Mandisa, Elliott, and Paris. More seacresting to another commercial break. Got to sell a little more Coke tonight, and Kenny's CD gets one last push. Mandisa and Elliott are the bottom two. The person going home is Mandisa. I think it is entirely based on her song choices and not her talent. She can obviously out-sing the entire cast given the right song. I think her abilities have been noticed and she will have a great musical career anyhow. I'm most sorry that the last song we'll hear from her is the one she chose for this week. I'm already dreading next week. When will they ever learn?